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 Why the **** do you post here? I went through you recent posts, and every SINGLE one is negative, no matter what Apple hardware or software is being discussed. We're all shocked that you predict demise for this product, as it's clear from your posts you believe Apple is wrong in absolutely everything they do, and despise the company. Not one comment of praise. God, so depressing.  That's what one calls a troll.  Yeah, cause SO MANY PEOPLE had touchscreen phones before the...
 Why are you so full of shit? I mean, why do you have to lie blatantly? It's not aperture, but your statement is pure sensationalism and falsity. Also, Apple never once pretended Photos is a "replacement" for aperture. I just took a few quick screenshots, without all the editing options showing. Yeah, ZERO editing tools. I'm morbidly curious if you actually have used photos and decided to lie anyway, if you were too stupid to find the editing options, or if you have never...
 Did you expect fandroids not to cheer it? They would have cheered it if it was a turd on a stick. It's mind-boggling to watch, how these hypocrites bashed the iPhone for years for not having things like removable storage, removable batteries, a million software gimmicks, etc- and now are celebrating the fact that Samsung just dropped all this stuff, as if its a massive improvement. Just goes to show what these "opinions" are based on- Hatred of Apple, and nothing else. 
 That's just shy of $60K. Can I ask what you? Seems like you make damn good income. 
 Maybe Samsung can include a free iPhone 6 with every S6 purchase? That would boost sales. There's also the advantage of the consumer also getting the original, along with the slavish knockoff. 
 I have absolutely no idea. I'm just using history as context. Why would you ask me that?
 I'm worry, what the ****? Can you please enlighten me as to the details? What kind of presentations, and for what clients? Do you have an example? That sounds absolutely insane. 
Those numbers are fucking insane for a March quarter. But I wouldn't be shocked. iPhone 6 demand is still off the charts.
 I wouldn't say beautiful, but definitely not ass-ugly anymore. Same with the rest of the suite. Microsoft has really improved their standing in my eyes during last couple yrs. 
 Use lightroom.  Seriously, Apple is not in the business of maintaining niche software. You've known this for a while, so might as well accept it and find alternatives if you need to. We've known this for months. Apple looks at the whole thing. If they can't integrate aperture into their entire ecosystem, then it doesn't deserve to exist. I understand that philosophy. 
New Posts  All Forums: