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Fucking amazing how much mainstream media play this has been getting, been splashed on my local news for the past 2 days with leads such as "DO YOU HAVE AN IPHONE? YOUR NEXT MESSAGE MIGHT BE YOUR LAST" and "MASSIVE IPHONE HACK, YOUR TEXTS ARE NOT SAFE". If I didn't know better I would have burned my phone. Unreal.    Unless you have complete asshole "friends", who also happen to know about this very specific combination of symbols to send, I don't see how you would be...
Your friend should be fucking fired. I mean, haven't heard of Jony Ive and he's supposed to sell Apple products? really? No doubt he also doesn't have a fucking clue about the products themselves either.
The reason for this is obvious. There is a higher percentage of Android using neckbeard dorks, who obviously do very little with their time, have no social life, and thus excitedly address every push notification as soon as they get it. Meanwhile, iPhone users are actually doing shit, so ignore or take longer to respond to stuff.
 Just like all other Android features, they're just bullet points for the sake of bullet points, that Google puts almost zero effort into, and which at the end of the day have no impact on the trajectory of the industry. I'd be be curious to how many times Android pay has been used so far, while being out for "years" compared to Apple Pay, only available on 1 phone and out for only a few months in 1 market. Android Pay probably would not even cause a blip on the chart. 
If this rewards program gives Apple product discount, it will be the most popular fucking reward program in history. 
 Yeah, cause Apple will just do the same thing everyone else is doing to achieve the same margins, right? First of all, the numbers you're quoting are for gasoline powered vehicles, which will have no bearing on what Apple manufactures. Second, Apple manages the most effective and efficient supply chain on the planet. If they do make a car, they will apply all their skills to make the entire manufacturing process as ultra efficient and cost effective as possible. Third,...
OMG IT CHARGES A FULL 5% FASTER! WHERE DO I SIGN UP?? Seriously, that was embarrassing- they shouldn't even have bothered with that demo considering the negligible nature of the speed increase, with all the hassle involved.
 Only a month? Why a month? He has been fucking up every single thread here since his existence, and with the Apple Watch it's only gotten worse, posting nothing but lies and filth. If he had any shame he'd ban himself for eternity, but that will never happen, nor will he take your bet of course. That's how empty cowards operate, they'll vomit out nonsense all day long, but God forbid they put something on the line or have accountability for what they say. Notice he has...
Holy shit. Just goes to show how important it is for Apple to disconnect from Google's services, and how much power Apple has to screw Google over. So basically, almost Google's entire business relies on ad revenue (which is decreasing) and almost all of it is generated from iOS devices, on which Apple can change the defaults on a whim. Great position Google is in. And people always concern troll about the iPhone being "too big a part of Apple's business".
A "disgusting excuse for a human being"? The fact that accuse him of such with zero information tells us much more about you, than anything else.- you have no clue if those are actually for his dog (probably not)- you have no clue if he paid for one, both, or neither- you have no clue how much he donates to charity or other causesI think the despicable human being is the selfRighteous one who is quick to judge and condemn.
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