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 What happened was perfectly logical and expected behavior. Not sure why you would think the photos are "duplicated". They're just tagged and their instances show up in those albums, non destructively. The originals are in all photos. That's the only way it makes any sense, and allows for constant editing and re-organization of albums without making a giant mess of duplicates and accidental deletions of originals. 
 Press harder, faster. Or, adjust the sensitivity from settings. 
 1. Eh, no. You're exaggerating quite a bit there. Anyone with an ounce of rationality could predict that an app like this has a GOOD chance of being yanked. Your "literally anything" is pushing it, and is pretty much bullshit. Every single story I've read of an app being pulled, I could at least understand Apple's logic, nothing has seemed completely "random" to me, even if the rules obviously can't be consistently applied to millions of apps.  2. No, it's not arrogant of...
 I don't agree with the removal of this specific app, but their store, their rules, regardless.  There's nothing objectionable about that. Just make it a mobile site, since there's a good chance of stuff like this being pulled. 
iOS9 and 10.11 are both incredibly awesome releases from Apple. They've both been solid as a rock for me.
All these devices are hideous.    And I love how Google believes it has the cachet to price their devices so high. An android tablet for $500 with a $150 KB? Sorry, but who is this for? Everyone knows Android tablet are terrible, and don't have many tablet optimized apps. At least the Nexus line made SOME sense, as their differentiator was "dirt cheap". Who would buy this over an iPad, apart from hardcore Android enthusiasts?    As for the phones, they're incredibly...
This would be fucking awesome, especially if these effects reflected the realtime weather of the locations. Conceptually, it can easily be done.    I absolutely love what Apple has done with flyover, in spite of all the bitching and whining that its "useless" and a "gimmick", and people wishing it was streetview. This concept is infinitely more flexible and scalable. 
 Uh, a youtube video showed the 6S lasting for more than 30 min underwater. How is that bad?
What an ego-driven asshole. This is one of these "I'm sorry if you didn't like what I said" apologies, not a "I'm sorry, what I said was a complete lie", then going ahead and equivocating both sides, then pretending that he now expects an apology from Cook. This is the typical politician trash that cowards and petty little people use to puff themselves up, while trying to make the other person look bad. Cook of course won't bother responding, as he's way above this kind of...
 No, what's disgusting is that you respond to an intelligent, fact based post with absolute drivel. "Facts that you know"? What the hell does that even mean? RadartheKat laid things out in a manner which includes context and reality, and you go on to call him "disgusting" because you're simply too ignorant to even attempt to grasp the nuances of the situation? Right. Your false sel-righteousness, based on ignorance and lies, is whats disgusting. 
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