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Hate to say it but this is what happens when Apple shows weakness by buckling to pressure from the likes of Taylor Swift. Now everyone is taking shots at them in the name of artists when it's always been about record labels and contracts. I don't think this one will cost Apple any money or even tarnish their image but there will be many more stunts like this in the future and one of them will bite Apple.
Yeah, I do see a big market in the future for a Y cable that charges both iPhone and Apple Watch.
Whenever anyone complains about Apple Watch battery life I simply ask them if they have a smartphone. They always do and the battery life is always worse than the Apple Watch's. If they don't feel as stupid as they look at that point, there's no helping them.
Why is this CEO trying to have it both ways? It's a toy but it's also a potential security and privacy risk that he cannot be responsible for. That doesn't sound like a toy to me.
Google's just playing market games. It's not real business and never sustainable. Meanwhile, Apple is furiously buying back shares because their stock is so low. They are making a killing on their own stock and adding real value to their shareholders and getting closer and closer to going private. Sure it's a stock game like Google but it's a long term play like everything Apple does. Google's aftermarket jump will make a few people a lot of money and then settle back down...
Even Apple says a shower is fine. The icon you saw is probably the red alert notifying you that you have temporarily disconnected from your iPhone. There is no such icon for contact with water. If there was, your watch would be dead before it could show you the icon.
Has anyone seen a single report of water damage to an Apple Watch? I've had mine on while swimming and bathing and have only heard stories about how long and deep it can stay under water. I think most users would take the chance if someone published some user statistics outside of Apple.
One road over another is one thing. That's a pattern that software can accommodate. If Apple Maps is only 2 doors down from your driveway, that's a GPS accuracy issue, not software.
It's all simple when you only approach it as backup data like you suggest. This story is talking about location-based suggestions and Siri being proactive. Most Apple users have more than one device so that features like handoff function in an iOS ecosystem. When you remove the ability to "handoff" iCloud data from one device to another, you cripple the experience of proactive and seamless AI.
How so? Isn't the point of superior AI that users don't have to think about all the mundane little details in order to concentrate on work or fun or people? Five years from now, the idea of asking Siri for help in the hopes that you phrased the question just right or that she is capable of even knowing and executing the most basic queries is going to seem hopelessly outdated.
New Posts  All Forums: