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only if you're single
yep   i got rid of cable TV but my internet is through time warner and i get like 100 channels through the coax cable. all free. i was watching the game last night in HD
so buy navigon. $30 when you can catch it on sale.   i've used it in the USA in place where there is no AT&T or verizon signal
you need cellular data for google maps because it only loads the map tiles as you use them
for me the wife took the ipad and i used it mostly for reading   looking for something cheap just to read. Might buy a kindle fire this holiday season and even thinking of trading in my iphone for a Galaxy Note 2. its a lot better for reading than the iphone and i don't want to carry around 2 devices
if you're in the app store on your iphone it won't let you buy the ipad version. only if its a universal app
att officially unlocks phones   sprint and vzw will unlock the sim slot for you to use your own sim outside the US
and how much are your ebay/paypal fees going to be?
OMG, icons on the bottom. MS was doing that in the 90's. just like the split screen email thing
so when do you have to send the phone in? i'm not going to do this until i see the new iphone announcement
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