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You're wrong. It's much worse than you think. Just google "stalking" and "bomb threats" and "Facebook" and you will see hundreds of people arrested for both fake and real threats.
Apple's decision to not make the Interview available is as opaque as the hackers and Sony's motives throughout this whole thing too. We will never know exactly why they did what they didn't. In the end they're all "business" interests.
You are speaking prematurely. I'm sure they won't make good any any Christmas Day threats but if they did, it would then go to something much more dangerous than yelling fire.
Sorry but the only thing driving these results is the fact that Apple Watch is not out yet. If you reask all of these people and tell them that Apple Watch is available to buy right now the numbers would go way up. Those are the only numbers anyone should care about. Apple Watch might as we'll be a rumor right now because it has no release date or real pricing yet.
Do we really care about the difference? They both elicit the same response.
I think the point is that it's not possible for those that used Apple Pay at Staples to be included in any fraud statistics unless their banks were somehow directly hacked. When other retailers realize this, they will adopt ApplePay even faster.
Based on the MasterCard and Visa. The deadline to switch to non-swiped card readers is less than a year away. Any new point of sale system will support NFC and Apple Pay. The retailers and banks that Apple has already worked with have probably spent collective billions to upgrade terminals and infrastructure. The other 95% of remaining retailers will gladly spend billions more otherwise they will be on the hook for fraud.
Mobile payments (in U.S.) is something that has been talked about for years...until now. Billions are being spent because Apple has stepped into this market just a few months ago. Here's the copy breakdown so far. Huawei copies Apple products. Samsung copies Apple features/services. Xiaomi just wants to be Apple.
It's not so much ripping off Apple as coasting off their Apple Pay momentum. They would've never decided to delve into this area if Apple hadn't already paved the way.
Isn't the point of this story that they are rushing out trackpads with fingerprint sensors to beat Apple? Just sounds like more rushing that will lead to user issues. Apple can take their time on this one.
New Posts  All Forums: