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 Thank you. My posts are often strongly worded against what I believe to be piss-poor posts, but I always make sure to backup my words/opinion with hard facts and no bullshit. 
 This isn't required to charge the phone, and has many more benefits, like always being able to easily see and interact with the screen. Also, it works with iPhone 5/5s/5c/6/6+ as well as most likely with the upcoming 6S, so that's 4 generations of phones and 6 physical models. So you post is pretty much bullshit. This is an option for people, noone is putting a gun to your head and requiring you to buy it, nor is anyone asking that you "toss" tech. 
Nice! Looking forward to future updates. As a 1.0 software on a 1.0 device, it has been remarkably solid.
 Cool story bro. Then don't.  But don't worry, I'm sure on some future model Apple will just suddenly add 20 ports to make you happy, and make it "big". Clearly more ports are the future. 
 Sorry, your post made it sound as if it was a failure on Apple's part for not including Haswell chips in the update. Clearly not under their control, and they did the best they could with this update. Personally I wouldn't have minded a redesign, but can't really complain about the current design either. 
 No shit. Yeah, what a shame Apple couldn't pull this new processor out of their ass, since it hasn't been supplied by Intel yet. Tim Cook must go, right? For those of us aware that Broadwell for this form factor is not avaialble yet, actually planning to use this new machine for work, 2.5X SSD, 80% faster discreet graphics, faster CPU speeds, and improved battery life are pretty significant changes. There is no "shame" here. 
 Not every fucking product Apple releases needs to be "as revolutionary as the iPhone". That's an impossible standard to maintain. "Best device in it's category" is enough for me. An Apple branded TV, with iOS built in, as well as Facetime camera, Siri, gesture control, etc would be pretty damn tempting, and something possible to achieve with any TV connected to an Apple Box. 
 Tried to find a point in your non-sensical post, but failed to do so. Why is it a GOOD thing that Microsoft, a company that relies on software for most of its profits, is giving away (well, not really, limited time offer, with a bunch of caveats) their OS? You know they're doing it out of desperation to stay relevant, right? I don't see how I'd be pleased at this if I were a Microsoft shareholder. Nor will it have any effect whatsoever on Apple's business model. Google is...
 I love that in not a single one of these is Steve Jobs visibly PISSED OFF, he has a ton of self control and knows how to manage the situation. 
 Nope. The market for such a product is way too niche. Apple will never bring it back, nor should they. 
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