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Wow, this is a decidedly different style. Never thought Apple would promote decals on its products. I like it though, shows that they have no problem experimenting with new ad styles and directions. 
 I'm probably what you would classify as a liberal (even thought I'm not really, by definition) and I'd have no fucking problem if Apple hired a Bush PR flack. You know why? Because I trust that Apple has the context, information, reasons, and tools to make a more informed decision than my opinion could ever be on the matter.  I have enough humility to admit that some are in a better position to have the right answer than I do at times. 
Glad calculator was finally updated fro the 80s look. That was such an eyesore. 
 Wow, what a nasty, toxic post - par for the course for you. You're really attacking people on hypocrisy? Everyone knows you'd have no problem with this hire if this guy was a Bush PR flack. The ONLY reason you're riled up is that Carney worked for the Obama administration. Also, liberals are "girly men"? Are you fucking 8?
 So if Apple DOES hire Carney (which they wont), and if you DO leave Apple like you say (which you won't), then I'm curious which company you would buy your products from, instead? I'm sure we're all dying to know, and which other tech companies employ 100% ethical and honest people in all their ranks, or at least at a level beyond Apple. 
 No you won't. That's a lie, and you know it. It's so easy to act indignant, and say thing you don't mean and you don't plan on following-through on online-  but with you, it gets a little old. I'd actually be for Carney if it meant you would actually leave, sparing us from your incessant whining and bitching, because of the fact that you believe your opinions to be so important that you need to repeat the same thing ad-nauseum in every thread. Also, if your reasons for...
 Obama had nothing to do with this- please stop desperately dragging him in every fucking issue just so that you can bash the guy.  But I agree this ruling is ridiculous. Apple is being punished for creating competition, not stifling it. We've seen what Amazon is willing to do with its monopoly, which is deciding which books and publishers it wants to stock and using its selling power as leverage and blackmail. 
 It's actually the complete opposite- iOS7 added a shitload of new features, while introducing many new bugs and lowering performance on most devices (at least 7.0, 7.1 improved things somewhat). But yeah, maybe in your bizzaro-world, the opposite is the case, somehow. 
"Rumor: Apple's 'iWatch' will come in two sizes, three models when it launches this fall" What a shitty headline, including the launching in the fall as a fact, when it's anything but.
 What the **** is a limited edition that isn't even available to the public supposed to prove, exactly? You're really, really reaching. Also Beats' "Game before the Game" ad was absolutely excellent, and very much like Apple current ads- and a step beyond. It's pretty sad that you have to resort to a gift that the German team is receiving to continue bashing Beats, as if its relevant. Yes, Beats has good marketing and a strong brand. Thats extremely valuable these days....
New Posts  All Forums: