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 Your sense of entitlement is off the charts. Apple's servers today are being hammered from every single direction, by millions of users downloading iOS8 and a million other updates. God forbid there are some minor, temporary connection problems for some services during that time. As good as Apple is, they're not made of fucking fairy dust. Apple products have never "just worked" all the time, every time, in the entire history of Apple. Nor has anything else man-made in...
 Your 3GS? Are you for real? Let me guess, you have the 1st gen iPad and also expect it to run iOS8, right?
 You're absolutely right. S versions bring no real changes, and are only for "die-hards". For example, the iPhone 5S didn't add Touch ID, the most significant iPhone hardware feature in years (if not ever). It didn't add a significantly more powerful, first of it's kind 64bit chip. It didn't add a whole new motion co-processor. It didn't significantly improve the camera, adding stuff like slow motion video that only the A7 could handle.  It didn't add a duo-tone flash, the...
Just tried the touchpal keyboard on my iPad. It's trash.
iOS8 needs 6.9GB to install on my iPad Air.. WTF?? I have 600 MB free. 
 Holy shit, I just noticed I'm in your sig. Can't say I expected that to ever happen..now I have to question everything I ever knew to be true :P
 Apple paid for the entire acquisition in 24 hrs of iPhone sales. Just think about that.  They're already making money on the deal, and now command the bulk of the premium headphone market. Sales of Beats Headphones, Apple Pay, new categories like the Apple Watch, and the insane sales of the iPhone6/6+ (as well as the rest of their highly profitable portfolio) is going to take Apple's revenues to yet another level.  Oh and great segment. Cook may not have the intensity and...
 So when the Apple Watch is insanely successful (which it will be), I hope you have the decency to call yourself out on being dead wrong.
 One of the best and most astute posts I've ever read on this board. Well done. 
Nice. One thing you have to hand to Tim Cook's Apple- it acts pretty damn fast. 
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