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I think you're kind of proving my point. Any developer can come up with a workaround for drag and drop with no mouse. I use GoToMyPC on iPad and iPhone. Yes you can drag and drop but it's a horrible two finger gesture that I always forget how to use. If Apple would just implement a simple, gesture that everyone can intuitively use for drag and drop, it would solve the problem. No one wants to fiddle with a different implementation for each app. The real problem is that...
True but we've been able to move around wiggling app icons for years and I've never seen a single developer use this in any app so it's much more likely that Apple will introduce a new way to do this so all developers will get on board.
I always assumed force touch would come in handy for dragging windows and icons around. It would be perfect for a multi-window iPad pro but I won't know for sure until I try it on my Apple Watch.
Disconnecting Apple Watch from Apple's entire retail ecosystem is a step backwards. All Apple devices must be under the same retail roof and that includes cars if they ever make that step. I think a backroom or large glass partition would do the trick. However I would've hoped Apple would've spent more time designing a buying experience specifically for the watch. We're too close to April now for there to be radical changes made to over 400 Apple stores. I would like to...
Your point is taken but Apple isn't about making the customer choose between Hardee's and software and their business has never been about that either. That's the value they offer. Let's face it, iOS isn't as bug-free and doesn't stand out as much as it used too. Apple hardware does still stand out as unique and innovative to most. Jobs' comments were made a long time ago and were deceptive even at the time.An Apple car in hardware only would make no sense.nan Apple car in...
Do you really hold Apple stock for that long? An Apple car would take 5-10 years to hit the market. You'd be missing another 20-30 record quarters and all that dividend cash.
Cool concept but Apple has always been about customers owning the hardware for the best and most personal experience. An Apple Uber-like service would indicate an entire business model shift towards iCloud away from iPhone for example.
5 years? If you don't even include the headphone division, it will still pay for itself in 5 years. Including the headphones, it will pay for itself in less than 2 years.
Samsung builds fabrication plants to service the needs of many companies. Car companies only build fabrication plants for their own products. It's a huge difference. The economies of scale are also much different. Samsung doesn't want to supply their competitors but Samsung makes a lot of money doing so. Car companies don't even make that much money building their own products.
There's a big difference between all car companies and a factory that builds to specifications. Why would any car company partner with Apple when Apple will get all the glory and the car company will just get tons of orders to build cars? No car company is currently structured to handle that or even want that type of business.
New Posts  All Forums: