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 So are you willing to admit Apple's implementation is superior (which doesnt change the horizontal positioning of all elements, or make hit boxes smaller, or is easy to accidentally activate, and only brings the areas that are most difficult to hit into view)? Or to you, are both implementations just "different" but equally well thought out?
 Yeah, ridiculous implementation (makes all the hit targets smaller too, and changes their positions on the X axis, causing you to have to readjust where you were planning to tap). Almost as bad as their "continuity" like feature which just mirrors a screenshot of your phone to your tablet, which looks fucking horrendous. Samsung's problem is not coming up with software gimmicks, its the execution. They do not have the patience or the desire to test and refine, their goal...
 Pretty much the stupidest fucking if/then statement I've ever read. So, if Apple's infrastructure (which is also reliant on 3rd party carrier infrastructures) doesn't perfectly handle the INSANE spike that happens on launch night, once a year, which sees millions upon millions of hits simultaneously each requiring a dynamic and complex purchasing process that is tied with authentication with other companies systems, that somehow means Apple can't handle Apple Pay? You...
 Thats'a actually a brilliant idea. Apple SHOULD offer iTunes/Appstore credit with every single iDevice purchase. Even a small amount (ie. $20) would go a long way. 
 That's not fair, you're not allowed to use common sense to counter his moronic statement. 
With the reduction in data, that means that facetime calls between A8 devices should look awesome and be smooth as hell. 
Nope. This report is BS. 
Obviously design is subjective, but I truly thing Apple absolutely nailed the fundamentals of the Watch, especially in terms of build quality and how they put such a focus on customizability- testing it like a piece of jewelry, which is exactly the way you're supposed to treat something you want people to wear. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether it was worth making 2 separate sizes, and all the manufacturing inefficiencies, extra skus, and double the straps...
Seriously your posts are getting tiresome. All you do is bitch and whine with so much damn negativity.
 I know eh? What a useless company. Maybe someday Apple will get something right. Amazing they're still in business, eh?  /s Seriously, your line of "never gotten livestreams right" is bullshit. The past few years streams have been generally fine, except this time. In terms of pre-orders, point me to another company on the planet that successfully processes millions of online pre-orders within minutes? Oh wait, noone else on the planet gets those kinds of numbers so its an...
New Posts  All Forums: