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 Lipstick on a pig. The software will still be trash. As well as everything else. Literally the only weapon Samsung had was "big". Now that that's gone, they've got nothing. Thats how much of an empty shell their mobile division is. 
And how many of those Samsung units sold are actually flagship, premium, high end phones, and not dirt cheap pieces of shit? Apples to Oranges. Whats as impressive as Apple's numbers, is their ASP. People forget that most of Samsung's phone sales are dirt cheap "feature phones" with Android installed, and not their flagship devices. It's why their profits are taking a massive dive. Apple can probably double their numbers if they sold $150 iPhones off contract. But what...
 I know, I'm utterly enraged at Apple for making this horrendous, theoretical, imaginary move in the future. Just livid. Apple, how dare you. 
 Not only are your links completely irrelevant to his claim that Apple is the largest Taxpayer in the US, not a single word in those links even attempts to dispute that fact. Because, you know, it's a fucking fact.  Next time you say "nope", then mock someone by telling them to "Google it", make fucking sure you don't make an idiot of yourself by Googling the wrong stuff. Apple paying low overseas tax, or Apple being called mean names by pathetic, greedy politicians, does...
My iPad Air 2 is definitely not my most important or most-used device, but it's definitely my favorite device to use. It deserves to exist. 
I'm fucking blown away they were even able to MANUFACTURE, ship, and sell this many phones in a quarter- I was worried about the supply. Tim Cook is truly a supply chain God. This sin't some plastic piece of shit either- it's an insanely well crafted, complex piece of electronics with extremely low tolerances.
Holy. Fucking. Fucking. Shit.    I mean..   I don't even. 
 Agreed. This "focused too much on iPhone" drivel I keep hearing is so mind-numbingly idiotic. The iPhone isn't in a vacuum. The sale of every iPhone benefits Apple in so many other ways, from ecosystem to apps to higher chances of another Apple device category being bought by the purchaser. Yes, the iPhone is by far their most successful product, but it is obviously also their most important product, and the one that SHOULD be the most successful. That being said, even if...
Flash is absolutely disgusting, as is the horrendous nature of how its coded. The update process is such a fucking chore, I tend to put it off for days, even though  know it's a critical vulnerability. Have to quit all browsers, then it opens like 2 apps that bounce around in the dock, bunch of pop-up windows, and half the time asks you to restart when its done. So jarring when you're used to silent, auto-updates. 
 There's a million reasons Apple announced it at the time that they did, including stemming the sales of other smartwatches in the holiday season and subsequent months, as well as getting developers ready for the product, both in terms of ideas and APIs. In the context of this product, this announcement made sense. Apple shouldn't try to determine what it "typically" does when making decisions, it should make the best decisions for that specific scenario taking all factors...
New Posts  All Forums: