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These games almost all run on A5 level hardware. Would be great if we saw some A8/A8X exclusive games, they would look stunning.    Also, although the games mentioned in this article all look pretty good, I found none of them particularly great games. Probably Asphalt is the best one, and it's been out for many many months. 
 What the **** is more intuitive than "get"? It's most intuitive damn word that exists. All I hear people saying is "I want to get that app" and "did you get that app"? It's part of language now. Also, screen real-estate in the appstore is EXTREMELY valuable, which is why a 3 letter word would get preference over an 8 letter world like "download" which clutters things needlessly, and take space away from the app name, etc.  What a stupid fucking rant. "Poorly planned"?...
 Uh, no it isn't. Safari demolishes it in speed, in every way. 
 Then Ben Thompson is an idiot. Anyone with any long term insight would be able to ascertain that an SDK is critical for long term health, adoption, support, and success. But clearly he wasn't thinking as big as Apple. 
 You're most probably right. I'm just paranoid I guess. 
 Bullshit. Microsoft (and others) have a ton of licensing agreements with Apple, so I don't buy your "don't ask for reasonable fees" BS. It's just that some (ie. samsung, chinese cos.) would rather just blatantly infringe and not pay any fees. 
 Yeah, because there's a mountain of examples of Apple suing others over patents that are not implemented in any of their shipping product, right? Please, enlighten us on examples of Apple acting as a patent-troll in this regard. I'm waiting.  
It's clear that Apple has infinitely more ambition, and infinitely more well thought-out plan than all the knee-jerk Apple Watch hating trolls out there that can't see an inch past their nose. It's all about the SDK and apps, which is why this will be huge. Possibilities are literally endless. 
I readily admit I'm a fucking idiot for not buying even more when it was hovering around $100 not that long ago, was close to doing it so many times then stopped myself for some reason. That would have been a few more grand easy.    Oh, and these analysts are complete fuckwits. The same ones now saying Apple stock is an "incredible value" when it's at an all time high, were the same ones proclaiming doom and gloom @$400, publishing negative article after negative...
 Chalk that up to the shitty editing and standards of the local station. That's why the segment was awkward.
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