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  there is no such address according to the NYC department of buildings website. every address in NYC is in their system   everyone except apple probably used fake placeholders or if there is a big gap in numbers they probably have a location estimate algorithm
you can already run apps on it they are on your iphone, ipad or itouch
no investigation but the serial number will be in the record. if they find it on a perp who gets arrested for something else you will get it back. or if it pops up when they investigate an organized iphone theft ring.   just like cars and etching VIN numbers
they have done this with cars for decades   if your phone gets stolen and the cops have no record of it don't expect a major investigation
a lot of people use very little minutes and rarely talk on the phone the want the bigger screen because they mostly do SMS and data
time to get the last gen refurb
yes, no new equipment and software to buy since anyone who has an app like this has already invested $$$ into it
why? amazon sells them. i was going to buy my apple TV from there but ended up going to best buy. amazon had them for $85 two weeks ago and now $93 with free 2 day shipping for prime members   i might even buy a new macbook pro from amazon this december
i've read some of the features are special coupons for Mac's. Like in saving hundreds of $$$
straight talk has $45 a month unlimited everything and they go over AT&T. their fair use policy is 2.5GB a month data.   figure $150 a month for a 2 line plan on AT&T you "save" $60 a month. but then you have to pop $650 at once for each iphone or other phone. if you have 4 or more lines on a mobile share plan then you can mix and match high voice users to high data users and get more data in the end than with prepaid.
New Posts  All Forums: