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Apple should just completely disable the option for 4K video in software for the 16GB version. Anything else would be ridiculous.
"It should be noted that StellaService recently modified its benchmark scoring methodology and was therefore unable to compare quarter-on-quarter results. " This makes the whole damn comparison moot. Oh, and who the **** is StellaService? First time I ever hear of this company, but of course their "findings" will be splashed on every blog and news site in short order.
 Because the two products are worlds apart. The iPhone starts test manufacturing several months before the event, and is already being manufactured in the millions even before the event happens. The Apple TV is a much lower volume product with nowhere near the manufacturing and logistical exposure. Same with Macs. There are hardly any leaks when something is contained with Apple. Only from China. 
Sounds amazing. Although 4K would be killer on a 16GB phone.
Stupid comment is stupid.Touch ID, 64 bit mobile cpu, M7 coprocessor, massive power increase, dual tone flash, etc. Yeah, "touches".But sure, screw the facts.
 Apple bought an insanely successful headphone and streaming music company, which was generating billions in revenue, so Apple will now buy a company that is making a useless product with probably no profit... for ~10X as much? Brilliant fucking logic there. Let's see what other nuggets of wisdom you have..  Alright then. Too bad one can't be banned for sheer stupidity. 
How is this to Microsoft's credit? It's not like 75million users went out and bought Windows 10. By default, OEMs will pre-install whatever the latest MS OS is, no matter how good or how shitty it is. It has nothing to do with how much it's loved from a users perspective. I'm sure it didn't hurt that this OS was also "free" (kind of). 
Cook deserves every fucking penny, going by the only rational definition of "deserves" that can be applied in this case. Cook lead Apple to generate 210B+ revenue and 50B+ in profit in 2014, while exploding sales, and driving forward core foundation improvements in Apple's products and software. Compared to the compensation of other CEO's, as a multiple of their companies success, his is a pittance in the big picture. 
 Amazing how you manage to troll every thread you enter in such a shitty, mindless way. 
 Tim is not Steve- News at 11. I think it's asinine that 5 years after Steve's death, people like you are still comparing their behavior as if Tim is attempting to be a clone. It's also amazing that people think that Apple can and should be run in the exact same way and structure that it was, before Steve's death, and that it would succeed. 
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