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I love how news stations now whore out videos taken on smartphones for their stories, 90% of which are vertical and look like complete shit. 
 Wow, you have quite the gall to tell people they are "full of crap", after the garbage you continually spew here, not the least of which is to bash a product by linking to a teardown of another product- and then never answering for that. It's also interesting that you're completely cool with an annual fee of $150 for a simple mapping update. 
 You can have all the personal beliefs you want, as long as you don't infringe on the freedom of others. But people like you want to shove their personal beliefs down the throats of others, and decide what they can and can't do- and everything you believe they shouldn't be able to do, always falls in the category of things you yourself can do- conveniently. Apple supporting equality does NOT infringe upon you or your rights in any way whatsoever, nor does it affect you...
Good, took long enough. Google owned spyware products do not below in Apple Stores. 
 Congratulations, you've done something as insanely rare as a mystical unicorn, which is admit to error on the internet in light of additional information. You have my respect. 
I'm absolutely SHOCKED at this news, I expected Apple to back the discrimination of LGBT. Cue the predictable false shock and outrage to come from the incessant trolls.
 So, who are you referring to? I'm assuming myself? Because I brought forth evidence that an article that someone was using to backup up his "opinion" was a pack of lies and is discredited? Is that your definition of insanity, caring about details called "facts"? But of course, you give the real insane members, the ones who post and spread debunked lies to support their negative opinions a pass right- because you happen to share their ideologies? You're cool with people...
I was going to respond asking what exactly you do that the current Mac Pro can't handle, and what component you're not satisfied with, then I checked the stupidity of your posting history and realized it's not worth bothering with an irrational troll such as you. You've been shitting on Cook since he took office, and clearly your beef has nothing to do with the Mac Pro.
You can always tell those people who have zero character (probably extends to real life as well), by the fact that they will never, ever admit to being wrong, even when their statements have been shredded to bits from every conceivable angle.    I will never hesitate for a second to admit I was wrong, when I am confronted with undeniable, factual evidence to that effect. Sadly, trolls like hillstones, who have zero integrity and honesty, conveniently disappear when this...
 As soon as I saw your name, I knew your post would be completely full of shit, and of course you never disappoint.  That link you posted has been completely discredited. Not only were they clueless about the "metal parts to add weight" trash (these are at the stress points and would snap if plastic), these weren't even real Beats headphones, but Chinese...
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