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Holy shit, that was fast. What happened to "a few days"? Apple really nipping everything in the bud today.
Fantastic and pertinent move by Apple. Takes the wind out of the "Apple rushed his out and didn't test it" arguments at least. It should be obvious enough that Apple tests the **** out of its hardware products, and the accusations otherwise are mind-numbingly idiotic.
 Yep. Same line of bankrupt reasoning as "LOL ANDROID ALREADY HAS THIS" when referring to a feature on an iPhone, and using the combined features of the pool of every single Android phone on the planet as comparison. They'll never point to 1 Android phone, they'll refer to several, each having a "feature" they're trying to dismiss. Yeah, I guess I could buy a fuckload of Android phones and tape them together. 
 Your trolling gets more and more shitty with every post. Views? There's goat and cat videos with more views. What the **** is your point? That views are related to importance? The only thing that can be concluded from that is how many people love to hate on Apple, and how big of a target is in terms of hit pieces. The fact that you're comparing views in order to come to some sort of conclusion shows the level of your disgusting dishonesty. A ton of people will also slow...
 Even though you don't deserve an answer, because of the way you're insulting everyone and calling people assholes, the answer is "No", there is not, apart from Airdrop, nor should there be, because the concept of wireless syncing with no cloud makes very little sense, and has a shitload of disadvantages. Apple doesnt need to waste its resources catering software solutions for paranoid nutjobs like you. 
Sweet, Microsoft will be able to report at least a 50% increase in Surface sales this quarter. Now everything makes sense. 
 Apple products under Cook have been the best reviewed and received by consumers in the entire history of the company. Tell me, what do you think Tim if focusing on, if not making great products? The Apple Watch is not your personal cup of tea- even though it's months away and we've only been shown the tip of the iceberg in terms of what it can do- fine, don't buy it. But to snidely and smugly demand that it be "abandoned" as if you have more insight into what makes a...
 I think the fact that you can't at all differentiate between apps that take advantage of dual pane for information display, and shoving multiple apps on the same screen, pretending it's the same thing, says alot about you. Maybe stop snidely mocking others when you clearly have no understanding of what you're talking about and easily confuse very different things. 
I hope the next 9.7" iPad won't bend when I shove it in my pocket. If it does, I'm done with Apple products forever.   I hope they take into account that someone might try to bend the **** out of it on youtube, which will garner tens of millions of views and get attention on every media outlet on the planet, so they better sure that is physically impossible, preferably by making it 10 inches thick and not including a screen at all, or any other internal components....
 ..probably the best description of Google that I've ever read. Well done. 
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