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 Sorry, the argument you just made is bullshit, and always has been. No, not all publicity is good publicity, especially with a company with the polished brand equity of Apple. And believe it or not, Apple doesn't give a shit about nerds arguing about an Apple ad campaign on an Apple fan site. The "engagement" here is completely meaningless. It's the opinions of the masses that matter. Enough with this "we're discussing it, so it must be good" BS. No, sorry. 
 Unbelievable. I'm one of the only people here that actually defends you when everyone else is shitting on you. And if you've seen any of my posts, you know I defend and justify almost every single of Apple's decisions, because I can understand their rationale. Cry baby rant? I levelled a very specific complaint (that has been levelled by pretty much every single reviewer and user), and if you actually owned an Apple TV, I don't know how you would disagree with it. I...
I REALLY hoped that Apple would at least come out with a new Apple TV app before doing this kind of mass advertising, and at least expand Siri a bit. I can't imagine ANYONE not being infuriated with the text input experience. I personally know a couple people that got so turned off by it they were close to returning the box. I sure as hell hope they're working their asses off to release one, because the situation now is pretty unacceptable. The Apple TV is a fantastic box,...
 Why is it amazing? China pop: 1.357 billion+Oregon pop: 3.97 million China has more population than 341 Oregons. So, if we're going per capita, based on 3 Oregon Stores Apple should have 1,023 Stores in China- and yet they only have 27.  Yes, it is amazing, but in the complete opposite way in which you think it is. 
 Sorry, are you a spambot? Most (or all) of your posts consists of that line. 
 I have 664 Notes. Never had a problem finding anything, and it's never taken more than 3 seconds.  Have you heard of something called "search"? Or when you're looking for something online or on your device, do you go through an "alphabetized" listing? It has never even occured to me that it's something anyone would want, and even though I use and add Notes every single day from my Mac, iPhone, and iPad, I have never once wished for that. Really, just remember a single...
Shitty analogy.The main purpose of a gun is to kill- that's the entire point.The main purpose of an iPhone is not to kill things.
 Uh, no one cares aout iOS5 anymore, seriously. Even the iPad 2 can update to iOS9. What is that, the first iPad?
 It's been 7 months since the acquisition. Seriously, get over it. You have like 3 topics you predictably spam every thread with, over and over again.   "Goofy"? Beats has already paid for itself, and this thread have nothing to do with he acquisition. Also, no one gives a shit if you think they're "over-priced". They sell, alot, and have a great brand, just like Apple products. "Worst $3B"? Really? Based on what? Your perception of Beats? You're the classless one. 
Not Apple's fault that you have an insanely small broadband allowance, that downloading a single small application like photoshop elements uses a "fair chunk" of it. Maybe, I dont know, switch to a reasonable plan?
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