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i thought apple says you can't run virtual instances of OS X server only if hypervisor is OS X server itself? most people run VMWare, WIndows 2008 hypervisor or another product in the other category. VMWare is the standard and Microsoft is good enough if you already have Windows 2008 and don't want to spend the boatload of cash on VMWare. Second, Apple's server lineup is crap when compared to Dell and HP. a maximum of 3 hard drives in a server is a joke. 32GB of RAM per...
companies sign these agreements all the time, not just in cell phones. one company will help with development of a product to share the risk. Any attempt by the federal government to interfere will get shot down by the courts
you can't make any cell phone maker produce an identical handset for CDMA and GSM. the cost structure is different. i've read that for Android, Google only recently added CDMA support into the OS. before that if you wanted to produce an Android CDMA phone you would have to develop a large part of the network software yourself
in france all the carriers are GSM. in the USA we still have CDMA carriers and there is no way the government can force apple to make a CDMA phone to break AT&T exclusitivity. Best you can hope for is a T-Mobile iPhone
the US Militay has been on Microsoft's Active Directory for 7-8 years or so. For Apple to make inroads with the US Government they would have to do a lot of work on their Open LDAP server as well as sell much better server hardware. and allow OS X to be virtualized
i bet ballmer is crying his eyes out as he counts the cash he gets for every single iphone and ipod touch sold. in addition to every single android phone and the palm pre and SL is going to help drive Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 sales
i rememeber Google Maps sucked when it first came out and it took them a few years to get it working right
motherboards with PCI came out right away just as they did with USB, but it took years to switch over. my first home build in 1998 had ISA slots and they were found on PC's for a few more years. Even VLB gave Intel some competition for a few years and some people said it was faster. compare that to Apple shipping a computer one year with no "legacy" ports at all. I bet they will do the same thing next year. It will give accessory makers a financial reason to build devices...
with USB and PCI it took Intel a long time to get their technology into computers. with Apple's record of shipping computers without "legacy" ports they found a partner that will ship millions of units with their port.
i have a sprint BB curve and a 3GS in NYC. with Sprint my major issue is voice quality.\\ there are cell towers everywhere you look here. the problem is the buildings and the fact that a lot are built so the cell signal doesn't penetrate. and the tall buildings cause canyon effects. on the west side where i work a few days a week there has been a huge improvement in the last month. and i was in the hilton on 53rd street last week for a conference and my iphone worked...
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