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 If you say so.  I use passbook for every single flight I take, every movie I see, and have stored in it many loyalty cards so I don't need to keep them in my wallet, amongst a bunch of other miscellaneous things. I understand this isn't everyone's experience, but passbook is currently more 'de facto' than any other digital pass solution. But glad that statement was hilarious to you. 
Is this..legal? I'm assuming they have Apple's permission to do this?
I wouldn't make a transaction using Facebook if my life depended on it. Neither should anyone else.
 You choose who you're attracted to? That's fascinating. I'm sure millions of people would pay you good money to learn that incredible skill.  Note: I'm referring to initial ATTRACTION. Not acting on that attraction, which IS a choice. But the attraction itself? Really? I can't CHOOSE not to be attracted to the hot girl I just saw, or CHOOSE to be attracted to someone that I find in no way whatsoever physically attractive. Nor can anyone else. 
 Any rational and reasonable response I could possibly have to that statement would get me banned. 
 Yes, the patent system needs work, but your previous statement is complete bullshit. Apple's patents, especially the ones it's defending, are extremely specific and detailed, and it has shown a mountain of evidence over how Samsung has systematically and methodically ripped off these specific implementations, through Samsung's own documentation.  But I see you're going for the intellectually dishonest "lol rounded corners" meme, so whatever floats your boat. 
Of course he holds that view. Florian Mueller has been an anti-Apple troll for a long time. Yeah, he seems to know what he's talking about, but he's always skewed against Apple, and supports whoever is attacking Apple, while trivializing Apple's arguments. It's not a coincidence. What the **** is the point of developing anything anymore, if everything has "little value"? Amazing how every smartphone in existence now has followed the iPhone template, which I guess had...
You're joking, right? This is Apple ][. Any non-Apple post from his is almost guaranteed to fall under that category. My last ban was due to me calling him out for what he is, I think in that particular case he was bashing Muslims, or spitting on Mandela and calling him a terrorist.
 How much were you paid for that post? Or are you an unpaid shill?
"...pointed to silicon firm Broadcom's recent struggle to produce an LTE modem of its own as evidence of the uphill battle awaiting Apple." This same fucking line is stated every single time Apple gets into something new. UPHILL BATTLE!! DOOMED!! No shit, sherlock.
New Posts  All Forums: