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Yeah, the fact that 7.1 was released for a 4 year old phone, and actually makes it FASTER (significantly so in many areas) is evidence that Apple is engaging in "planned obsolescence."  These are the same people that screech about how Apple doesn't release enough phones (1 PHONE A YEAR LOL).    Meanwhile, most Android devices won't get an update released 6 months after launch.  
..Because Apple desperately needs to increase it's profits. Might go in the red any day now. 
Probably one of the best example of "out with the old, in with the new" ever.
 So, imagine a fictional world where the 5C is doing even better than the 5S? Sure- it's always easy to image something selling even more. But that's never been in Apple's DNA. They don't push their chepaest products the hardest. They don't WANT they cheapest products cannibalizing sales of their pricier ones. They want their "flagship" products to be the most lusted and sought after. The current scenarios is pretty damn close to ideal for Apple. I doubt they'd want 5Cs...
I see a metric shitload of 5cs around, so I very much doubt it's doing badly. It simply not as successful as the 5s, which is currently the most successful phone on the planet. By any other standard, the 5c is a successful product, and I doubt Apple minds that its being outsold by the 5s. I'm sure that's exactly what they wanted.
Enough with the pebble mocking and bashing. I have one, and it serves its purpose extremely well. It doesn't have all the tech and all the feature in the world, but it makes my life just a bit more comfortable and easier, and for me it was money well spent. Not having to pull my phone out of my pocket every 2 min with worthwhile, as well as being able to leave my phone on silent 100% of the time.
 No, I understood your "point" (if one would call it that) perfectly. But my very simple to understand analogy obviously went way over your head. I know eating breakfast is not the same as "intercepting missiles". But the analogy is completely valid- in that you bring up an unrelated incident, which is suddenly supposed to excuse all of Israel's past and present actions. What Israel has done to the Palestinians during the last few decades is fundamentally evil- and include...
Your relatives have been to Gaza and the west bank? That's what he meant by "there", obviously. But of course you knew that, and decided to respond with deceipt and sarcasm. Israelis by and large have no fucking idea how life is in those areas. All they are fed is the never ending fear-mongering by their gvt about how they're under an existential threat, and the demonization of Palestinians. And most believe it. Expecting your relatives to have any clear, objective view of...
Nice. This should drop the stock a good 10 points. 
 Or like the time they rained down a swat team on an unarmed vessel carrying nothing but humanitarian aid, killing and maiming many, and then after a through investigation trotted out pocket knives and a broken guard-rail as "evidence" that the group was violent? Not like it's worth responding to someone like who, who clearly coudln't give 2 shit about the actual facts of the Israeli-Palestinian situation. Also, your retort is utterly non-sensical. Even if that particular...
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