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You can't help yourself, can you? Every. Fucking. Thread. Your desperate reaching is embarrassing.
 Based on iPhone 6/6+ sales, noone gives a flying **** about the protruding camera, except an infinitesimally tiny percentage of vocal forum dwellers. 
 Adopting it before anyone else, and as the one and ONLY port, which is used also for power, in their most HEAVILY marketed Mac product is actually considered aggressive. Passive adoption would have been throwing it in as an "extra" port.  But don't try to use context, rationality, or anything like that. 
So, Apple stock tanked after they announced a record # of iPhone sales, 40% YoY growth, and 10B+ in profit. By this standard, I wonder how much Samsung stock should tank?
 Was this really necessary? There's no evidence of actual, factual setbacks, apart from the facts that pretty much every significant construction project in history tends to be "over budget". 
 Damn you're pathetic. So basically, you want Apple to throw its desktop OS un-optimized for touch, which is meant to be used with a KB/trackpad into a device WITHOUT a KB and trackpad, and with a touchscreen. Absolutely brilliant. And you're so proud of your incredible idea, that you need to spam it every chance you get. Believe it or not, no one is clamoring to use OSX on a touch screen except you. The rest of us are sane enough to realize that the new Macbook makes alot...
 Uh, no. Your current albums and events will still be retained under "albums" in photos. Don't read all the sensational horse-shit you read on the net. Backup your photos first to another location to be safe, but I had zero issues transitioning, and once I got used to it, I loved the new version infinitely more. 
 You can always count on theVerge to make sensational, clickbait statement that make no sense. 
 You can also power off the phone completely, that would be even safer :) 
 Yeah, companies usually decide on the software and hardware features in the products they sell. Fucking shocking concept, I know. Oh, and Apple products are more customizable than they've ever been, both in software (OS options and features) and hardware (colors, sizes, capacities, etc)  Troll more, because that's all you've done so far on this forum. 
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