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All this debate is pointless because if you do a simple survey among anyone planning to buy a new car, ask them about an Apple car. Imagine seeing the commercial and hearing the announcement and keynote. The hype would send people into orbit. They would sell more pre-order cars in one weekend than major car companies are selling all year. It's not about their car making expertise, it's the fact that Apple is the number one brand in the world. That's more valuable to...
It's ironic that the most annoying part of any Radio Shack transaction (giving them your credit card, phone number and zip code when you buy a $3 battery at their store) is now the most valuable part of their entire bankrupt retail chain.
People love it when you tell them what they think. I never said anything like that because we don't know how many people Elon Musk was talking about. Maybe Apple poached 1 to Tesla's 5 or maybe Apple poached 100 to Tesla's 500. Ratio is irrelevant without any numbers. Apple is poaching Tesla employees for something. It could be for battery tech, it could be for cars, it could be for carplay, it could be for 3d street view mapping, it could be for autonomous driving, etc....
So why are you still here?
I'm done here but you're not. While you were busy denying the Apple car rumors, another one popped up today.http://iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/15/05/10/fiat-ceo-meets-with-tim-cook-says-apple-eyeing-automotive-interventionHave fun denying an Apple car every other week for the next 5 years.
What part of 5:1 did you miss? Do I really have to quote the entire article to prove that I read it?
You're right. I'm sure Apple is poaching Tesla engineers 5:1 for CarPlay.
Perhaps you remember Tim Cook talking about Apple TV as a hobby for years and then slowly revealing more interest in TV as a business that will be announced for developers next month. They've also talked about the wearables market favorably long before announcing AppleWatch. Apple has created a narrative that Jony Ive is a watch and car enthusiast. That wasn't fabricated by Apple fans who really want a car.I know we're all just speculating here but you have to be a fool to...
Hey that was almost worth the effort it took to type.
So now good opinions are based solely on inside info? Have fun with that on internet forums.
New Posts  All Forums: