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patents are for specific implementations of an idea, not an idea by itself
intel has been a large-scale ARM licensee for many years already
they will easily replace that $60 per game price tag for me   and don't talk about the game quality, most of the budget of a game is on marketing
navigon and others download the maps onto your phone. tomtom needs over 1.5GB for the data with navigon you can download the maps by state. includes POI's like gas stations as well.   its not pretty 3d maps, but enough to navigate and not get lost.
i bought my mother in law a 4S this weekend but my first choice was a free on contract Galaxy S2 Sky Rocket. radio shack was out so i bought a refurb 4S for $50, got a $50 gift card and gave it to my father in law who bought a Galaxy S3. he looked at the iphone but wanted a larger screen   my iphone 5 is better than the S3, but on older phones Android is better since last year. 
how is it not easy to browse? they have categories you can browse through
i agree   bought iphone 5 on release day for my wife and a month later for myself. trying to find a case for it is almost impossible on the apple store. go to amazon and its 2 seconds of searching.    its 2012 and the apple online store is always going down for maintenance. seriously   the selection is crap and the prices are almost always higher   i bought an MBP last year and it took them 4 hours to get it ready for store pickup and another 20 minutes...
hopefully it will fix the annoying bug where half the apple TV features don't work if you use ethernet instead of wifi
until apple dumps ARM for iOS devices you will never get feature parity   Intel CPU's and 4GB of RAM is why you can have all the extra features on desktop computer
its huge and the interface sucks for things other than playing games. and most of the gaming market these days is for casual games and not the violent shoot/kill games like call of duty   the xbox has an arcade store full of casual games but they haven't pushed it that much over the last few years   i have a 360, PS3 and Apple TV and use the Apple TV more than the others. PS3 is only for  blu rays.
New Posts  All Forums: