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People on this board were mocking this potential machine, and predicting $5000.    This is a fucking amazing product at $2499. Shocking, really.  Apple products are "over-priced" my ass. 
 True, the Nexus is the best Android phone one can buy, just because it's stock and gets instant updates. Unfortunately, most people are pretty stupid and don't realize this, or don't care. And you're right, Google just destroyed the biggest draw of the phone, which was price. There's no way in hell I would have purchased my Nexus 4+5 if they were anywhere near the price of an iPhone. I just don't think they deserve that value. At least it makes my decision easier, Nexus...
 This thread has nothing to do about Beats' audio quality, yet you're compelled to derail the thread into that topic, while noone gives a **** about your opinion on that issue anyway. Why are you so insistent on shitting on every thread? Are you so fearful that people aren't aware of your opinion? They are, and were 1000 posts ago. Yet you keep going on and on, as if anyone gives a shit about your personal thoughts on the matter. They're insanely successful. Many believe...
 Amazing eh? The Apple Watch hasn't even sold a single UNIT. What an absolute failure.  But I like how you've laid down the foundation for claiming "its all cause of the marketing", when the Apple Watch is a huge success, contrary to all your filthy, unrelenting trolling and proclamations of doom.  Yes, Apple will market the Watch, a new product category,  just like how they marketed the shit out of the iPhone when it was first released. Why the **** wouldn't they?
 How the **** is the headline misleading when these phones DO deliver poorer graphics performance, regardless of guts and resolution? Would you like an 8K phone that can deliver 1fps? The point is offering a good useable experience with power and resolution tightly tuned, but these companies don't give a shit about that. The fact that you can't look past the specs and understand that is telling. 
Remember when the iPhone was continually bashed for having lower specs, and lower benchmarks than others, even while it had a much better user experience? Now it leads on both.
 I've never in my life seen a more committed troll than you, the lowest of the low. Still beating a dead horse, even when it's been shown that the horse never existed. You do know that even anti-Apple sites are admitting this was a sham now, right? Pathetic is an understatement. 
 Troll posts shitty troll post, news at 11. 
 No, I don't. The K1 is 64-bit. My initial assertion was about the Nexus 6, the tablet is a different story.  CPU is only one piece of the puzzle though. I very much doubt most Android apps will be optimized for 64bit, since so few phones/tablets are capable of such, and since the OS is not fully 64bit. 
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