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One road over another is one thing. That's a pattern that software can accommodate. If Apple Maps is only 2 doors down from your driveway, that's a GPS accuracy issue, not software.
It's all simple when you only approach it as backup data like you suggest. This story is talking about location-based suggestions and Siri being proactive. Most Apple users have more than one device so that features like handoff function in an iOS ecosystem. When you remove the ability to "handoff" iCloud data from one device to another, you cripple the experience of proactive and seamless AI.
How so? Isn't the point of superior AI that users don't have to think about all the mundane little details in order to concentrate on work or fun or people? Five years from now, the idea of asking Siri for help in the hopes that you phrased the question just right or that she is capable of even knowing and executing the most basic queries is going to seem hopelessly outdated.
Apple is painting themselves in a corner here. The only reason to activate iCloud on all devices is to synchronize the same account across all devices. An independent but cloud connected device will not behave the way most users think it will.
I don't think it's automatically getting directions. It's suggesting destinations. So if you choose that destination, then you get turn-by-turn directions to it. It probably does a 2 second GPS scan when it first connects to your car's bluetooth so no battery issues. I do wish I could train and edit it's destination suggestions. Otherwise, I really doubt it will learn my preferences fast enough to be useful. I do like your idea of turning off Wi-Fi in the car unless you...
That would cut their iPad Pro sales in half. Besides, there's probably hardware differences between the two as well as screen resolution and digitizer for more accurate stylus input.
You're talking about something covered in the one year hardware warranty. There's no reason you cannot walk into an Apple Store and exchange for a new one. That is, unless you just want to honestly complain on this forum.
I suppose if Apple acted less competitive, that would be alright for competition? Beating your competition by leveraging your strengths is the core principle of competition. But what about Google using Android's monopoly to withhold map features, YouTube features and photo cloud sharing features from iOS users?
Market watchers have been seeing Apple stock as a buying opportunity for years now. They continually raise their targets and that has absolutely no connection to the market's response. Sometimes the market seems random and sometimes it punishes Apple. I rarely ever see Apple rewarded for doing what a good company should do. Perhaps they should just all lower their targets and see what happens. It couldn't be any worse.
Because guesses of just under $1 Billion actually seem small when you think Apple. 7 years ago no one would say that was small, not even Apple. It's all about appearances and besides, it hasn't even been selling for a full quarter. Apple doesn't count sales until it shipped which makes end of April and part of May artificially low when you consider the supply constraints too. They knew all of this long ago which is why they announced it long ago. It's either be quiet which...
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