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 iCloud is not Google Drive, nor does it try to be. 
 Oh, don't be so fucking obtuse. Look at those side shots and tell me that isn't a dead ringer for an iPhone 6. No, Apple did not invent metal. They did not invent speaker grills. They did not invent rounded corners. But you're really being intellectually dishonest if you can see those pics and not admit that Samsung copies as many unique elements as possible in order to duplicate the general look. It has nothing to do with just the glass. It's the rounded shape of the...
Yes, you could create an Apple ID online previously with no Apple hardware, but it's nice how the process is not much more user friendly and accessible through icloud.com.
Speaking of Lawsuits, anyone else see the leaked Galaxy S6 pics? I mean, holy fucking shit. And here I was naive enough to think that Samsung might have had higher aspirations this time, after those enticing teasers.           Every aspect that doesn't look like ass (front and back) is a shameless iP6 knockoff. EVen the glass is said to be curved at the end, like the 6. 
 A revamped AppleTV is not going to be shown off at this event, so please set your expectations from now. 
 How would it go "the other way"? I don't see retailers DROPPING Apple Pay anytime soon. Apple Pay is expanding every day, the only question is speed. And yes, I would hope Apple is "trying to move forward with it". 
"Smartflash makes no products, has no employees, creates no jobs, has no U.S. presence, and is exploiting our patent system to seek royalties for technology Apple invented,"   Pretty much sums it up. Can't fucking understand how these asswipes can claim damages when they sell zero products. The iPhone, etc. did not sway a single dollar away from them, cause they sell jack shit. Apple should countersue, since the negative PR of this trial had an effect on the stock and...
The most recent event (iPad Air 2, 5K iMac, Yosemite) streamed flawlessly for me. The one before that (iphone, apple pay) had the major issues.
So fucking hyped. And yes, even if Apple had some other products planned in this timeframe (ie. iPad Pro/Macbook Air redesign) I'm pretty sure they've cleared them out of the way, to have all focus and attention on Apple Watch. Sucks for us waiting for those products, but I think it's absolutely the right thing for them to do. Launch period is critical.
 I see maybe 1 Android tablet for every 20 iPads I see. Hey, who cares, right? The only important thing is that they sold, and they're sitting collecting dust somewhere, which somehow proves that iPad sucks and is failing (according to BF). I bet most people even forget they own these tablets and buy another whenever they get these 2 for 1 deals. 
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