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 Uh, as soon as Apple announced the Apple Watch with force touch, I expected the technology to be on the next iPhone in one way or another. I think everyone did. Same goes for almost everything else that Apple introduces that eventually percolate to their entire range of products. Maybe he gets some insider info, but the predictions and conclusions he comes out with from himself are usually moronic and childish. 
I can't believe AI republishes crap from this moron, and even goes to far as to call it an expectation in the headline. Some previous nuggets:  Uhh..  Wow. That would have been quite the unreliable hack. Not only is this idiot epically wrong most of the time, but his predictions confirm that he really has no clue of how Apple operates. Why would they actually skip the "S" convention, while keeping the same physical design? Why on earth would they implement a "fake"...
Pretty shocked so many still use the iPad 2, especially people on this forum, and the fact that the Air/Air2 are such massively superior products (screen, size, weight, power, speed, etc). The iPad 2 screen looks like garbage by today's standard, same DPI as the first iPhone 8 years ago. 
 Why would you be challenged on it's functionality? It has more functionality than pretty much any other watch/smartwatch out there, and pretty much the best overall package that exists today. 
 Wait, but for years all we've been hearing from Android evangelizers is that the massive advantage of Android is 3rd party appstores, being able to customize the OS, remove all security barriers, etc, and that's the primary reason for going that way. iOS is so horrible because it's a "walled garden", and Android is so awesome because of stuff like this. Now, the advise is to pretend that capability doesn't exist?
 Dear God, WHY?! Why the hell are you so insistent on using touch with an OS that was never designed for it? The new Macbook is basically the size and weight of a tablet, but includes a keyboard and touchpad, you know, a sane way to interact with OSX? What exactly do you look forward to in a Mac tablet? Doing file management and resizing windows with your fingers? Tapping the TINY window controls? Using pro apps with your thumb? It will NEVER happen. 
 Holy shit. 
 Jesus, what a rant. It's a 1.0 OS release. Apple focused on the fundamentals, and making sure those were nailed. And i think they did a pretty damn good job.  These features and refinements will come in time.  I have to lol at this:  "Forum comments" have never been evidence of anything. Also, reviews have been positive so far. Hilarious how you're trying to pretend that online bitching means anything. 
We get this "early iPhone!" rumor EVERY fucking year. And not once has it come true. How does it benefit Apple to move up the release date? Or are they supposed to move it up every single year? Apple will have no problem with iPhone 6S demand or sales. 
 Yeah, the Netflix app is pretty sparse, no way to sort in any meaningful way. Why can't we organize movies by category or release date? Hopefully gets an update soon.  I'm also in Canada, and only get those 2 options. I'm confident we'll get them soon though. 
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