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 No kidding, find a fucking library or work from home if you dont have anywhere else. The worst is when I'm meeting someone at Starbucks for a drink and to socialize, and the entire place is filled with people on their laptops in dead silence, who stare you down when you start talking. Noone else is making a sound so it feels like the entire place is listening to your convo. When did starbucks become a fucking library?
 The guy is racist to the core. It's the only rational explanation for the rage he has in such posts. He's so upset about Apple being "tainted" by these people of color. It's despicable, really. As if he, and everyone else on this forum (including me, regardless of how much I hate Samsung) would turn down the chance to be paid millions of dollar for appearing in a damn ad about a phone. Apple ][ has no problem with white people doing this, but when a black person does it...
It looks... kinda the same? Strange they would produce such a video for an update. But nice to see they're focusing on iPhone.
Stupidest fucking idea I've ever heard. I'm not planning to put my phone in a shitty Duracell case, nor are many others.
 You have no fucking clue what you're talking about, do you? I'm making a mental note these days to check what headphones people are wearing around me. Whether in the gym in malls, coffee shops, on the road, etc- the ratio I'm seeing is seriously 70% beats headphones, 25% Apple, and the rest everything else. Yes, whether you like it or not, Beats are extremely popular and mainstream. WIth the Beats purchase, Apple now OWNS the headphone market, which means they can do very...
Just like the Mac Pros, which went stangant a long time before a complete redesign, I think Apple is planning to do something special with the mini. I would expect the next update to completely change the product, not just a spec boost.
Everyone notice how Pazuzu never came back to explain himself, or respond to the numerous questions about his comments? Even when others presented evidence showing his claim was pretty absurd?  Drive-by trolling at it's finest. Just pop in, shit in the thread, then pop back out- rinse and repeat. His specialty.    But hey, I guess nobody can "handle" his "criticism" about Apple. 
 Dated, compared to what exactly? Go ahead and give us an example of what store design makes this look dated? Nevermind, just another troll post from you.  Also, I'm still waiting for you to bring your forth evidence for your lie where you claim I "swore up and down that Beats is the creme de la creme of headphone technology". 
I don't really understand the icon methodology in Yosemite. Why are some dock icons realistic, while others are abstract like their iOS7 counterparts? It's just odd. ie, why did they redesign the mail icon to use the ultra out-dated stamp symbolism? Wouldn't it make more sense if it looked somewhat similar to the iOS mail app, ie. en envelope? I think it would go along way into getting new OSX users to try the mail app (who use it on iOS). I often try to find the logic...
 You're absolutely right, Apple should have let its biggest competitor and threat stay in control of one of the most important built in apps, so its held hostage to Google's whims, nothing could POSSIBLY go wrong with that. What a responsible long term decision that would have been.  Apple should not be in the maps business? The hundreds of millions of people using Apple maps with no issues might disagree with you. There's a thousands reasons that it makes sense for Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: