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 No, that's called being ridiculous and unrealistic. Going to Mars? Yeah, maybe Apple should empty it's entire bank account into going to a piece of rock. I'm sure that will please consumers.  
 OBVIOUSLY the interface and functionality is going to be completely revamped. However, the addition of content and partners is a separate issue, and I'm glad Apple continues to plot forward with this, with Apple TV becoming more content heavy by the day. I'm sure this will assist whatever strategy they have for it in the future, the current UI is just temporary and in a holding pattern until that is fully worked out. 
 Your expectations of intel chips increasing in power at the same rate as ARM chips is utterly absurd. The curves are completely different. 7% is a reasonable increase when it comes to desktops, especially considering these wont even be broadwell yet which is the next big jump. 
 I have a Nexus 5, the official Google phone, and Google wallet isn't even available for me to download, and never has been. Should tell you something about what a clusterfuck of a product it is. 
 My 2012 MBA. 
Handoff works fine in DP4. 
Well, stop is almost at an all-time high, $3 up from yesterday, so I guess Wall Street isn't exactly "disappointed".    Apple had a fantastic quarter. The next one will be absolutely ridiculous. 
Wow, this is a decidedly different style. Never thought Apple would promote decals on its products. I like it though, shows that they have no problem experimenting with new ad styles and directions. 
 I'm probably what you would classify as a liberal (even thought I'm not really, by definition) and I'd have no fucking problem if Apple hired a Bush PR flack. You know why? Because I trust that Apple has the context, information, reasons, and tools to make a more informed decision than my opinion could ever be on the matter.  I have enough humility to admit that some are in a better position to have the right answer than I do at times. 
Glad calculator was finally updated fro the 80s look. That was such an eyesore. 
New Posts  All Forums: