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 Eventually, you need to push back against made up horse-shit with something real, especially when that horse-shit is being peddled to millions of people as something approaching fact. 
 Sorry, nothing about your post makes any damn sense. "Fairly dormant"? The new Macbook and iPad Pro are completely new form factors, and both released this year. What is Apple "missing", exactly? A weird, awkward tablet/laptop hybrid that runs a shitty OS that is optimized for neither? The iPad mini, iPad, iPad Pro, new Macbook, Macbook Air (11+13), Macbook Pro (13+15) cover pretty much every single use case imaginable. But, according to you they need to release something...
 Makes 2 of us. Day one. 
  The entitlement in these posts is mind-blowing. We LITERALLY got transit in Apple Maps last week, and new cities are already being added. It takes a fuckload of work to integrate every city's transit system and carefully map the stations (which Google doesn't do). No doubt they're working on a dozen cities at the same time, and we will see continual releases. Meanwhile, nothing has been "denied". It's not like Apple has been sitting on this for years and decided not to...
 Of course he's mad. It's why people like this guy use such descriptive language such as "mouth off", and "bully pulpit" (WhiteFalcon) among much worse things, to describe Tim Cook speaking about any topic surrounding equality or human rights. I don't know what the **** this metadata guy has to do with Cook, or why it should affect what Cook chooses to say. There aren't some overlords deciding what Cook is "allowed" to say- I'm pretty sure he's free to make these decisions...
Love these ads. A bit weird, a bit eccentric, and gets the main message across. I think the Apple Watch is an ideal product that Apple can use to experiment with ad styles.
  Eh, sorry, what? How the **** can a movie about a real person "honest", while making no attempts to be "accurate"? Come on, AI. 
Wallstreet treats Apple like a company that could go bankrupt any day now, or could be made irrelevant or obsolete by some random new product. Every shitty rumor gets the stock diving, while extremely good news..sends the stock diving a bit less. Meanwhile, Apple's future prospects, by any rationale measure, could NOT be more positive, going by every single metric and their gameplan.    Unbelievable. 
 So, you acknowledge that they purposely violated a contract, and yet believe that Apple should have laughed it off and done absolutely nothing? And when this is point out to you repeatedly, your response is "yawn"? So, laws and contracts are absolutely meaningless to you then- or, only when they are enforced by Apple. I'm sure you wouldn't mind if people stepped all over your contracts, right? Pathetic. Maybe stop being a troll for once. 
 What happened was perfectly logical and expected behavior. Not sure why you would think the photos are "duplicated". They're just tagged and their instances show up in those albums, non destructively. The originals are in all photos. That's the only way it makes any sense, and allows for constant editing and re-organization of albums without making a giant mess of duplicates and accidental deletions of originals. 
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