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What a crock of horse-shit.    " The publication noted Rinard was compensated $800,000 for time spent analyzing the subject -- not out of the ordinary for an expert witness in a high-profile tech case."   So this is what it has come to? Paying someone obsene amounts of money to claim a patent is "invalid", even if it has already been awarded? I would say whatever the **** anyone wants me to say for that amount of cash- as would anyone. But which is it Samsung? Are you...
 Yeah, I don't believe for a second gthe people pretending to be outraged were actually, honestly emotionally upset when they saw the photo. More than likely it was an excuse for them to get all self-righteous so they can feel good about themselves. Sure, may not have been the best option for a photo, but people calling the author a "despicable scumbag", really? The intent of the photo was clear. Obviously, he googled "tsunami" and used the first thing that popped up....
Once the larger iPhone is released, Samsung is finished in the high end mobile space. LITERALLY the only thing they have left is size, and they're milking that for all its worth in every single one of their ads. There's nothing else. What are they gonna tout? Their shit finger print sensor? Their shit build quality? The garbage that is Touchwiz? iPhones demolish them in every single aspect. 
 The first 5 generations of the iPhone under Steve Jobs (ie. every single generation) was the exact same size. The first iPhone developed under Cook was larger (iPhone 5). GTFO with your FUD. There isn't an iota of evidence that under Jobs a massive phone would have come out sooner. Not an iota. The iPhone is still the best selling smartphone on the planet- what does that tell you about this "trend"? Also, "size" has nothing to do with being ahead or behind. It's a design...
Looks good. If you don't like it, dont buy it. I very much doubt Apple is going to get rid of the 4" formfactor. There's a shitload of people who claim that the only reason people are even buying flagship Android phones instead of iPhones is the size. I guess these phones will test that theory. Being ideologically opposed to a larger size at this point is simply childish. There are obviously people who prefer these larger phones, whether you agree with them or not.
How is it ridiculous? Its still smaller than most flagship android phonees.Also, how the hell would the bottom bezel get and smaller? It barely fits the home button as is, which is a non-negotiable component. Also, it still has to LOOK like an iPhone, which is iconic. Consistency is good. This looks like a bigger iPhone, exactly what it should look like. You think it looks ridiculous now because you're not used to it- a couple months after release,when millions of them are...
So, "marketing" is how the Galaxy S looked like an exact clone or the 3GS? Marketing is how Samsung's phones suddenly went from looking like blackberries, to iPhones in a year? Gotcha. Also, isn't it somewhat pathetic to state that the success of your company is based on marketing, and not the quality of the products you're selling? Samsung can't even keep their stories straight, lying through their teeth results in so many inconsistencies in testimony.
What an empty, filthy, dishonest, and despicable company devoid of any real value, meaning or ethics.
 If you say so.  I use passbook for every single flight I take, every movie I see, and have stored in it many loyalty cards so I don't need to keep them in my wallet, amongst a bunch of other miscellaneous things. I understand this isn't everyone's experience, but passbook is currently more 'de facto' than any other digital pass solution. But glad that statement was hilarious to you. 
Is this..legal? I'm assuming they have Apple's permission to do this?
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