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 He tells it as it is, doesn't mince words, just as I do, and puts morons in their place, in a way in which they deserve to be addressed.  I have newfound respect for the guy. He should post here, maybe it would then be slightly less of a troll cesspool. 
I can't believe how sluggish this trash app is, even on my iPad Air. It's like half of it is simply a web container. Also, love how it takes like 10 steps to sign out, in an incredibly convoluted process.  Amazing. 
 You're so full of shit. Apple doesn't need to "come clean" to you, or anyone. Also, your post is filled with 50 assumptions you pulled out of your ass. Also, you clearly have little insight into Cook if you believe he's in the business of "throwing money away.  No, as an Apple shareholder you don't "deserve answers" about every single aspect of Apple's internal business. Did AAPL see a massive drop today, or something? Why are you pretending to be so butthurt? Oh right,...
 When you've got $180,000,000,000 in the bank and making 40B+ in revenue a quarter- no, there isn't. That investment won't even show as a blip on a chart. And it's infinitely lower than investments other tech companies have made (ie. Google buying Motorola for $13B then selling for scrap) who have a lot less $$ to begin with. You're holding Apple to a ridiculous standard, to which you would hold no other company on earth, then using that to proclaim that Apple is badly...
Holy shit, this came out of nowhere. I was honestly SO close to investing in this a month ago. Dodged that bullet! 
 I've owned the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and now iPhone 6- and I haven't had a single one of these "issues" that you somehow state as fact. They actually ALL still work perfectly to this day.  But sure, whatever you say. Apple "fixes" their "broken" phones with the S versions. 
 What a bullshit statement, an "expectation" you just came up with in order to justify your trolling. Since when did anyone expect more "durability" from generation to generation? When has that been a measure for anything? I'm pretty sure every smartphone in existence, and every single one made since the iPhone is LESS durable that the nokia bricks from 10-15 years ago. I'm pretty sure that isn't a "thing" in people's minds, nor has it affected sales. Phones are getting...
 Yeah, go on with your horse-shit. There was ONE story of such pocket deformation, where the guy had his phone in his tight pocket for 18 hrs straight, and his story was suspicious at best. This is the "story" the youtube video was based on. The fact that you're so confident there's so many legitimate cases is hilarious, since you have no way of verifying anything, and all subsequent tests showed that it is virtually impossible to bend an iPhone in a front pocket. The fact...
Wow, most entertaining CEO ever. This guy is mesmerizing to watch. Ended up watching most of the clip. Not many CEOS like him (especially of telcos) with no filter. Was surprised how often he dropped the F-bomb, but I guess he can get away with it. Oh, and cue Benjamin Frost, our resident Bendgate troll, to vehemently tell us all that Bengate is a real thing, and demand a recall.
 It takes a special kind of tool to repeat the "Steve Jobs would have" line, right after you've been taken to task for it, and after it's been explained to you why it's a disgusting, dishonest, and fruitless tactic. You didn't understand or appreciate a damned word of my post, did you? You're quite the specimen. With "fans" like you who take every opportunity to kick the company in the teeth, Apple doesn't need enemies. 
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