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 Pretty fucking unprofessional of them. 
The funny thing is that the iPhone used in that video is now 3 generations old, soon to be 4. 
A year's delay for a fucking lock?
I love how close-minded everyone in this thread is. A larger iPad has its place, especially for those that are used primarily at home. My parents use the iPad Air has their main computing device, and they ALWAYS ask me if theres a bigger version. Larger laptop availability is irrelevant, as people like my parents that are used to the iPad, love using it and despise using anything else. Larger screen real estate would be great for many.
 Apple is on a 2 yr design cycle. Suddenly breaking from that would have given the signal that they're reacting, rather than doing things at their own pace and conviction. Would have been a sign of weakness. They did exactly the right thing by keeping the same body for the 5S. Sales (and margins) have been ridiculously good, so its not like they suffered. Also, so much internally had changed in the 5S (64 bit CPU, M7 motion co-processor, touch ID, duo-tone flash, etc) that...
 At least Beats is an extremely successful company, making extremely successful, high margin, mainstream products that will pay for itself in no time.  I play videogames, and have never used or had any motivation to use this twitch service. Sounds like a super-niche service that's ridiculously overvalued. 
Is it just me, or is there a similar just PANIC!!! story right before any major new Apple launch? And when all is said and done, the product launched successfully and smashes all previous sales records. Wasn't it also said Apple had "extremely limited" supplies of the 5/5s, then they go ahead to sell 5 million in the first weekend?
If the camera lens is actually protruding, then I'm sure there's a damn good reason for that, that outweighs any aesthetic concerns some may have. It's not a big deal, especially if it enhances camera performance in some way.
 Stop acting like a whiny, entitled, sanctimonious child. I can imagine a shitload of people would care about easily finding music they recently added, myself included. The fact that you're having such a fit that YOU don't want to see it for some odd, irrational reason, and showing outrage at why it exists (because you know, Apple's entire existence is meant to please you and only you) is pathetic. That little category will not negatively affect anyone who does not use it,...
New Posts  All Forums: