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ballmer has been with microsoft long enough to be guilty of anything bad they did
NT supported 4 different CPU architectures. windows 2000 dropped support because almost no one used them. they were too expensive compared to Intel
    most of the android sales are outside the US where you have to pay full price for the phone and you can buy a decent android phone for $200 or so
the other manufacturers release their own numbers
i read somewhere that the android market share is only so high because of developing countries. in the US iphone share is higher than android share.
no need for that now that iphone is free on contract
android wins in other countries where you have to buy the phone outright, full price. lots of cheap android phones in the $200 range. in the US with family plans you have to be stupid to pay full price for a phone if you're on a family plan
the fact that you work in tech is probably why you don't get it
i have Navigon that i used in August   very good maps crappy interface it had misrouted me as well   i've used Waze for over a year and bought navigon for a vacation. waze couldn't find an address i would be using while on vacation. Navigon had it but it sent me to the other side of town one time when navigating to a different address in the same town. google maps on iOS was crap because the traffic reports were crap. it would tell me light traffic and then it would be a...
hi bob, you didn't really want to retire   here's a few barrels of thousand dollar bills for you. come back next month for more
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