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Awesome. Can't wait until this is rolled out fully with the Mac app. Finally will move all my photos to that system.
Just more evidence that Apple is pretty much the only tech company that can push and standardize a new standard to the mainstream. The same thing could be available tens years prior, but itf Apple isn't using it, adoption is usually shit. This is no doubt what annoys the Android neckbeards. BUT BUT WE HAD IT FIRST APPLE IS JUST PLAYING CATCH UP11!!!
 $49.99? That's breaking the bank a bit, isn't it?
Or howbout, you know, we don't make another fucking Jobs movie? It's not like it's going to come anywhere near capturing the essence of the guy. It will be a superficial performance, emphasizing his negatives in order to create the needed drama. The guy hasn't been dead that long. 
 You know, in my experience, when someone buys something they don't really give a shit when it's going to be "outdated". It's not something on most people's minds. They buy based on desire at the time. It's only the tech geeks and are always obsessed about when something will become "obsolete" and resale value. 
 Oh, shutup. You were calling for Tim Cook's ouster for like a year when the stock was low- even thought you admit that Wallstreet is clueless- so what makes you any better? You've always been a sycophant with no backbone when it comes to stock price and your opinion of Apple, which is always perfectly in tune with Wallstreet's opinion. You're only cheerleading Apple now because the stock has risen, and when it drops you will be screaming bloody murder and blaming Apple-...
This might get ugly. Hopefully has no negative effect on the stock.
The only thing more ridiculous than these ethnically diverse emoji, is the fact that some people are actually OUTRAGED at it. Yeah, they're not needed. But how the **** will the new emoji affect you negatively? The hate and anger is hilarious. Worst case scenario, you have more emoji options. OH NO!! Post after post of hate is just hilarious. Don't worry people, you don't have to pay for these or anything. 
 "Nobody cares"? Really? Is that why literally every article about the annoucement I've read on major sites has THOUSANDS of comments, even Apple fan sites? You don't care. I don't care. Many others don't also. But to pretend "nobody" cares, and that it's a complete non-issue to everyone, is simply empirically false.  As for why he chose now to come out, there's probably hundreds of factors, but as I see it here are the 2 main ones: 1. He believed the threshold has been...
 No, instead, Apple chooses to make excellent laptops, that are designed to support the way they are actually used. It's not all about 'pushing boundaries"- thats not the goal. The goal is to make an excellent product, pushing boundaries is merely a means to an end. Unfortunately, this goal is beyond the ability of most of these OEMs, so instead, they focus on the gimmicks and pretend thats the goal. 
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