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 I love that in not a single one of these is Steve Jobs visibly PISSED OFF, he has a ton of self control and knows how to manage the situation. 
 Nope. The market for such a product is way too niche. Apple will never bring it back, nor should they. 
Been waiting on this. My needs have exceeded the capabilities of my 2012 MBA, even though it's served me extremely well. Hopefully this is a significant design and tech update, as am planning on jump on the next MBP refresh. 
God, what a shitty website macrumors is.    http://www.macrumors.com/2015/05/14/homekit-launch-pushed-back/   Not only did they report the original rumor as absolute FACT, but even when it was corrected, they leave the headline as is, and shove an "update" at the bottom of the article, to be sure not to lose out on angry clicks.    And as always, the author is Juli Clover, who has not ONCE reported a rumor as an actual rumor, but insists on defining them as factual...
 Yet, that didn't stop this website from re-publishing this spurious report before any type of confirmation. 
Sorry, I disagree. iPhoto library is supposed to solve the whole photos backup thing. Also, how the hell do I do a full library backup when the Mac is set to show optimized versions only, which downloads the full copies only on demand? Shit happens, but the trust is the majority of users are not going to have backup solutions for their cloud photos.
And again, Google continued to shift their policies to those that they've been mocking and shitting on Apple for from the very beginning (WALLED GARDEN!!). But of course, the Google syncophants will never admit or realize this.
But wait, all the filthy trolls have been screaming from the rooftops that this product is useless because it will basically explode if a drop of water falls on it?
 Oh, do shut up. You sound positively giddy- have you ever a time where you haven't rushed into a thread to goad about negative news, or shit on positive news? As if the income from Australia will have any significant impact on their balance sheet or stocks. Why the **** are you here if your fantasy is to have Apple fail? You've already been outed as a Samsung astroturfer, shilling for them, twisting the facts to do so, and defending them at every opportunity- so I'm not...
 My sincering apologies. I was referring to Apple's marketshare, and even at 42%, my point absolutely still stands. What if a single car manufacturer had that percentage of ALL car sales using only a couple models? Yes, dominance. 
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