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 Holy shit.. for you, there's more apt words that "interesting", since you've seen around an 8000% return. 
 There's only so much more you can do these days in terms of hardware to get people "excited", that don't come off as gimmicks, and that the majority of consumes can actually functionally and meaningfully use on a day to day basis. For me, a bigger screen, improved design, extra sensors, and improved processing capabilities are pretty exciting, as well as the most important things, iOS8 and the entire iCloud ecosystem. 
What an idiotic comment
This Andre Klein sounds like a pathetic piece of shit, as is this lawsuit. The lawsuit is both utterly moronic, as well as non sensical and completely classless (ie. Suing the now dead Steve Jobs for "harming" the company). He's basically suing them for getting sued. Something straight from the onion.
Fine and dandy as long as they continue to hire the best people for the job, and not compromise that based on some idiotic quota.
Maybe they should have shown someone using the surface on their lap? Oh, wait.
Thinner fonts, exactly what I'd been wishing for on my TV! But seriously, obviously this is a minor uplift while they work on a complete retooling of the UI.
 I disagree. Daniel has had excellent articles with excellent investigation and analysis that you will see nowhere else- his pieces are the main reason I visit this site.  However, this article is not one of these examples. And yes, I agree, it definitely harms his credibility and it was an error of judgement to publish (unless the whole thing is satire)
 Because it's an idiotic article. Substitute anything for __________ prefers Android over Apple's iOS. It's asinine, because the entire premise of the article is to drive the narrative that terrorists prefer Android- and if you don't agree that that's an asininie, idiotic, and ridiculous narrative than I don't know what to say. The story is at the level of tabloid sludge, if that. 
I'm fine with the Beats acquisition, but I have to admit this ad was horrendous. I hope it was made in 10 seconds. Anyway I doubt this will air anywhere.. Right?
New Posts  All Forums: