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 What a bullshit statement, an "expectation" you just came up with in order to justify your trolling. Since when did anyone expect more "durability" from generation to generation? When has that been a measure for anything? I'm pretty sure every smartphone in existence, and every single one made since the iPhone is LESS durable that the nokia bricks from 10-15 years ago. I'm pretty sure that isn't a "thing" in people's minds, nor has it affected sales. Phones are getting...
 Yeah, go on with your horse-shit. There was ONE story of such pocket deformation, where the guy had his phone in his tight pocket for 18 hrs straight, and his story was suspicious at best. This is the "story" the youtube video was based on. The fact that you're so confident there's so many legitimate cases is hilarious, since you have no way of verifying anything, and all subsequent tests showed that it is virtually impossible to bend an iPhone in a front pocket. The fact...
Wow, most entertaining CEO ever. This guy is mesmerizing to watch. Ended up watching most of the clip. Not many CEOS like him (especially of telcos) with no filter. Was surprised how often he dropped the F-bomb, but I guess he can get away with it. Oh, and cue Benjamin Frost, our resident Bendgate troll, to vehemently tell us all that Bengate is a real thing, and demand a recall.
 It takes a special kind of tool to repeat the "Steve Jobs would have" line, right after you've been taken to task for it, and after it's been explained to you why it's a disgusting, dishonest, and fruitless tactic. You didn't understand or appreciate a damned word of my post, did you? You're quite the specimen. With "fans" like you who take every opportunity to kick the company in the teeth, Apple doesn't need enemies. 
 Please stop fucking talking for Steve Jobs, and dragging hum out of his grave whenever it suits your agenda. You don't have a fucking clue what Steve Jobs would say about anything in 2014. Stop pretending you do, as a fact, and insulting the intelligence of everyone on this board.  One thing anyone can be sure of is what Steve would have thought of someone like you who has taken every opportunity to cheerlead, prop up, and validate every manufactured "fiasco" (ie....
 Like you, right? You've been calling for Cook's head since he's been CEO. Don't dare bitch about other trying to "find fault", while you've been a supporter and enabler of every smear campaign and frivolous attacks against Apple. 
Ridiculous! Fire Tim Cook! Am I doing this right?
 You're right, Tim is spending all this time writing "warm and fuzzy missives" (ie, a paragraph about Steve once a year)- and he didn't do this, clearly it would free up all his time to actually manage the company, right? It's not like Cook organized a second mock funeral, or a vigil- he emailed a fucking paragraph to his company.  The fact that the bulk of your bitching entails1. A free Album2. A livestream3. An iOS bug that was fixed in a day After more than 3 years,...
 Physically? Not gonna happen. They might add support for TouchID over bluetooth from your iPhone, which is the way it should be. Follows Apple's philosophy of increasing value and usefulness of owning more than one Apple product, and leveraging this. 
I love how Schmidt says that he's glad Apple is "catching up", and in the next sentence proudly proclaims the next version of Android will be encrypted by default. When you lie so massively, you stop noticing the contradictions and ironies in your statements. 
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