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 I see maybe 1 Android tablet for every 20 iPads I see. Hey, who cares, right? The only important thing is that they sold, and they're sitting collecting dust somewhere, which somehow proves that iPad sucks and is failing (according to BF). I bet most people even forget they own these tablets and buy another whenever they get these 2 for 1 deals. 
Yet, Android has 5 BILLION PERCENT market share, how can this be??!
 90% of those bashing FCPX on message boards are teenage neckbeards living in their mother's basements, regurgitaing what other neckbeard losers are saying online. I see so many on Macrumors mocking and bashing the Mac Pro for "not being powerful enough", as if these idiots do anything that requires more power than watching porn. After seeing a regular troll bash the Mac Pro for the 500th time (while not owning one), I asked him what exactly he think he would need to do...
What a bunch of fucking idiots. Yes, I'm sure there's US spyware installed on Macs and iOS devices. Yup.  
 True, it's not like he sacked Scott Forstall or anything, who was widely considered a successor to Steve Jobs within Apple, creator of iOS,  and only second to Ive in terms of prominence. That sacking was a massive fucking risk. But yeah, clearly Tim is terrified of sacking people. And let me guess, I'm sure you believe yourself to be the ideal candidate to replace whoever you want "sacked"? I sometimes wonder if you're constantly in a competition with yourself to outdo...
 I think you're a little confused pal. "Bigger than big" is the "drivel" behind the iPhone, not the iPad. You know, the phone, not the tablet? That thing that just sold 75,000,000+ in the last quarter, destroying even the most optimistic expectations? Even if you're so ignorant enough to get those 2 confused, how can you be so obtuse as to believe that's a tagline for the iPad, which has never increased in size? Or did you knowingly state that, while blaming sales of the...
What a superficially written article, as if the only difference between iTunes Match and the Google hard drive in the sky is the # of the sounds u can play.
We're gonna see the fruits of all these new acquisitions and integrations in ios9. Maps revamp is no doubt going to be a tent pole feature.
Awesome, was planning to see this one. It looks fun.
 Just bookmarked your blog. You know how to write, and deeply understand Apple, which is a rare thing (especially for people who like to write about Apple). So many truisms, for example:  Perfect summary of people who are good at mocking and bashing the Apple Watch, then failing to articulate what the alternative should be. Epitome of intellectual laziness.  Apple seems to have done everything right with the Apple Watch, in terms of positioning, design, functionality, and...
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