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 Keeps them in the news- the same motivation they have for all their haphazard, pie in the sky, poorly thought out projects. 
 What I love is that people like you always drop keywords that make it easy for any rational human beings to completely disregard your post and laugh away your credibility. Sure, you may differ idelogically with Cook, but pretending the guy is a moron by the "if Tim were smart" line, and denying his obvious intelligence, makes it clear how childish, shallow, and superficial you actually are. 
 It takes a special kind of person to go out of their way to mock and deride someone for giving money to charity. 
 Yeah, sounds like such a fucking disaster. Interesting how anyone with real-hands on time with the watch has very positive things to say.
 Sorry, complete horse-shit. I've had infinitely more issues with Apple products in the past than I have today, whether it's OSX or iOS. There's only the perception of more bugs, because the software has so many new features, moving parts, and most importantly of all, USERS. When you sell 75,000,000 of a single product in a quarter, the amount of people with issues or whiners is going to be magnified. And we also get sensational people like you, who prefer to exaggerate in...
 Tim Cook has an infinitely better chance of entering "The Kingdom of Heaven" than you. So maybe focus on worrying about your own fate, instead of Cook's. 
Love how this is your new "bend gate", constantly whining and bitching about these time slots when you don't plan to buy the product anyway. So predictable and pathetic.
Products and hardware can be commoditized, brand power cannot. This product is an absolutely genius move, as it will expand Apple's sphere of influence, enhance their brand power, and take them places they could never hope to go by only selling purely technology products. Yes, the Apple Watch is technology, but it also crosses other lines, and overlaps other industries. It will only serve to increase Apple's mindshare and exposure to even more people that do not already...
 We can always count on you to come into any thread, evangelize Samsung, and bash Apple. Like clockwork. 
 Sorry, but why the **** do you care when Apple Pay arrives over there, since you've made it clear to this forum on hundreds of occasions that the iPhone 6 disgusts you and you would never buy it in a million years?  The act of acting disappointed with no having access to products you constantly shit on anyway, just so you can troll, has gotten old. Not a single fucking reasonable person expected Apple Pay to be officially supported in Europe before this fall. It's still...
New Posts  All Forums: