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 Care to give us some very specific, fact-based examples of how Windows has a "fully renovated" backend compared to OSX, which has not? I have a feeling you don't have the faintest cluse of what you're talking about, beyond some superficial MS PR. Actually, as someone who has closely followed the under the hood changes with every revision of OSX and Windows, I'm pretty certain you don't have a clue.   What is this brand new file system Windows 10 uses? Or are you referring...
 There's no contradiction at all, but you'd have to do a few seconds of research to realize that, which is understandably too much effort. Easier to post a quip like you did. 
 Your consistently petty and childish partisanship is mind-numbing, to say the least. Maybe one day you'll be able to go beyond "liberals are bad" in your discussion skills and actually think critically about each issue, instead of your predictable knee-jerk quips.  
 "Lost it's way"? Oh, do shut up. Apple has cared about this stuff for a long time, and SJ made a huge point to talk about these kinds of things when unveiling new products in the last few years of his life. I love how you rightwing trolls always come up with some new mind-numbing reasons for Apple "losing it's way", when when that thing is absolutely the logical thing to do, both from a business perspective and from others. It's hilarious that people actually pretend to...
I agree. Same goes to a lesser extent in Quebec and Montreal in Canada.
He's right though, you are obsessed. You have consistent rants about what person X or Y said on Z podcast, or what poster Or tech blogger said on X site, or what some ex employee that, pretending it's so concerning to you, and attempting to draw far reaching conclusions. I think you just greatly enjoy the hand-wringing and pretending that everything in on the brink of collapse. I'm surprised you don't get tired of it. You literally have thousands of posts doing this on...
Apple can't even sell the Watch at their own stores, so now they're giving it to BB out of sheer desperation.    /s
 How sad is it that Apple has innovated more on watch bands in their first try in this market than the watch industry has done in the last 100 years? I mean, ALL THESE COMPANIES MAKE is watches, and yet they couldn't be bothered to come up with a link bracelet that doesn't need tools to adjust. The magnetic milanese loop is brilliant. The Sport band is insanely comfortable. Utterly pathetic, and shows that Apple NEEDS and SHOULD disrupt industries, for the sake of...
 Because, product differentiation. If stylus support and pressure sensitivity is the main differentiator of the iPad Pro, they're not gonna bring that to the Air, at least not right away. 
Not a big deal if no iPad Airs this fall. It's massively over powered for what it's used for, and can't think of significant upgrades for that form factor. They should focus on the mini and the Pro. A price drop to $399 would be pretty awesome though.
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