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So only one dead child stands between all of our privacy and security? Sorry kid.
My point is that she doesn't want to miss a notification. So she is willing to sacrifice battery life in the hopes that she sees a few notifications and responds instantly just like you want instant response when you want to see the time. If you really want a traditional watch I'm not sure what you're expecting from any smart watch. They're 2 completely different products that are only similar in that you wear them on your wrist. Traditional watches and smart watches are...
That is a different question and one we will not know until we get real hands-on time. For instance, I'm noticing a slight pause now in Mail and Safari in Yosemite that was never there in Mavericks when I enter text in the URL or mail search field. That's a little annoying and something I could never have known would pop up unless I used it. Then there's the reverse of this problem. My wife's iPhone screen is constantly turning on with every facebook notification she...
It's the act of turning your wrist to face up towards your eyes. Your wrist and arms are on a mouse, swinging and moving all day but they are rarely doing that specific flip motion so it's easy for any watch to sense.
It's not about spying for most. It's about first person flying. It's about bird's eye. If you ever dreamed of flying you know what I mean.
Does caring include clicking on this thread? Does caring include all of his detractors and homophobic enemies? Does caring include every news feed both tech and non-tech? I think you need to visit some other tech sites to count the replies to such a non-story and compare them to the latest smart watch of the week to see what people really care about.
The gay couples I know are much more vocal and articulate about their sex lives than any straight couples I know. And I'm speaking of the gay ones with children too-many here in NYC. They just don't discuss such things publicly to strangers just like straight people don't either.
The constitution is not gospel. It should change with attitudes, technology and evolution. That being said, I don't want the government to be in charge of maintaining or changing the constitution and lawmaking. They've shown themselves to be inadequate. I actually trust large corporations like Apple more than public servants. Way off topic now.
I think he's diverting attention right back to Apple. Sometimes this works in a good way and sometimes not so good. But as an AAPL shareholder, I would rather risk a few markets or a few billions in profit if it means people think just a little bit different about what Apple stands for or what it means to run a company like Apple. Our governments do so little for us. Just imagine something as powerful as Apple acting as a force for change outside of the technology sector....
So some of us can choose to live lives unhappily or unfulfilled in fears that others might not reward us with as much money or we can try to actually change the world by doing something unexpected or unpopular or fiscally dangerous? What's the point of a great portfolio if you're ashamed of yourself? As an AAPL shareholder, I applaud his actions today. I wish I could as much courage as Tim Cook.
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