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If some game developers are blaming the amount of RAM on their glitches, they are probably hiding some serious coding errors. There are probably 100 million current gen iPhones out there right now and some developers have the nerve to release a game that is glitchy and will continue to be glitchy on all of those devices? How can they blame that on Apple? It's not like iPhone is now giving them less RAM than they used to have.
When you manufacture 1 million phones/day in several factories simultaneously on other continents, leaks will happen. When you control small test batches of a new iWatch, leaks are rare because so few people are even getting their hands on it. This time next year we will be seeing leaked 2nd gen iWatch photos like crazy but not now. Enjoy the secrecy while it lasts.
Kind of missed the point there didn't you? Why do you care so much if whoever was a him or her? If it's not about the content of an argument, performance, job ethic, what is it about then? I guess it's about the way someone looks to you. And banning me for an hour? That's how you handle those that disagree with your view? You can't dig yourself any deeper at this point.
You have an amazing ability to tell who is most qualified based on their look. You should be hired by CEOs all over the world to pick out the best man for the job. Oh wait, I can do your job too. Let's just pick pick white guys to do all tech jobs. It's all Asians and Indians nowadays. Don't you know anything. Am I being serious or am I being a racist?
Did you miss the end of every keynote for the past 5 years? Apple is the intersection of the liberal arts and technology. Believe it or not, Apple is making a public statement about their position in the tech industry. This is just a PR video that expounds on that idea. Calm down.
Apple is a business so of course they pick the best person for the job. Do you really think they make those amazing profit margins by meeting quotas and promoting less qualified individuals based on their skin color? This is a PR video so it is accurate but it is also the way they want to be perceived. This is no different than the anti-child labor and green initiatives Apple has recently publicizing. They figure if they lead the way, many other companies will follow their...
What does Cuban have to do with it? There were a lot of white dudes and everyone else in there too. They probably grabbed him for a quick shoot.
Welcome to a capitalist society. In lieu of grief, we pay our respects by purchasing the works that brought us closer to the departed artist and ultimately to ourselves. Somehow it all works out.
This isn't about diversity quotas. Apple is a multinational company and will be selling more devices to China than any other country soon.   There are qualified people of every race, religion, cultural background, etc. Apple sees their goal as finding the most diverse group to represent their customer base. It doesn't mean Apple is turning away qualified white guys. It means that they are just looking harder to find the most diverse group of experts and...
What can we do with an A8? Besides, we all know it will have an A8. We have already seen battery leaks and case leaks. A camera lens would be nice except that we know Sony makes the cameras for Apple so that would be a Sony leak. These components are leaked because Apple outsources thousands of components to be assembled by several factories throughout Asia. Seem like legitimate leaks to me.
New Posts  All Forums: