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 How the **** is it "idiotic" to reward shareholder and motivate them to keep the stock? You must be the only person on the planet with that "opinion", and for being so alone in it, you're certainly confident of Apple's "idiocy" in the matter. Your jealousy and spite towards shareholders, who had the insight to invest (unlike you) is hilarious and so, so pathetic.  And sorry, you're completely full of it. It's not a fine line between trolling and a thoughtful opinion, it's...
 So Apple should release it before it's ready? So you can bitch and whine about some magical bugs that only you seem to experience? Or do you just want them to release it as you need a new target to bash?
 You still haven't responded as to why you still own Apple stock, when you're so down about every single aspect of the future of the company. No sane investor would keep their stock with your views. So are you lying about your claims of being a shareholder? And if so, why would you lie about that? 
 It's pretty much identical feeling- so identical in fact, that I didn't believe the Apple employee when he told me its the new one. Pretty fucking impressive, I must say. 
 Your analogy is so insanely flawed it's hilarious. Also, all those "BUT IT DOESNT HAVE XXXX!!" argument could have been levelled against every single Apple product that became insanely successful, the argument is meaningless, irrelevant, and frankly boring. A "fool" would buy the new Macbook over the MBA, really? In your intellectual dishonesty, I guess it's convenient to ignore the fact that the Macbook has 4X as many pixels, starts at 2X the RAM, as well as 2X the SSD...
 In what fucking world is the new Macbook comparable to Google Glass- a socially abhorrent product that Google hyped for years, only to release it silently and go on to pretend it does not even exist. It can't have sold more than a few thousand, while this new Macbook will sell millions and become the template for all future laptops.  Oh, and love your  "post-Jobs" horse-shit, while he's the guy that proudly announced the first Macbook Air, a product that was infinitely...
That asswipe Dan Lyons is still getting his shit published? How? After years of writing hit pieces against Apple and bashing everything they do, he basically came out and said he just did it for the clicks, he didn't believe most of what he wrote, and it was horse-shit. And he's still allowed to write? Incredible. Even though he admitted he's a lying, trolling piece of shit, he still amassed an army of Apple-hating followers. 
Eh, this machine will be more than up to the task of easily handling the average user's needs. My 2012 Air with 4GB RAM still flies, and I do heavy design and web work. This machine, with its 8GB RAM and probably much faster SSD would be overall faster, even if considered "underpowered" by geeks and power users.
Uh, not a word of your post was positive, and you have never said a single sincerely positive thing about any aspect of the Apple Watch in all your trashy comments. That won't stop you from lying through your teeth though, something that seems like a core part of your character.Sad how you giddily come into all these threads for the sole pursepose of tearing down the product, attempting to destroy any excitement, and post over and over again with nothing original to add....
A very solid update for an excellent laptop.
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