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So you're allowed to go to the bathroom after EACH MOVE?? Sorry, how the hell is that allowed, and how is that not suspicious as ****?
This thread is pretty much perfect troll fodder. As if these surveys ever fucking mean anything. Not a single normal consumer has used an Apple watch, and even if you go to the Apple Store you can't really experience one. This product will become more popular organically, through a network effect of seeing others wearing it, asking about it, then wanting and buying it.    The iPhone took 3 months to sell 1M. Now it sells 75M/qtr. The Apple Watch already has sold...
 Yeah, it makes much more sense for audiobooks to be mixed in with songs and people's playlists, and not with.. you know.. books, right? When I think of "audiobook", "ibook" seems a much natural place than iTunes, regardless of media type. I love how everyone bitches than iTunes is bloated, and whenever Apple takes steps to logically break out features into more appropriate apps, there's of course more bitching.   Oh, shut up. You mean a company that ONLY focuses on...
 Why does that make more sense? The icons will still be differentiated in ther actual design, they don't have to have a multitude of shapes. Thats always been my gripe with the dock- looks so messy. Different sizes, styles, perspectives, etc. I've love if they unified the shape like iOS. Makes it easier for the brain to process, not more difficult. Of course there will be bitching and whining, but I think its a good step to take in order to unify the apps to users coming...
Jesus, Apple has been busy. Blows my mind, the stunning stupidity of those that imply they've been "coasting" or "lazy". I don't remember a time of such constant, relentless change in all aspects of the company and to so many product lines, both software and hardware.
Good. **** selfie sticks. The height of inconsiderate narcisism and selfishness, invading the space and comfort of others so you can indulge in your own self obsession.
 Actually, you should STFU. How predictably pathetic that you come down on the side against Apple no matter what the issue is, each and every time. There is no absolutely case here, and you know that. Really, you think Apple should be sued for comissioning the work of an artist whose style "may, kinda, but not really"  looks like some other artist? Yet, you bashed Apple to no end during the lawsuit with Samsung, claiming their claims of infringement were baseless....
 I have been INSANELY curious as to what he's been doing. He basically became a ghost after he left, pretty amazing for someone of his stature. 
 Eh, every single Apple release sounds like a disaster if you're gonna rely on knee-jerk online impressions.  PS- Just noticed I'm quoted in your sig.. flattered ;)
 There are 25 exclamation marks in your post. Just thought I'd point that out.  Also, 18K songs is really on the extreme end of things. So yes, I would expect some issues and slow speeds in that scenario. 
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