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These companies are UTTERLY incapable of creating a compelling device that people would spend their hard earned money on, so their only strategy is LOOK LOOK CHEAPER!! FREE!!! Yeah, thanks for the useless trash. What's the point? The consumer gets a shit experience, and these companies barely make any money. Oh yeah, "marketshare". 
 Even if that happens to be the case, we're still looking at a desktop OS being crippled with 2GB of RAM and 64GB storage, which is insanely ridiculous. Especially for Windows. The new Macbook comes with 8GB and 256GB. Yes, I know there's a big price diff, but that doesnt change the fact that those specs will not give a good experience with Windows. 
 I've scanned his posts, and he doesn't seem like a troll, apart from the high Surface enthusiasm.  However, comparing an i5 to an atom is ridiculous on his part. Windows running on Atom is torture. 
A fucking ATOM running Windows, with only 64GB storage and 2GB RAM? Sounds like a fucking nightmare. Good to know Microsoft has learned nothing. 
I expect another monster quarter. Easily destroying all their previous Q2s. 
 Yup. The photos app is fantastic, as is the iCloud photo library concept, but unfortunately uploads speeds will make the initial experience painful. For most people with decent sized photo libraries, the initial upload will take days, if not weeks. Worse, progress is pretty opaque. Connection speeds are definitely the weakest component of any ambitious cloud services going forward. So yes, I expect a lot of pain. I meticulously culled by photo library before turning it on...
Why would it have an A8X? An A9 would make more sense if releasing this fall.
 Bigots, racists, and xenophobes. According to people like BF, these are the types of individuals that should be coddled. and their hateful views championed and supported. But yes, these people go through quite a series of hilarious mental gymnastics to justify their assertion at how those that demand equality (like Cook)  are actually "intolerant" and " against freedom". Hilarious, but at the same time vile and dangerous, considering the purposes of such statements. Not a...
 Is $0.99/m for 20GB REALLY an issue? Is the price of a cup of coffee per month for 200GB REALLY an issue? I'm sorry, but seriously? How the hell are these prices considered anything beyond negligible, and how would they materially affect the lives of anyone who owns an Apple product?
Love how these threads bring out all the hateful, crazed nutbags. Even when these people otherwise seem like rational posters, their ugliness comes out in these threads. Tim Cook has a right to state his opinion, and I believe it is also the opinion of the vast majority of people who work at Apple. Yes, his words do hold more clout than that of the average person, and I respect him for exploiting his platform to do good and speak against discrimination. For those that are...
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