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Maybe the intern that was supposed to push the launch button fell asleep?
Canadian site still down. 
I'm refreshing like fucking crazy..nothing yet. 
 Its infinitely less distracting then looking down at your phone. Or should phones also be banned from cars?
 Silly comments? His response was sarcastic anyway, so obviously he didn't change his mind about anything. 
 Actually, I think that would be pretty cool. Maybe not all the colors, but a revamped polycarbonate lower end macbook. 
 What? Yosemite is the most minimalist OSX yet. And what does "humble" mean?
 No, you didn't "sleep on it" since your response was 1 min after his, which means its doubtful you thought about it for 5 seconds. Also, how can you have any clue of what profit margins the Apple watch has, let alone that ridiculous conclusion you just made? Oh, and this story is complete horse-shit. I doubt even Apple has a damn clue of what the next edition of the watch will bring, since no doubt there's a shit-ton they need to figure out about the first one before it...
  People said the SAME thing about the iPad. WHY does it need to exist? We have smartphones and laptops/netbooks. This thing is a massive phone cant even make calls, and doesnt even have the fraction of the functionality of a laptop. It doesnt deserve to exist, and will crash and burn. There doesn't need to be one WHY, there can be a million, as long as its enough to cover everyone's use cases. The iPad: 1. Was a joy to use2. Got a ton of 3rd party support That's all the...
New Posts  All Forums: