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I sometimes wonder if we will ever be so lucky as to have a single thread without one of your shitty, off-topic, hateful rants, but of course that would be wishful thinking.
 Don't you get tired of making the same damn rant in every thread?
 Uh, yes they do. I download ad-supported stuff sometimes, which will always exist, and I much prefer the ones with iAds rather than 3rd party ads which are always 1000X shittier and more intrusive. 
Your post makes no fucking sense whatsoever. A Mac in your pocket? So what exactly do you want, the OSX UI on a phone or tablet? Why? How will that be useable? Why not just get a MacBook or MacBook Air? You need a keyboard anyway. OSX is barely large enough to use on a 12" screen, why would you want an even smaller one? And what will you do on it? Keynote on iOS (the "toy") is now almost EXACTLY equivalent to its OSX counterpart. You have no clue what you're asking for or...
The majority of flagship phones, from any manufacturer, don't have an SD slot, and it will become even less common. I can't even fathom why you would need nor want 150 movies stored locally on a phone, besides bragging rights. I can't even imagine WATCHING a full movie on a phone, unless I was REALLY desperate, like bored out of my mind on a plane. Not something particularly enjoyable. Definitely does not outweigh all the other disadvantages of using a blackberry.
 Stop using the "profanity" accusation as a crutch to pretend that you're somehow superior in maturity. Would "screwed" 6 ways to Sunday be better for you? It's a damn expression. Speaking of childishness, there's nothing more childish than that simplistic analogy you just espoused, pretending to make some kind of meaningful statement. No, nothing from what he said made me think of Mother Teresa. Unfortunately, false sensationalism, absurd analogies, and logical fallacies...
 Well, it's infinitely more compassion than someone like you can seem to manage in 50 lifetimes, so there's that. I'm always fascinated by people like you, who shit on and belittle the positive things than another party does. He never said it was the most compassionate act in history, he just stated that it WAS compassionate. Which is objectively true, and which for some reason makes you want to vomit. When someone is being fucked 6 ways to Sunday, any compassionate act is...
 I have yet to see right wingers take accountability or responsibility for ANYTHING, especially when it comes to destructive policy. Is that the accountability you're referring to?
It has **** all to do with an individual's " financial problems". Outside credit card processing had been blocked, so even a Greek millionaire couldn't renew their iCloud if they wanted to. Next time spent 2 seconds doing some research before shitting on people and on Apple. This was a logical move for Apple to do, if nothing else than for the positive PR and so that people can continue to use their iPhones properly.
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