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"Trust me"? Why would be trust you? How about you supply a shred of evidence for your confident claim, instead of asking people to take it on faith from a random internet poster? You stated that they're being paid to wear them as FACT. Supply evidence, or STFU.
Hey Mods, isn't this kind of trash bannable? You know, coming into a thread to demand why there isnt inother thread about a completely different topic? It shits things up for everyone. Brlawyer has done nothing but shit in absolutely every single thread he enters. Why does he still have posting privileges?
That.. Came out of nowhere. Wow. I mean. Wow. I've been wondering what Forstall has been doing, and if you gave me a list of every possible thing on earth, producing a Broadway music would have been dead last. Good for him though. You just expect big names in tech to stay in the same industry, but nice to see him following his passions. I'm still in shock though.
Yup. For the profits Apple makes, Tim Cook is the least-paid CEO on the planet. Not that he cares, he always turns down his bonuses. Tim is a fantastic example of fiscal responsibility and accountability when it comes to CEOs, as well as lack of greed. Yes, he still gets paid a shitload of $$, but he generates infinitely more, and does not earn as much as he otherwise could.
Why are all your posts such utter, non-sensical trash?I'm still waiting for you to backup the lie in which you stated that I always "claim that Apple is perfect". I asked you to provide one example, and you did not. Nice to know you're still using that bald-faced lie as an attack line against everything else.Also, if you managed to read the fucking article it makes no such claim or argument, and simply lays out what has been reported and the facts we know. But you're too...
This is such an important weapon that Apple has over everyone else, that short-sighted morons can't understand. The ability to educate consumers. People troll that "nobody wants a watch"? Well, Apple will convince people as to WHY they would want one.
And the barrage continues. By the time this is launched, it will make there software options on Andeoid wear look absolutely pathetic. This is another advantage to having higher lead time between the reveal and launch, debs can get their shit together.
 If you say so. 
 Also, the watch does not have a user-exposed file system, you cannot sideload apps, it does not have an SD slot, removable battery or stylus support. It is not "open", and it doesn't come infested with adware. For these reasons, it will obviously fail. 
 Thanks for the detailed and articulate impressions. More insightful than most full reviews I've read. 
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