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 Stop acting like a whiny, entitled, sanctimonious child. I can imagine a shitload of people would care about easily finding music they recently added, myself included. The fact that you're having such a fit that YOU don't want to see it for some odd, irrational reason, and showing outrage at why it exists (because you know, Apple's entire existence is meant to please you and only you) is pathetic. That little category will not negatively affect anyone who does not use it,...
Well, that addresses all the concern trolling from yesterday.
Honest question. Is there ANY chance the testimonials on this page are authentic:   http://www.quicken.com/mac   All extremely positive testimonials, with perfect grammar, and perfect PR speak, that just happen to praise the aspects that the company is advertising, as soon as the product is released. I know that the fake testimonial practise is common, but should be unacceptable for such a well known company to engage in this filthy practise.   “I’m thrilled about...
Where's Constable Odo? Has he apologized yet for his thousands of ranting posts demanding Cook's head and claiming the stock had nowhere to go but down, when it was @ $400, if Cook stayed? No, of course he hasn't. On the internet, you never have to take back, or be held accountable for anything. Just bash away, then when proven wrong, pretend like nothing happened. The stock is now higher than its been in Apple's history. Inevitably, it will take a dive at some point...
 "Wasting people's time"? Apple didn't release a public beta for your benefit, but for theirs. Its not a waste of time if the feedback has an effect on the final product. You're not entitled to see your feedback being addressed before then. 
The settings icons are a fucking mess. Why can't they get one guy to redesign them all? They're all different styles, complexities, flat vs gradients, different degrees of attractiveness and ugliness, etc. Some are completely redone, while others barely touched. Such a sloppy and odd job. I don't get it. 
 Holy shit.. for you, there's more apt words that "interesting", since you've seen around an 8000% return. 
 There's only so much more you can do these days in terms of hardware to get people "excited", that don't come off as gimmicks, and that the majority of consumes can actually functionally and meaningfully use on a day to day basis. For me, a bigger screen, improved design, extra sensors, and improved processing capabilities are pretty exciting, as well as the most important things, iOS8 and the entire iCloud ecosystem. 
What an idiotic comment
This Andre Klein sounds like a pathetic piece of shit, as is this lawsuit. The lawsuit is both utterly moronic, as well as non sensical and completely classless (ie. Suing the now dead Steve Jobs for "harming" the company). He's basically suing them for getting sued. Something straight from the onion.
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