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Looks like shit, just like the gold iPhone 6 "mockups" before the real thing came out, which looked 1000x better. 
 Whether you like it or not, Eminem is a big name- so yes, this is an exclusive to be proud of. Your personal tastes are irrelevant. 
 Uh, not sure what the big deal is. The obvious analogy is that its a musical pharmacy- instead of dispensing pills, it dispenses music. The "hospital" sounds a lot more ridiculous, and the connection is a lot weaker. You go to the hospital if you're sick/injured, you go to a pharmacy if you need to buy stuff.  People can bitch about Beats1 Radio all day long, but the truth it is is something that will increase the evangelizing of Apple, and increase awareness of Apple to...
 Anything Apple does is always a "clusterfuck", because of a tiny percentage of people whining on the internet. Odds are 95% of people using Apple Music absolutely love it and have no issues. If one would take the overall views of this forum on Apple, the company would have been bankrupt a long time ago. Thankfully, the internet tends to be an extremely negative, distorted image of reality. 
To me, it only seems like common sense that if you have tens of gigabytes of meticulously tagged songs, and one is OCD about that, you would choose NOT to use Apple music and upload everything to the cloud. It's just asking for trouble, no matter how accurate the system is. iTunes Match would be enough. I have no sympathy for people that did this and lost "years" of work, while having zero backup for their data. Just like I have no sympathy for people that lose "years" of...
 So what do you think will happen if Apple's profits sharply decline, or even stay constant because of your suggested changes? They will get decimated by wall street and investors, a billion articles will go up about how Apple's profits are "shrinking", their stock will tank, and it will feed a circle of negativity that will have deep and widespread effects. And I love how you keep insisting that 16GB only exists to upsell, which is a complete bullshit statement, as myself...
 Uh, iCloud is ultra-convenient, not to mention it has saved my ass more times than I can remember. And sorry, but I don't think $0.99/m for 20GB or $3.99 for 100GB is "very costly". It's the price of a coffee or a latte per month, for what I believe are massive benefits in convenience and usage. But yes, obviously iCloud storage can't replace local storage, especially when it comes to apps, and I don't think Apple is attempting to do that in all cases. 
 An completely absurd move, considering how popular the 16GB is. Then what? Does the 64GB start at $199 on contract? Great way to eliminate almost all up sells and decimate ASP. I know a ton of people that have absolutely no need for a 64GB, and have been happily on a 16GB iPhone since they were used one. Hell, some people are fine with an 8GB device, yet you're proposing 8 TIMES that as the minimum? Not everyone is in the "Apple Insider" demographic. Hell, the vast...
So you give zero credit to Cook for all their success the last 4 years, that's all Jobs. They've had ample opportunities to **** things up since his passing, but instead, they've made Apple exponentially more successful. Yet you're too vindictive to give a shred of credit to the current team. How small-minded and petty of you.
 Jobs is dead, and he advised Cook to run the company as he sees fit, and he's done a damn good job of it. Also, you have no fucking clue what would be happening under Jobs, so stop pretending you do. 
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