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What can we do with an A8? Besides, we all know it will have an A8. We have already seen battery leaks and case leaks. A camera lens would be nice except that we know Sony makes the cameras for Apple so that would be a Sony leak. These components are leaked because Apple outsources thousands of components to be assembled by several factories throughout Asia. Seem like legitimate leaks to me.
Like 99% of smartphone users, I don't have a Cortana enabled device handy. And besides, it's not my anniversary ;-) Actually I tried all of the examples and they all seem to work. But if I dig deeper it's unclear if it really will work. I tried the flower store and it just repeated my command and put it in my reminder list but only when I go to the remind by location does it lets me specify a store and a radius to trigger the command. So who knows what Siri or Cortana...
I just tried exactly what the guy in the commercial asked Siri and Siri responded with my reminder. I can't be sure if it works until my wife calls me but Siri did not reject or misunderstand my command like in the commercial.
Can someone explain to me why Google Now went from a 4%'heard incorrectly' in December 2013 to 100% 'heard incorrectly' in July 2014? What's the point of releasing these stats unless you double-check for typos? Worthless.
Why is anyone watching this video? This jerk posts a video saying it is sapphire and now says it isn't sapphire. Is this supposed to give him some credibility or make us feel sorry for him because he came clean. He was uninformed then and is still uninformed.
This is not an either or situation. There will always be physical switches that override any home automation. But if manufacturers are building in ibeacons to their switches and you want to add a hub and turn on smartphone functionality in your iphone, you can have it very cheaply.
Apple could always do this but it's not up to them, it's up to the carriers when it comes to calls over wifi.
Why would any if these torture tests matter without a control? Without the same tests performed on Gorilla Glass 3 also, these aren't just suspicious but also have no value.
This video shows the mystery material bending as far as gorilla glass bends. It doesn't seem to be inhibited at all by the sapphire. So I either question the video's authenticity or the reason for additional expense. Apple doesn't maintain great margins by spendingSo Apple is going to release a new iPhone with a slightly thicker screen that costs them more??? They better sell the hell out of that sapphire to justify it's value to the customer.
Sorry to lump you in with other drivers. You clearly have your own set of emotional problems ;-)
New Posts  All Forums: