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I think it's the fact that Apple TV might serve as more of a hub. The hub and its protocol is the thing missing from all other iOS devices and the thing required to marry all the existing standards together like thermostats and LED bulbs. I suppose you could add that to iOS devices but it might require additional I don't think you're answering the question by adding security to the equation. Sure that will be part of Apple's solution but what can the current Apple TV do...
We see marketshare shift every 6 months but I don't agree with your conclusions. Apple continually pulls marketshare away from Samsung in the high tier market while Samsung continually pulls marketshare away from everyone else in the mid and low tiers. So when you add up all marketshares, it looks like a tug of war back and forth. It might look the same to consumers but it's not at all to the investors. Soon, Samsung will lose the high end market that makes money for them....
The entire market is down. If it wasn't, APPL would be up a few points.
I'm lumping you in with all the complainers. It's not hard to do.
There's a difference between complaining just to hear the sound of your own voice and complaining for others to hear your voice. Complaining right before another secret event is pointless because your questions will be answered. You might not like the answers but there's no need to complain about them before you even get them.
Geez. 2 weeks ago you were saying the same thing about new iPhones, a watch and a payment system. They have another event of announcements in October. Give them at least until then before demanding more.
Are you seriously asking for a confirmation of a rumor from a rumor site?
Hopefully this conference will follow new product announcements in October too.
I think it's cool in a different more approachable way. Jobs was a rockstar and would never have done that. That is cool. But Cook is cool on a more personal level if that's possible. He seems approachable and that makes Apple more approachable. That is also cool.
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