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So has Samsung paid a fucking dollar yet from the $1B lawsuit that Apple won? Nope, and likely never will. What motivation do they have NOT to infringe? There's literally no downside. It's not like they've dialed it back. And this is just shit from the last week.
The following has been bugging me for a very long time.   Anyone noticed how utterly trashy and misleading Macrumors' headlines are, especially those stories published by "Juli Clover"? She literally states every rumor as a FACT, each and every time. I know we're talking about an Apple rumor site, but there should be at least some minimum level of journalistic integrity and honesty. Not sure how they get away this that trash. Don't know if she's just that moronic, or...
Apparently, almost every fucking Apple product in existence was pushed back multiple times cause of "yields". Or, more probably, these fucking morons were talking out of their asses and don't have the guts to admit they were doing so. 
 Yet somehow, I get by running my entire business using my 4GB Macbook Air, which depends on having multiple files open Photoshop, Illustrator, and a dozen other applications open, including 10-20 tabs in BOTH Safari and Chrome. So sorry, I'm going to have to strongly disagree. Would 8GB be better? Sure. But if I'm fine on 4GB doing more intensive tasks than 95% of Mac users, then it's safe to categorize your post as complete sensationalism.  Mom and Pop? Right. 
 Sorry, that's some really messed up math.  Also, I will make a prediction now that 2015 iPhones will start at 32GB, at least for the 6S models. I hardly ever make predictions about these kinds of specifics, but there you go. I like to think I understand Apple pretty well, I believe there are enough reasons to rationalize doing so, from Apple's point of view, one of which is that their main competitor (ie. S6) now starts at 32GB. People are stupid, so when they see both...
 Yep. Apple has made it clear many times that their philosophy isn't "we can't leave any money on the table". If that was the case, they would have 5000 SKUs of products. They're willing to take short term hits if they think it will enhance customer satisfaction and retention, and enhance the stickiness an usefulness ecosystem.  Making OSX free was a good movie. Free iWork/iLife was a good move. Free iCloud was a good move. I think upping iCloud storage would also be a...
Ah, that time when Apple banners start going up on buildings. My favorite fucking time of the year.
 Yep, noone else has done one fucking iota of effort to take control away. Quite the opposite actually. Google, and Android OEMS have given MORE power to carriers, sucking up them, in order to get them to push their phones instead of iPhones (a shitload of carrier branding, carrier specific apps and crapware, payment systems tied to the sim card, etc). They don't give a **** about the consumer beyond getting the carriers to shove their phones and their throats. I shudder...
Looks like BS. I would assume these would launch with 10.10.3. 
You mean Google is planning to release their Android wear app on the most lucrative and popular smartphone on the planet- owned by people who actually spend money? Shocking. Too bad that 90% of iPhone owners will buy an Apple Watch, if they buy a smart watch.
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