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Epic Quote.  Translation: I don't personally want to buy a larger iPhone, therefore Apple should not create one, damn the nearly other 6+billion people on the planet, with different preferences. 
 Yeah, revenues up $5,000,000,000 from last yrs quarter (which was also a record last time). I guess I don't know the definition of "decent" if that defines revenues of $43B in a (non-christmas) quarter.  And you're insane if you think it's anything other than supply constraints. These results barely included a a week of iPhone 6/6+ sales. Obviously they're selling every last one they can get. But nice try, troll.  Hilarious how Apple has to completely decimate it's...
This HQ is going to be fucking amazing. Also progressing at incredible speed.
This specimen never fails providing the most brain-dead, idiotic posts of every single thread. It's like his fucking troll mission. Just make sure you never try to make sense of it (Hacked? How? By what means? What info would the hacker get?) otherwise you'll quickly get a massive headache. 
So glad they got rid of the animated wallpaper in the beta. Hopefully there's also an option to choose your own. 
Option-Click. Problem solved.  My issue with fullscreen is the animation, which I think should be quicker. 
Can't fucking wait for this, so that I can stop auto-uploading to Google+. 
What the **** has the MR community NOT ever been up in arms about? Go to any article, and the comments are 95% negative. Even the editors compose most articles with a negative twist. Trolls is what keeps that place in business. Bend-Gate originated from there. If you go by that community, every decision Apple has made since its existence has been catastrophic. It's a cesspool of Apple hatred. 
It's obvious Apple will eventually add sharing. It's important to make sure the basics work 1st, and get people used to the concept. iCloud drive will be so much more than dropbox, and for any Mac/iOS user, so much more integrated.
I agree. I know Apple wants to expand the lineup and hit more price points, but there comes a point where you dilute the product and cause confusion. Not a fan of the way they setup the iPad mini lineup. The A5 chip is ancient, 3 gens old now, I don't think they should have kept that to sell for another year. At the LEAST they should have thrown in an A6 chip if they want to keep that model/pricepoint, and get it in line with a 5C. I have less of a problem with them...
New Posts  All Forums: