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But, macrumors posted this trash headline just today:   "Home Depot Quietly Drops Apple Pay, But Service Continues to Work at Many Stores"   Amazing how Apple centered sites love to giddily post negative headlines without a shred of fucking confirmation. Why did they "quietly drop it"? Because a couple posters complained it didnt work? Or cause the systems were being upgraded? What shit journalism. 
 You can do whatever the **** you want, but you seem strangely angry at Apple for enabling you to make this profit. If you thought it was so "wrong", you wouldn't abuse it and profit from it. Some weird psychology you have going on there. There's something really wrong with people like you, who complain about something while contributing to it.  
Predictably, we have the misogynistic shitbags in this thread demanding Angela's head, as if they have a fucking clue what decisions she's made, what she's responsible for, and what is under her control. But hey, she's female, and Cook obviously hired her just to fill the female quota, right? I notice the same filthy trolls who claimed for month that this product would be a catastrophe that no one would want, are now pretending to be outraged that there's not enough supply...
 Oh, shut the **** up. Everyone can look at your troll post history and see that you're on the same level of brlawyer, BF, and other such trash.  " And every time I run into a person wearing one in the wild, their wrist spin never lights up the screen. " I have yet to "run into" a single person wearing an Apple Watch "in the wild", as is the case for most people I assume. Yet, it just so happens that you, a troll, have repeatedly not only ran into many people wearing an...
I'm sure this will also have force touch and haptic feedback implemented, would would be pretty sweet.
Speed is the biggest issue. I'm sure this will get addressed with updates soon enough (both from the Watch OS and 3rd party apps), and even more dramatically when we have native apps.
Cue non-sensical shrieks of outrage.  In my 8 years of owning iOS devices, from the original iPhone to the iPhone 6, and the original iPad to the iPad Air 2, from iOS1 to iOS8.3,  I have yet to encounter "a major crash that requires a restore", whatever that means. 
Cue non-sensical shrieks of outrage. 
 The shield is going to start at $199, compared to the Apple TV's $69 pricepoint.  Also, I'm sure those that own an Apple TV are well aware of other options, but want access to the iCloud ecosystem, their purchases, and ability to Airplay/mirror content easily from their iOS devices/Macs. The Apple TV DOES provide exclusive functionality that is available nowhere else, if you use other Apple devices. 
 Sure. But the device also runs an a4 chip, probably weaker than that of the iPhone 4 also, so it's not out of the question to think that iw wouldn't handle the new APIs well anyway. Even the AppleTV 3 can be sluggish, and that's running an A5. 
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