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 So, out of curiosity, what new product category could Apple possibly release that would be a "huge seller" and fall within their core competencies in a reasonable way? Everyone loves bashing the prospects of the Apple Watch, but not ONCE have I heard anyone suggest an alternative product Apple could release that would sell better. Will the Apple Watch sell like iPhones? No. Does it need to? No. It will sell extremely sell (compared to every single other traditional or...
73? It was 70 a few days ago, and 67 a few days before that. I expect the "estimates" to reach 100million before the fucking earnings report, just to make sure that whatever Apple announces is "disappointing", even though it's historically epically unmatched.
 Your filthy and blatant xenophobia is downright sickening. It's stunning that you and Apple ][ are able to get away with this crap on this forum. Yep, Angela got where she was because "she's a woman". Yup. If only you were a woman, you'd be an Apple VP, eh Frost? "Resting on the laurels of jobs"? The progress that Apple has made in the past 1-2 yrs on both a hardware and software front is fucking massive, and the bugs that we are seeing are the direct result of massive...
I like Legere, but could have done without the unprofessional, awkward cuts in there, as well as the Starbucks ad that looked like ridiculous product placement- even if it wasn't. 
I find it fucking disgusting how Google spent years attempting to normalize Google Glass through a massive PR campaign, and mocked/attacked anyone who had concerns about it as being somehow against technology, and progress, or a hypocrite because they used a cell phone, or just plain backwards and ignorant. After all that hyping, Google didn't even have the guts to launch the product in any meaningful way, instead choosing to silently put their beta model on sale. It's...
People who think Apple can get away with spending zero on lobbying, or even that it would be a sane or responsible thing to do, live on another planet. Either way, $1.2 million is fucking peanuts, and probably the minimum that Apple feels it can get away with spending. Companies that only make a fraction of the $$ Apple makes are spending far, far more- so I'm not worried about this figure. 
Based on your spelling and poor quality of your posts, I'm not shocked that you do. Dam good products indeed.
Uh, basically any video, audio, or photo editing app, for starters.
 I can't help but have a level of respect for these truly ambitious, creative, and dedicated heists that take a fuckload of planning and work to pull off. 
 Beats is the most popular headphone company in the world, has a fuckload of brand value, sells premium products, has excellent branding, and makes a massive profit. Blackberry is.., um.. I'll get back to you on that one. 
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