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 The iPhone 6 will have a million times the technology of your pebble, as well as many, many more design considerations. I own a pebble too (and love it) but the "my pebble is waterproof so the iPhone should be too" is a pretty weak and naive argument. The pebble is made entirely out of plastic, and has zero ports- no headphone ports, charging ports, speaker holes, microphone, sim card slot, etc. The only reason the S5 is "waterproof" is because it has ugly ass plugs for...
What a lazy, shitty ad. Anyone could make any such "reality tv" ad with any random product. Very childish, deceitful, and insulting to the audience, without an ounce of creativity. As if we're supposed to believe these people weren't coached on what to say, and the ones that didnt say what they were supposed to weren't edited out. 
Good. I've said from the very beginning, it does not make sense to ship this during the extremely busy fall/christmas where they have enough new products to sell. Showing it off now and selling in 2015 makes perfect sense. There's pros and cons to every approach, but but it's fucking mind-numbing how some of you can call this "vaporware". This is Apple we're talking about, they're not in that business. The iPhone and iPad were shown off much earlier than launch- they were...
What is this, Samsung's 6th smartwatch already? Jesus Christ. Talk about a company that spams out products, dilutes technology, and takes absolutely zero pride or care in its work, while having utter contempt for consumers. No doubt they want to come out with every single shape and form factor possible before Apple shows their cards, so they can say they did it "first". These companies have learned nothing from all the industries that Apple dominated by doing it right....
 Yes, because basic screen size falls under "copying". Cause you know, Apple doesn't sell iMacs, Macbooks, iPads, etc each with multiple screen sizes. Oh, and Samsung is the only company on the planet that is making larger phones than Apple, so obviously Apple is copying Samsung, and not any one of the 67,921 other companies out there that have phones of the same size, right?  It must take effort to make a post as mind-numbingly idiotic as yours. 
Absolutely cringe-worthy ads. It's so easy to tell when an ad is genuinely good and original, to something that is a trashy clone. Sad how hard they're trying with these, especially the "we need to get the gay demographic" angle. 
 What's your definition of "real work"? And does whatever not fall into those very specific use cases considered "fake" work? A multicore A8 chip with a good amount of RAM could probably handle almost everything your average would throw at it, with ease. No, it won't be the best machine for heavy duty rendering/etc, but that doesn't mean it does not deserve to exist. I do think there's a place for something between an iPad and a Macbook, that leverages the simplicity and...
 Pretty fucking unprofessional of them. 
The funny thing is that the iPhone used in that video is now 3 generations old, soon to be 4. 
A year's delay for a fucking lock?
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