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 You want us to believe you would have praised Obama if he announced he wanted to trash Net neutrality in the toilet? Of course not, because your thought process has nothing to do with the argument, and everything to do with who is making the argument. 100% of all your posts follow this rule. Net neutrality (which every sane person would want) is now a horrible thing according to you and others, because Obama agrees with it. You have thousands of posts containing hateful...
God, you're seriously fucking disgusting. There's no level you wont stoop, and theres nothing too trashy or classless for you to say. How filthy of you, especially since you dont believe a word of it.
 That's a rather massive assumption. It's clear Apple has known about the issue for a while, so obviously it wasn't as easy as a fix as you imply. Probably some very complex stuff happening behind the scenes they had to sort out.  Either way glad it's here. I've noticed when people's needs are addressed, or anything from a wish list is fulfilled, most of the responses are bitching and whining about why it wasn't done earlier. Why not be happy that we have something today...
 Nice to see you're also intellectually dishonest when it comes to this stuff.  What did Bush have on the level of, let's say, being accused of being a terrorist/Muslim for years? Or having birth certificate being questioned for years- by senior, influential party officials no less? There's no damn equivalency there. Don't fucking tell me you believe there is. bush got rightfully attacked for his policies and the things he DID (ie. start wars). That's not the same as Obama...
 Always fun to see Apple ][ shit all over himself. So deep in sheer bigotry and hate, he doesn't even realize how much of an ass he is, and how insane he comes across to any rational human being. What's also amusing is all the filthy yet hilarious lies he makes up, as if he has any clue who is voting for who based on what phone they use. Does he go interview people who use iPhones/Androids on the street? Of course not, cause he lives in his basement. He also speaks of...
Nothing to see here, just the usual mind-numbing stupidity from Benjamin Frost.Most people have absolutely no issues with battery life of their Apple products, with efficiency that far exceed industry standards. Typical zealotry and sensational, mocking statements from the resident troll, which have no bearing on reality.
 6 Weeks is more than enough time to go from a strong outlook to bankruptcy, if the biggest contract in your company's history suddenly fell through, on which you were depending for cash flow and for continued funding of operations and expenses. A shitload of things can happen in 6 whole weeks. You're flinging words around and making conclusive comments when specific facts are simply not available yet to prove those assertions. 
 Stop being an ass. And stop capitalizing every second word in your posts. Believe it or not, it doesn't enhance your arguments. Just makes you look childish, impetuous, and lacking rationality and reason. 
 What the hell happened to her ear? Clearly it got photoshopped out, because that tiny size would not even cover it. 
 Holy ****. I mean..I don't even..wow. 
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