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Hope Samsung does this, they will be $7.5B lighter and won't have a fucking clue what to do with BB. They're flailing around, desperately looking for a golden goose that will save them from their downward spiral. 
Utterly disgusting, and just goes to show how little of a **** Google actually gives about security for their users, and how much contempt they have for people who use their products. No, Apple isn't perfect, but you can tell they care, they put an effort, and they aren't purposely negligent with things like this.    Oh, and Lollipop is an absolute mess. I regretted updating my Nexus 5. I basically need to reboot twice a day now to stop apps from crashing left and right....
 That's nice. All those things are extremely niche uses. I've been using a Mac for 10 years, almost every day of my life, for both personal and business use, and have NEVER used "target disk mode troubleshooting". Nor have I ever needed to use one of those abominations. Almost everything can be wirelessly controlled with a companion app these days. Also, haven't you heard of a USB hub?  Seriously, it doesn't NEED any of this to be successful. Reminds me of all the "OMG...
 Comes out a full 4 months after Apple's product, and is 0.8mm thinner. Wow, absolutely mind-blowing.  I sometimes wonder if trolls like you ever get tired of trolling, then I realize that would take all purpose out of your lives.  1. Thinness is not Apple's "gold standard". It's just one metric of their incredible engineering and focus on design and beauty. This phone, aesthetically, looks like shit- so Apple did not get "bested" because its imperceptively thinner.  2....
 Not blaming Apple. Just saying prices are alot less aesthetically pleasing. Instead of a consistent $0.99, $1.99, $2.99, etc, we now have random $1.19, $2.29, $3.49, $4.59, $5.79..etc. Just odd looks after getting used to the clean #s in the iTunes/Appstore for a decade, and definitely elicits an extra "pause" before purchase. 
Meh, $1.19 cdn psychologically is a lot harder to swallow than &0.99. I predict quite a few lost sales in the future. It's hits not that spontaneous of a price anymore.
 I know, eh? That's the thing about stereotypes and generalizations. Don't believe the image of "Muslims" you see on the news. We're just like everyone else, same problems, same human feelings, and some of us post on Apple message boards and love to take down trolls. ;)  Every Muslim I know feels a high level of disgust and revulsion over these kinds of acts, but at the same time, we should not feel compelled to defend ourselves as if we're complicit in the act. 
 I'm a practising Muslim, and I completely agree with you. The people who perpetrated this are despicable cockroaches, and there is absolutely no justification or excuse for their murderous crimes. What people need to understand, is that 99.999% of the world's Muslims share the same disgust at this than everyone else- and even more so, since these nutcases claim to share the same religion. 
 What, what a toxic and unhealthy environment for developers Android is. Google loves shrieking about how much they love developers, how much freedom they give them, etc, but at the end of the day developing for Android seems to be a losing proposition, no matter how much "marketshare" the platform has. All the evidence you need is in these new product videos, where the devs of apps/products always show an iPhone being used instead of an Android phone- because they know...
Oh, shut the **** up, Monster. Your products are all over-priced scams. HDMI cabled for $100-$200? Yeah, Beats is now owned by the richest company on the planet, so expectedly you money-grubbing whores are getting excited.  
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