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And the barrage continues. By the time this is launched, it will make there software options on Andeoid wear look absolutely pathetic. This is another advantage to having higher lead time between the reveal and launch, debs can get their shit together.
 If you say so. 
 Also, the watch does not have a user-exposed file system, you cannot sideload apps, it does not have an SD slot, removable battery or stylus support. It is not "open", and it doesn't come infested with adware. For these reasons, it will obviously fail. 
 Thanks for the detailed and articulate impressions. More insightful than most full reviews I've read. 
 That's nice. But what's your point? Me and you might factor in reviews, but most people don't. Stats show that less than 10% of people base their purchasing decision on reviews. I guarantee you more people will be influenced by WHO is wearing the watch, than online reviews by tech geeks. 
SOMEHOW, I doubt this is Apple's fault. Are the iPads functioning properly? Did Apple deliver the correct product? Yes and yes. How the hell is whatever educational package the school decided to go with, Apple's fault? The incompetence of LAUSD and/or Pearson has no bearing on Apple. Apple fulfilled its end of the deal, and they should not give out a refund. 
Extremely well conceived, and educational. I've already shared them with a few people I know considering the watch. Really demystifies the OS and makes the watch super accessible. Actually, almost every aspect of the Apple Watch's launch and lead-up has been close to genius. IMO they've handled everything extremely well, and obviously a ton of thought and consideration has gone through the entire process, from the store setup, to the marketing, to the SKUs. 
If true, there are almost 3X more pre-orders for the Apple Watch than the original iPhone sold during 3 full months after launch.    Wow, what a fail.   /s
 Sorry, completely disagree. Don't know what the hell a computer's chess performance has to do with human competition. The entire point is strategy and human skill. The fact that a computer can make billions of calculations per second has no bearing on that. 
So you're allowed to go to the bathroom after EACH MOVE?? Sorry, how the hell is that allowed, and how is that not suspicious as ****?
New Posts  All Forums: