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What a piece of shit, bringing up the dead SJ in a negative way. So Google Glass was supposed to "make people's lives better"? I love how Google got a bunch of sycophants to pay a fuckload of money to beta test the product and shill for it, then after all the hype they gave the damn thing a silent release, with no hardware improvements beyond the 1st prototype unveiled, and at the same price as the prototype. Remember when Larry Page was wearing Google Glass everywhere,...
This is why moving their naming conventions to %uF8FF .... is brilliant (%uF8FF Watch, %uF8FF Pay, %uF8FF TV, etc). Not only will they not have to deal with this shit, but it's also a stronger connection to the company and the brand, since everything is "i" these days.
 Nope, these were elements of a plan to make best-in-class products. Did it have the side-effect of increasing iPhone sales and decreasing Samsung phone sales? Yes, but it's absurd to suggest this is somehow the primary motivation for Apple's engineering, feature, and design decisions. 
I do believe that noone should be obligated to announce their sexual orientation (especially public figures) but I understand why Cook did it, and why he believed it was in everyone's best interest that he do so: Apple's, his own, and the LGBT community. I think the positives that come out of it far outweigh any perceived negatives. At least now, it's there in the open, so people can stop "wondering" if he's gay, secretly "outing him", and there's no chance he will be...
 I'm not. With a new service like this, Apple tends to be conservative at launch, sticking to one region. And they should, thats the responsible thing to do. Once they can test it with millions, and make sure everything is ironed out and works perfectly, then they can think about that. Just like how Touch ID was only on phones the 1st yr, and limited to Apple's software. 
Maybe Apple should start giving away it's phones? It would increase "marketshare", you know, the meaningless metric that everyone gives a shit about. 
 Uh, no disagreement there. But this thread was about specific topic, which I commented on. 
Can't fucking articulate how giddy this makes me. Couldn't happen to a more classless, trashy, corrupt, and empty company.    It's been painfully obvious that Samsung has had exactly ONE trick up its sleeve when it comes to selling phones- size. That's literally it. (and a ridiculous advertising budget) Noone gave a shit about any of the other gimmicks they threw in. And they rode that lie there was no tomorrow. Hopefully, this trend keeps going and they end up in the...
So they're gonna re-release what the 2007 iPhone demolished?   Sounds like a plan. Well played, BB. Well played. 
Good. These sactions are horse-shit. Iranians should be able to easily buy an enjoy Apple products also at retail cost. 
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