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March is a great time. Feb would be too early, not enough padding from the Holiday season. March is typically dead and is an ideal time for Apple Watch updates. This product is going to be huge, and the cynical, myopic stupidity of some won't change that. The possibilities are endless, and nothing released thus far seems like a threat. The software is what will define it. 
Pretty much. "We're too fucking incompetent and don't have what it takes to create a standard that will be successful and widely adopted, as Apple routinely does, so, uh... OPEN!!Samsung can't even fucking decide what OS to use in their products. Their event was as cringe worthy as all their previous ones. You'd think with all the money they have, they could hire some people to advise them about things like "taste" and "class", or how not to make a laughable keynote.
Hope these results do wonders for this stock. Planning to pick up another couple grand's worth tomorrow. But knowing Wall Street's sociopathic behaviour when it comes to AAPL, who knows. One thing is for sure. Apple is going to completely blow away any result that any company has ever posted in human history.
I'm ready to throw $$$ so fast as Apple as soon as the 1st Broadwell MBP is out.
Holy shit. Didn't Surface tablet have like 50% of advertised storage as actually usable space? I don't recall Microsoft being sued, that was quite a bit more aggregious. But hey- new day, new lawsuit,
Excellent post. This shit would have sounded so bizarre a few years ago, but we've reached such a level of whining and entitlement in society that this kind of lawsuit is actually being justified by some. Bitching about 50-90 min a year? Jesus.
Meanwhile, Tim Cook always rejects his bonuses and extra stock, no matter how many financial and performance records Apple smashed that quarter/year.
Good. I'm sure resources and man power could be better spent on other things. No need to do the same damn thing every year, things get predictable and meaningless. 
 What a ridiculous, sensational, ultra-whiny post, that has little to do with reality, littered with the usual, lazy troll horse-shit of Apple "losing it's way".  First of all, the current photo-management method, photostreams, was first introduced by Steve Jobs in 2011 and released that same year. This is STILL the default, recommended system, as iCloud photo library is still in beta and OFF by default on all devices. It will probably leave beta in 2015, whenever the new...
 Yes, iCloud photo library photos show up on ALL devices in which the feature is enabled. And yes, editing changes the photo everywhere. A good idea would be to turn on "optimize storage" options, which stores only the thumbnails and only downloads the original photo when you view it. This probably saves 90% of space required.  To me, the ideal feature would be if you could just specify on each device how far back you'd like it to load the photos from the cloud. ie, only...
New Posts  All Forums: