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 Chill out- I was attacking the case designs, not you personally. I tend to like more minimalistic designs, not monstrosities that do what they can to bring attention to themselves. It's great that you like a mechanical keyboard, but I haven't seen a single one of these keyboard attachments being used in real life, so its clear most people don't. And whats up with the one with the massive latch that probably weighs as much as the phone itself? Maybe one would get it if...
 Most of those look like shit too. Physical keyboard, really? Oh, and I never understood the idiotic cutout for the Apple logo. So tacky, garrish, childish, and ugly. OMG IF I PUT A CASE ON HOW WILL EVERYONE KNOW FOR SURE THAT ITS AN IPHONE, I BETTER GET ONE WITH A USELESS CUTOUT! I'm shocked at how popular that design stupidity is. 
 Most people in real life are not obsessive, unbalanced, mal-adjusted nutcases like those that bitch on the internet. I doubt 99% of people will give a shit about the bands, unlike the entire internet that has gone nuts over how "ugly" they look. This is by far the sleekest -and more importantly- most comfortable phone Apple has ever produced. 
What gaudy, disgusting looking cases. The only decent looking one is Apple's.
The insane thing is that even though Apple will smash all their sales records with this phone, they will also smash their ASP records since so many are opting for bigger capacities and the 6+
 All signs point to Samsung continuing on a downhill spiral this point forward, a least with premium phones. They peaked with the S4. While they were smugly mocking Apple and shitting out more plastic gimmicks, Apple was quietly working behind the scenes on game-changing hardware (touch ID, 64bit processing, motion processors, etc), software (healthkit, homekit, extensibility, massive improvements to iOS), and services (Apple Pay, etc), and now that the planets have...
When support for these new tentpole platforms mature (healthkit/homekit/watchkit/extensions) iOS will be untouchable as a platform. It will have all the traditional integration/security/reliability/privacy/ecosystem/appstore strengths, as well as extremely powerful yet regulated extensibility. 
 It was the fastest iOS update I've ever experienced. But thanks for coming out.  I'm glad Apple is moving more and more aspects in house. The more areas it controls, the better it controls its fate, and the better it can provide an ideal experience for its customers. We've seen this from everything from CPU customization, to maps, to geolocation services, to CDNs. Steve Jobs understood this, and so does Tim Cook. 
 Uh, hate to break it to you, but.. http://www.samsung.com/ca/consumer/mobile/mobile-phones/smartphones/SGH-I527ZKARWC But yeah I don't see Apple changing the current iPhone sizes for a very long time. I think with the 5.5, they went larger tat they were truly comfortable with, just to shut everyone the **** up, and to cover the market. But I look forward to Samsung increasing the size of their flagships to 7"+. 
What a fucking feat of engineering these phones (and all Apple products) are. Gonna head in a bit and lineup (already ordered my phone but will be fun to chat with some Apple fans)
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