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 Stupidest fucking idea I've ever heard. "Archaic design principles"? The current Macbook Air is insanely thin and can get 13hrs of battery life on a single charge, best in the industry. The iPhone6/6+ (especially 6+) get excellent battery life. Your comment doesnt contain a shred of fact or real reasoning, and your comparison to the razr is just mind-numbingly superficial. The thinness and efficiency of Apple products is a core part of their design, and the design is a...
 Thats a very twisted and skewed way of looking at it. It's dimished since the Apple Watch presentation, as it has not been in the media or public eye for a while. Do you honestly not think it will increase when Apple actually starts marketing it seriously, and when it has an actual release date? Come on. 
 It's a private donation. Cook should be spending his private money to "fix" iOS, instead of Apple's 150+ billion? Maybe he should fire Apple's entire iOS team, and code iOS9 himself, using his private money? Apple's "water-treading"? Please do us all a favor, burn all your Apple products, and delete your account on this forum. Not sure what's worse, your grotesque hatred and trolling of Apple, their products, software, and leadership-  or your vile hatred towards any kind...
Best fucking use of $56 billion in history. Almost doubled in value. 
Im liking this new Apple, being vocal, direct, and quick about smacking down these lazy, cowardly, hit-whore stories. Im glad they're not letting this shit go unanswered. This is the right strategy.
1% may seem like a small percentage, but it's actually pretty fucking impressive for the 1st month, especially when counting all retail transactions in the US. 
 My post "shows precisely why the Watch will fail"? Really? I hope you have the decency and the class to self-ban yourself, after all these thousands of confident, matter-of-fact proclamations you're makng turn out to be epically wrong. Most human being would do so, out of shame. But I don't think you have any concept of that, so I doubt it will happen. You will carry on, proclaim that it doesnt matter, because the Apple Watch "should have" failed, and it's success is a...
 I had a feeling someone was gonna say that, and you couldn't be more wrong. Apple had everything they needed in terms of their history, culture, and expertise to make an excellent smartphone- from software, to hardware, to customer loyalty, to ecosystem.  Why the hell do you think people were begging them to do so years before the iPhone was released? Why do you think there were so many rumors, and so much excitement, for years? They had many doubters, but Apple fans, or...
 That's actually what I meant to say. Holiday is indeed more accurate. But it's humorous to see that you would somehow have been offended if I had used that word. I don't even celebrate or believe in Christmas myself.  But of course, being the ultra-right wing fanatic you are, you're one of those "OMG WAR ON CHRISTMAS" people. Chill out. No one is taking Christmas away from you.  
Should be a fantastic product, with all their experience customizing SOCs, software, hardware, electronic engineering, and the myriad of technologies that would go in to such a product.    /s
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