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So I run Yosemite on 3 machines, and my family on many more. I've been running Yosemite since the betas. If this system is so horrible and buggy, how come I have experienced ZERO issues relating to this?
Hilarious. Amazing how people get pissed off at this kind of stuff. The guy didn't spend his $$ on hitmen in order to murder people. He spent on a Gold Apple Watch, because he can, and he doesn't give a ****. To the whiners, don't worry, you he wouldn't have wired you the $$ if he had not spent it on the watches for his dog.
.. And AAPL down 2% today, for no fucking reason whatsoever.
 I agree with you- but I can think of 1 example. iPad 2 to iPad 3 (with retina display) - got a hairline thicker. Probably the only example that exists in the history of Apple :) And I'm sure they lost a fuckload of sleep over it. 
 Clearly. And the pathetic sales of Apple products running his UI is "clear" evidence of this right? Oh wait, sales have actually exploded, so the only thing that is "clear" is that your meaningless opinion is just that- a useless, meaningless opinion. Try not to pretend it's anything else, with words like "clearly". 
 Uh, why? Is the current resolution blurry to you or something? Also, what's with the FIRST crap? Are you 8? Sometimes threads on this forum don't get posts for hours, so not really an accomplishment.   Nice concern trolling and hand-wringing. Not every model needs to make the previous look obsolete. There aren't an infinite stream of meaningful hardware additions like TouchID that they can just keep adding. I have literally zero complaints about my iPhone 6, and can't...
Why not? One dinosaur acquiring another. Not sure what BB has to offer at this point, especially with Apple's explosion in enterprise.
The digital crown is awesome. Just like all previous Apple input innovations, it feels almost "magical", in terms of how fluid and responsive it is. A joy to use.
 You "never use" Apple maps, yet you "know" it's shit. Gotcha.  I guess I have some magical version of Apple maps that gets me the correct info 98% of the time. Yes, Google maps is still better- but Google has invested 15 yrs and millions of hours of manpower into the product. There is no magic involved. Apple maps will get there, and it's already seen massive improvements since launch, but you're utterly childish in suggesting that Apple can just "throw a billion" at it...
 Sorry, can you read? He said that he figured out the shape from his friends hand motion- he didnt actually see it. Whether the shape is visible or not makes no difference.   Thanks for the incredible insight. They were complete shit (hardware wise), and they weren't integrated deep into the OS like it is in iOS.   You're just full of wisdom, aren't you? Yes, they had the foresight to purchase the core tech, and then engineered the **** out of it to create the final...
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