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Yep, I can definitely see Apple bulking up the next revisions of their machines, adding complexity and thickness, in order to allow "user replaceable" parts. Totally happening.
This just in, Apple discontinuing the Mac and iOS lines to focus on the car.    There's maybe a tiny kernel of truth to it that has been hyper-sensationalized.
Great update, everything is so well implemented. Really puts the focus of music back in iTunes. Also, I think Connect is gonna be pretty huge and a successful platform.
 But they're not guilty, and Apple truly believes they have done nothing wrong- as do many that have actually followed the facts of this case. But nice to know you believe they should "accept the fact" and "move on". I would much rather Apple stick to their principles and convictions, and demand justice.  But yeah, it's "just like Samsung". Yep, identical cases. It's sad that you couldn't care less about the facts of each case, and would prefer to pretend they're identical...
 Yep, I would also like to know this list. I have a feeling it's a BS statement. 
I'm extremely impressed by Apple Music. Very well put together app. Also, it's only "complicated" if you don't can't 5 min to figure everything out. Oh, the horror. People are so fucking entitled and lazy these days. 
What utter horse-shit. These judges must be either fucking stupid, or bought-out, as anyone honestly considering the actual facts would never be able to conclude any kind of conspiracy or collusion from them. Disgusting.
Wow, this is awesome. Might actually be worth getting Apple Care now, since at the very least it's a guaranteed battery replacement.
You should add a few exclamation marks to your post, I dont think there's quite enough. Also, it's $10, not $50. Stop making it sound like it's breaking the bank, it's the cost of a sandwich. There's a limit to how much of a cheapskate one can be. Considering what here offering, $10 is extremely competitive. $5 is ridiculous. If that extra $5 makes al he difference to you, to the extent of all that bitching and whining, then Maybe you should forego a mobile plan and other...
But then people (like you) will be bitching and whining how Beats is not available right after the 8.4 upgrade. There's pros and cons to everything.
New Posts  All Forums: