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Nope, no change in headline. What a pathetic publication.   
Just what I was waiting for. I've been dreaming of having my email, desktop OS, mobile OS, browser, internet connection, and router all controlled by the same advertising agency, as well as everything else I do. What could do wrong?
 He's looking at it from Apple's point of view, and from a marketing and PR perspective, obviously. Do you really think he PERSONALLY cares about what people do with their Watches? We're looking at it from Apple's point of view, and rationalizing why complete visual freedom is probably not the best way to go, at least not this early when the product is being defined and shown off to others.  Rogifan: That 2nd one is fucked up. 
 What an asinine comparison. How many movies does the average person watch per DAY? Compare that to how much music the average person listens to per DAY? I've had netflix subscriptions where I was watching on 1-2 movies per month, and some months nothing. With music, I listen to at least a dozen songs every day. So no, ridiculous comparison. Not to mention the fact that Netflix has a very limited Movie selection with massive omissions, while Apple Music probably has 95% of...
Apple will eventually open this up more, but I can't blame them for not wanting the first Apple watches to be shown using hideous watch faces.
Glad Apple responded to this horse-shit with real data. Predictably, troll-loving sites like Macrumors and theVerge have yet to update with this new info.    EDIT: Oh, even worse they did "update it", by burying Apple's response at the end of the article in fineprint (which most won't get to anyway), and leaving the headline exactly as...
 You can't even compose a proper sentence, your facts are entirely wrong, yet you call others "brainwashed"? God, what a sad troll you are. To state that the iPhone is "copied" from anything else just shows how utterly vapid and clueless you are. The hundreds of prototypes Apple designed disprove any such ridiculous assertion. 
 Sure, but how is that even relevant to the point at hand, which is that Samsung has not suffered in any meaningful way directly from their blatant copying and their trial loss?
I love slack, but what a moronic statement. He can run his mouth when he actually has a superior product. Siri can't do everything, and doesn't get it right 100% of the time, but it does everything I ask her to do pretty damn well.
 The failure of the Wii U had NOTHING to do with the power of the hardware (it actually can output beautiful visuals in the right hands, more than good enough for 90% of gamers) but everything to do with Nintendo's shitty marketing (people didn't even know if it was a new console or some kind of add-on) both with the look and the naming. I'm extremely happy with my Wii U, as every game I have bought is AAA quality, and I've loved. But it's sad that they didn't know how to...
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