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 Just email Cook: tcook@apple.com. That sounds horrible. Wasn't the case at my local Apple Store.  And sorry, I think it's fine that the page is not optimized for a 6 year old iOS device running an OS 3+ generations old. Doing ANYTHING with an iPhone 4 is excruciating. Expecting things to run smoothly on such an ancient device (in mobile terms) is unreasonable. 
 Uh, really? And I thought all the bitching was that it didn't do enough. Now it does too much?
Yep. And err, anything past the first level? Or is that it? I beat it and nothing else shows up.
 One of the stupidest fucking posts I've ever read.  - So, what exactly do you want Cook to do? Launch more lawsuits? Apple is demolishing it's competitors in every metric that matters, so it seems they're winning the war.  - " This year a lot of Android copycats brought out smartphones which look and perform the same or better than iPhone 6s". This is nothing but a blatant lie. Please, link us to a SINGLE review about ANY phone that out performs the 6S. A single link....
 Sorry, but are you trolling or just full of shit? El Capitain is the most stable version of OS X I have EVER used. Easily. Not a single freeze, crash, or issue, and I use it for HOURS every single day and have like 15 applications open at once.. But yeah, keep going with the "Apple doesn't care about OSX/Macs" meme, even though it has no basis in reality. People like you have been threatening for years that Apple is on the verge of discontinuing the Mac or merging...
 Yup, the only reason FF has been having problems is because of the Eich "lynching". No other reasons at all, including the fact that FF is competing against billion dollar companies with a lot more leverage, the explosion of mobile, and who have their own browsers set as defaults on all their platforms. Nope, none of that factors at all. You're honestly one of the most dishonest people on this forum, that twists reality in such an extreme fashion in order to fit your...
 One of these days, would be nice to enter a thread and find out that you haven't completely shat on it, and sucked out every ounce of intelligence and intellectualism out of it. How petty must one be, to believe the whole area of climate change boils down to "Al Gore"? I can't even imagine the small-mindedness, intellectual dishonesty, and pettiness that one must resort to in order to make such an asinine claim.  Why don't you just do us all a favor and stop buying Apple...
 Meanwhile, when insanely positive, factual news comes from the horse's mouth, they make sure the stock doesn't budge. 
 It's just trying to fit in and conform with the permissions requested by most other Android apps :)
Love how everyone is expecting a 0.01 update to add a shit ton of major new user facing features. I mean, really? Expanded Siri sounds great. I expect 9.1 will bring things like bluetooth keyboard support, and maybe be released simultaneously with a new iOS app. 
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