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The people who have been deciding this stuff since 2008. When the AppStore was launched. Thankfully, not you. Or do you want them to get your opinion before they make decisions? Yeah, people at Apple make these decisions. Every day. Thousands of times a day. Mind blowing concept, eh?And that's your solution, don't curate anything, let everything in until people complain? Brilliant. Can't see anything going wrong with that incredibly thought out strategy.
They "should" guarantee an 80% battery capacity after 3 years out of the box? Wow, talk about being entitled and having ridiculous expectations.
 The sheer stupidity of these kinds of posts never cease to blow my mind. Yep, this is why we don't have a new Apple TV. Nothing to do with Apple's overall strategy, release cycle, agreements with content providers, technology, etc. Nope, it's cause Tim tweeted stuff. How delusional do you have to be, how much hate do you need to have, to make such absurd and non-sensical statements that you know are insane? Try to make statements based on logic, and not pure emotion.  Do...
Cook deeply understood what Steve meant by that quote, more than you vindictive and pathetic trolls ever will. 
 Wow, talk about non-sensical, random word-vomit. 
 I laughed when I read your first post in this thread, because I knew you were lying, and planned to obsessively refresh this thread even after your statement of "this is my only post". How pathetic. No doubt, that one will not be your last either.  If AI deleted posts, and I assume they were so nasty they deserved to be deleted. They have a right to do so. 
 If you understood anything about Tim, you would know that he deeply believes this issue has absolutely nothing to do with "politics", but human rights. But of course, you don't get that, and never will. Tim has cherished and expanded Tim's legacy, and understands, as you do not, that that Steve's philosophy on "think different" applied to much more than computers, painfully obvious from the 1984 ad. It's sad that you're utterly blind to this level of obviousness.  I'm a...
What's short-sighted, exactly? That the 1st iphone in 2007 had a worse camera than iPhones now? Or that they keep improving? Yeah, I guess that Steve Jobs guy just had no insight and vision about anything. Cause you know, cost and limitations of technology were just non-issues.
 Yet, it's been on 8 for the past few generations, for which Apple gets mocked and bashed for. Competitors advertise their megapixel count. Yet, iPhone cameras are considered the best in the industry. His point was extremely obvious. There's something called diminishing returns. 
What a simple yet brilliant and beautiful campaign. Something companies like Samsung could never pull off in a million years. Has also made me discover a few songs.
New Posts  All Forums: