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Incredible read.    Apple overall did a fantastic job with Apple Music. But yes, if you go by the internet it is indeed a "disaster" just how every single ultra successful Apple service/product was deemed a disaster by morons, trolls, sort-sighted douchebags, and attention whores. 
And those cases look fucking ridiculous, and always will. Never understood them, so vain and useless, a cutout just to show off a logo, decreasing protection and aesthetics.Also, Apple would never make anything as tacky as Touch ID in the iMac Apple logo. Never.
Actually, this is Rogifans exact brand. As long as I remember, his/her posts have entailed nothing but whining and concern-trolling.
 Not a single fact in your predictable gibberish post, except the fact that Chinese factory workers make less money than the CEO of the biggest company on the planet. Thanks for your incredible insight and enlightenment. The rest of your post is basically unicorn dreams, ranted up by someone who obviously has never taken a serious, sober look at the subject, and doesn't have a clue in hell about the manufacturing industry, what it involves, and what is and isn't possible...
 I wouldn't expect a response, now that you've pressed for specifics. Cowardly trolls like him who haven't done an ounce of research into the topics that they rant about in order to skewer Apple pretty much have nothing at that point. Sad that the most opinionated people are the most clueless and the least knowledgeable about anything. 
 Apple's job is to make the best product it can, and do whatever it is able in order to make it attractive to consumer and superior to other competing products. Apple shouldn't give a shit about what customers can or can't get on competitors, or about the fate of other services. By your logic, Apple should offer all their apps/services on Android, and maybe help build some Android phones, so that things are "fair" and "even", and people don't "miss out" if they choose NOT...
It's definitely catchy.
 I don't think it's a huge positive either, but any value added is a good thing. So I guess we agree. As for music, from what I've heard so far it's rather diverse, so I'm sure something will be there that you like on occasion. Not like it's from one particular genre or anything. 
 Whether you like it or not, it will directly and indirectly increase exposure to the Beats brand, and Apple. All things considered, Beats1 is a net asset, and its existence is a good thing in many respects, and not a negative. 
 I feel bad for you, and your non-sensical, slobbering posts of gibberish. I truly, sincerely feel bad, because your hatred is clouding all reason and logic. Apple manufactures in China? What a stunning revelation. They're also doing more for improving Chinese manufacturing conditions than any other company (or country) on the planet. Your solution is to.."divest" from China? How would that help? The Chinese workers who now are unemployed will be praising Apple's to the...
New Posts  All Forums: