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If they already have a 2-4x zoom on it, why would the other lens never need to be there? I assumed both lenses would be prime, one wide and one telephoto. Since they're so close to each other, Apple could allow seemless digital zooming between the two lenses without digital artifacts.
How dare you refer to my murder victims as common cargo!
Whoosh. Your post is no different than the posts you're complaining about. It's no different than if Angry Birds was buggy on iOS devices. It's a multimillion dollar app that's buggy on a single platform. Actually, Angry Birds is probably a more valuable user base than DaVinci Resolve user base in terms of dollars. The point is that this is one third-party app failing for some on a single Mac Pro GPU hardware. It's not good but it's not widespread. Call me when FCPX begins...
I don't think iWork is that bad. Besides, I think Apple factors them into the sale of all hardware - part of the "Apple Tax".
You're forgetting about the battery. Mobile devices are all very powerful today but very few run at full power because of limited battery size and capacity. Forget about the Apple Watch. It probably will never use more than 25% of it's actual processing power because of battery limitations. But why should it? It requires an iPhone which does most of the work to run apps and connect to the internet so why wouldn't Apple use that?
They probably dedicate the proportional amount of resources that the Mac Pro generates in revenue. .1% I'm guessing
I think Leo knows Apple Watch will sell 10x more units than all other competing smart watches. He just doesn't think Apple Watch is that good. But then he hasn't even touched one personally so I'm not putting any faith in his predictions either.
They did say you have to have it on your person. I agree that it would be great if it wasn't required to be close but there is no way they would ever allow it to not be directly connected to Apple Watch. Introducing any open networks would create too many security and performance issues.
The WiFi connection is meaningless without the nearby iPhone. All the apps, most of the processing and all of the cellular connection is done in the iPhone first.
True but if you have Apple Pay you also have an iPhone that has been doing all of these things for sometime.
New Posts  All Forums: