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Great, now we get get thousands of useless youtube vlogs from people having drones following them on their useless days and documenting their useless existence. 
 They're not "slowing the train down". That's something you've pulled out of your ass, and then asking people to "justify". You're not stating a fact. You're stating a false, ignorant opinion, so it's not anyone's job to justify it. In the past couple years Apple has expanded its product line pretty significantly, in a way it hasnt done under SJ, providing more options and targetting more demographics. There are now FOUR SKUs of iPads instead of 1, and 2 separate lines of...
 And now consider the fact that we'll have the A8 in a couple months, which will smoke the A7 out of the water. Apple's skill with CPU architecture seems to be increasing at an exponential rate with each revision, something that should be downright terrifying for everyone else. Nevermind Touch ID, another critical component that noone else seems close to matching in terms of reliability and ease of use. 
 If someone could have watched WWDC 2014 and then concluded that Apple has been "coasting", I don't know what to say. Also, your statement of they should "get their hands on everything physical in the world and do it right" encapsulated your mind-numbing ignorance of what it takes to "get something right"- which is time, and focus.  There has been hundreds of innovations at Apple since the days of SJ, in both hardware and software, many of which Apple's competitors are not...
What a lazy, deceitful, superficial article published by a rag publication that's circling down the drain. Tim has proven the skeptics, haters, and liars wrong time and time again- and he'll continue to do so. 
 Wow, what a legit list. Why am I NOT shocked to see Apple notably absent, but we have the likes of: Adobe Systems Incorporated  USA Microsoft Corporation  USA Symantec  USA Teradata Corporation  USA Wipro Limited  India salesforce.com, inc. Dell Inc.  USA Hitachi Data Systems  USA Intel Corporation  USA - Adobe? Salesforce? Symantec? Dell? Microsoft? We're supposed to believe these companies are all more "ethical" than Apple? What's stunning is looking at the "criteria"...
Why does AppleInsider propagate this absolute drivel? Not a single fucking person outside of an inner circle at Apple knows if the iWatch exists, what it looks like, or what the features might be. Not to mention cost. Yet every fucking day there's an article about sales predictions? And AI publishes this shit?
 Dont think Apple paid too much at all. Beats basically dominates the headphone market, and headphones are the #1 accessory that almost everyone buys.
So after their criminally bad fingerprint sensor that got blasted in reviews for being completely useless, instead of taking the time to go back to the drawing board and re-engineer it, they just go ahead and slap it on their tablets too. This is Samsung's DNA, which shows you the level of absolute contempt they have towards their users. 
I wonder if the fingerprint reader will be complete shit like on the S5? If course it will be. Samsung doesn't give a shit, neither do its customers apparently. Neither does the media. The important part is the bullet point, whether it works or not is irrelevant.
New Posts  All Forums: