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The app looks hideous.
 There was no anger in my post. Just trying to wrap my head around the absurdity of thinking Apple shouldn't bother with a car anymore (or any other new project or product) because it missed some magical, impossible launch window you just concocted out of thin air.  It's great that you're an "Apple based professional". Doesn't mean I can't call you out on absurd statements. Oh, and that's for your advice on medication. Have never taken any, and don't plan to. You won't...
 Hey, I'll join him on the 15,000,000 Apple Watches in 12 months bet. I'm down to be perma-banned if that does not happen. That's how much confidence I have that they will easily reach that target. 
What I find pretty disgusting is how Damsung went though 6 generations of smart watches in a single year, seemingly attempting to shut out as many models and variations as possible before Apple released their version. I find that strategy shows a lot of contempt for the consumer.
 I assumed you were being sarcastic, then checked your post history and found a ton of other childish "too little too late" bullshit, so I guess not. What a sad troll you are.   etc etc. So Apple should just shit out a car for the hell of it, just to "get into the market", or buy out everyone else? Wow, what a sure road to success. You should ask Apple for an apology letter, for not releasing a car when you want them to. 
Apple has become extremely quick at addressing feedback. The "you can't create a new playlist from the add to playlist pop-up" complaint has been addressed with an option to do just that. 
  Hmm, who COULD you have been referring to? Yes, definitely no way anyone would come to the conclusion of "Steve Jobs" from that statement. But keep pretending to be obtuse, pretending you're not saying what you're actually saying, because you're just too terrified to address the non sensical nature of your posts and just want to muddy the waters when questioned about your logic. 
 It's actually not that difficult to see why he says what he says. Just view the stories where he gets the most enraged and most passionate, they're the ones where Cook has made some statement about social advocacy, anti-discrimination, or tweeted something about gay rights- he gets in a manic tizzy, and starts ranting about how Cook needs to go, then lists his lamentations with Apple products. His entire ideology stems from his Cook hatred (just look at his sig), and just...
 Actually, it seems like they have an extremely strong vision for the iPad, going by their brilliant partnership with IBM and their significant software upgrades for the iPad. It's also an infinitely more capable product than when SJ unveiled it.  Maybe a troll like you should worry more about your lack of vision, than Apple's. They seem to be doing just fine. Why don't you enlighten us with what you think they "should" do with the iPad, and which would increase its...
Wow, you should really let Apple know yours thoughts. If you did, they might decide to do stuff like side by side windows, having the keyboard double as a touchpad, etc.
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