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I think it looks more natural as a photograph but not as a visual. Nothing is really washed out because the blowouts in the sky are no more blown out in the right image. No detail is lost in the brighter areas of the image on the right. I think we're getting to a place where we have to decide if we want photos to look like photos or do we want them to look like our memory of an real "snapshot" from our life.
Or just cook and eat at home to save even more. Unfortunately Hulu runs commercials over some programs too that are in the no-commercial plan so I might as well stay with cable for more choices and a DVR to skip all commercials.
How do I boycott something I'm paying for and don't mind paying for? I just want fast setup on Apple TV for networks I'm already paying for. I tried Hulu and don't care for the fact that I pay for the privilege of viewing their awful commercials. That's why I don't bother with Youtube either.
PBluetooth is not secure. The same way it's not used to probably the same reason theyExactly. How about they create a universal login and password the way they already do using iCloud password keychain? I suppose these issues will be addressed with their own TV streaming service but we don't have that yet and do not know when we will.
Shouldn't you be asking why app developers are creating all of these apps and Apple is allowing them if they're so beyond dumb? Don't try to argue your way of using Apple TV as the right way when there are many ways that Apple and developers designed it to be used. And if I was stealing cable I wouldn't be able to even activate those apps and therefore wouldn't be complaining.
The decision is first made by Apple's own SDK. The same way they decide basic layout, UI, Siri remote support and and if the app even makes it into the store. Whether it's technically out of their control or not, they dropped the ball here because they make the hardware, OS and have the power. Look at your cable guide and how many channels there are. Now multiply that number by 30 seconds. Are you getting it yet?
The problem is that the $80 Siri remote would then cost $150 if it were to support touch ID. Maybe they could've allowed for some kind of iPhone Touch ID handoff? In any case, you only need to enter the password once and set your settings to never ask again and it won't. Not a big deal. The bigger issue is the stupid activation codes and cablebox info that must be entered manually for every network app. That makes for a bad first impression and should've been put higher on...
I think the point is that Samsung's loss was either LG's or Apple's gain despite Samsung's aggressive marketing. But LG still won't be any threat to Samsung for at least another few years at this rate.
A warning screen means nothing to a giant consumer base that only buys Android phones to root and side load and access unofficial app stores. You can't fight culture like that with warnings. It's about as effective as warnings for pirating software.
By not condemning such stores, they are doing the same as promoting them. Apple doesn't need to condemn unofficial app stores because they don't have that much of a problem and they wield much more control than Google. By being so open which Google constantly promoted to customers and developers, they are simply creating this problem for themselves.
New Posts  All Forums: