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 If you actually OWNED the Watch and loved it, yes, it would be slightly more relevant to the topic than just bitching about a product you don't know or use, in a thread about a new app for that product, but still pretty irrelevant. But it does't look like your level or reasoning allows you to make such obvious logical conclusions. 
 No one gives a **** what you think of the Apple Watch, sorry to tell you.  This thread is about Outlook for Apple Watch. We don't need the same, tired "Why I don't care about the Watch" rants in every damn thread related to the product. Also, I don't recall anyone at Apple stating this will have "the same cultural impact as iPhone", so nice strawman. The problem with people like you is that you have zero imagination as to the future applications of this product, beyond...
It's beyond frustrating that pretty much every SINGLE terminal up here in Canada is NFC enabled, yet can't use Apple pay yet. It better be come out this year.
So fucking tired of milking Jobs' death, in such extreme fashion, so soon after his passing. What's worse, those behind most of this garbage clearly did not even have a shred of insight or understanding as to the real Jobs and his personality and motivations- or if they did, they decided to go with character assassination, easily advertisable trash instead. 
Oh, shut the **** up. How do you have the energy to pen the same damn rant in every thread? Constable Odo, is that you? Your sock puppet accounts are pathetic and tiresome.
If Apple continues to make the SAME profits they've been making, and not a penny more, they can probably buy the fucking planet in a decade. But no, they have to show more "growth" every quarter/year, both in profits, and revenue, even beyond sales. 
This partnership was genius on Tim's part, but I don't expect him to ever get the credit he deserves, just like everything else.
 Yes, like somebody can come out of the fucking blue and "build a better mouse trap". It's not that easy. Hundreds have tried, and the media hyped pretty much every new product from every damn company as the "Apple killer". Not a single one has even come close. That fear should have abated by now, as it should be clear as day that noone is in a position to "build a better mousetrap", especially not the core products that Apple sells, which are a result of hundreds of...
I can't even begin to comprehend the ludicrous fact that pretty much the moved loved company on the planet, with by far the highest brand equity, that can pull in $18B in pure profit a quarter and has $200B in the bank can be valued at $650B or so. Ludicrous. And Hilarious.
You can't help yourself, can you? Every. Fucking. Thread. Your desperate reaching is embarrassing.
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