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 You're still ranting and raving about this?  And no, Apple didn't "obviously agree" that it was a "dumb" move simply because they offered a removal tool. It was simply a response to placate the sensationalized bitching and whining, that was less from actual Apple users, and move from people desperate to have an opportunity to bash Apple, and tech blogs desperate for hits. The fact that you see it as "evidence" of a wrong move is pretty hilarious. Is the fact that Apple...
I updated the app, and I still get asked for my pw to view my orders- even with Touch ID on. I don't get it. 
 Would seem more cost-effective, as well as universal, since current iPad would support dynamic pressure this way with a software update. 
I think Apple's retail strategy, in spite of the whining and bitching, was the best possible route they could have taken. Having the orders online only initially helped them figure out what the demand was for each of the SKUs, and let them keep sitting inventory at zero, instead of having fuckloads of Watches sitting in stores and not getting the most efficient mix of models per geographic location. Now, they have a pretty good idea of this and can manage inventory much...
I don't get it. Pebble is supposed to be a successful, established company. Why the **** do they need to secure "new funding" for their product, especially since they have already done so with their 2nd kickstarter campaign? Can't stand these companies that act as if they're still scrappy startups. If they can't fund the development of their new product with their OWN existing capital, then something is wrong, and they don't deserve to be in business anyway.  
 Really? This is language used on macrumors: Headline: Apple Watch Demand Flattening... KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued a note to investors today that claims Apple Watch demand may be slowing down, resulting in shipment forecasts being revised down by 20% to 30% to 5-6 million units in the third quarter.  Then again, that website is a troll haven, with articles meant to attract the flies. 
Why does AI insist on publishing this absolute drivel from these "analyst" charlatans?   "Faced with production issues from launch, and amidst unknown levels of consumer demand, the Apple Watch is likely to see less than 15 million units shipped through the end of September, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted on Wednesday."   Oh wow, can't argue with those facts and that logic. Less than 15 million in a few months for a new product category? Absolute disaster. 
 Why does Apple need to wait till WWDC to make an announcement about spec updates? The MBP and 5K iMac updates are not that exciting and do not need to be announced on stage. I'm sure they have a hundred other factors to consider when it comes to release, so I trust Apple released them when it made most sense for them. As a consumer, I don't see what there is to complain about. 
 Yup. I just did that today, and bought this baby: http://store.apple.com/ca/product/FGXA2LL/A/Refurbished-154-inch-MacBook-Pro-22GHz-Quad-core-Intel-i7-with-Retina-Display $600 savings over the model just released. 
 I searched for "only Pay" or  "Pay only" in the article, and found nothing. So your post is a lie, nothing misleading in the article itself.   Don't know f you've noticed, but this is an Apple centric site that caters to people who use and are interested in Apple products. Your "issue" is pretty mind-numbing. People who own iPhone 6's now know they can pay using their phones in these stores. That's what matters. How the **** is that "misleading" to anyone? Because...
New Posts  All Forums: