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Android fans also have a high level of class. It's always impressive to see.
Very impressive. As usual with these claims (ie. battery life, etc) Apple errs on the conservative side, and prefers to under promise and over deliver. I recall thousands of troll posts, both on this board and other places, shrieking in rage and mockery of how the Apple Watch is useless bc it will not be able to handle rain. Again, they show themselves to be the fools that they are. I still would not wear the watch while swimming, but it looks like it will be handle water...
Sorry, I have trouble understanding the concept of "I hope my wife will let me.."Why would she dictate these personal decisions, especially if it's your money? If she wanted to get a watch, would she be fine with you saying "no, you can't"? I get it if it's a car or a house, as those are large purchases that affect both your lives, and there should be some discussion. But why is she allowed to "not let you" get a watch?
Only gonna consider buying this if I can update the RAM, SSD, CPU, and everything else. I also want every component to be easily accessible, with standard screws, as well as being able to easily flash the OS. This is very important to me, and to the vast majority of consumers.
 Oh, shut up.  1. Yeah, Apple is THE most profitable company on the planet, but somehow it might decide to shit that all away to become a "fashion company". 2. Apple took the time, interest, and resource to redesign Final Cut X fro scratch, and has since added HUNDREDS of new features and updates, based on requests and customer demands. Yeah, clearly Apple is leaving this market. 3. Apple took a shitload of resource to completely redesign their Mac Pro, into a...
 I somehow doubt Apple maps dissuades anyone from buying an iPhone, especially since Google Maps is also available as a FREE download. Should Apple keep improving its own maps? Of course. Does it have any kind of negative impact on sales? Doubt it. 
He's a pro Samsung troll, enters every thread basically to shit on Apple and proclaim how awesome Samsung is, don't even bother with him.
Awesome. I'm sure all eight Nexus 6 owners will be thrilled. Seriously, I have YET to see one in person. And I make a specific effort to notice what phones people have.
 Yes, because of all the people who somehow drop their watches while wearing them on their wrists. Truly, a real problem that everyone has.  
Are people in this thread that naive, that they can't see through Apple ]['s sudden passion on this issue? Enter literally ANY thread on this board that references a colored person, no matter what the topic, and you will see Apple ][ in there, coincidentally with anger, rage, and criticism towards Apple. It's an absolute guarantee. Doesn't matter if that individual is a civil rights activist, a musician, an artist, or celebrity. So please, stop engaging Apple ][ on this...
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