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 Whenever the **** they deem it's ready. No ball has been dropped. Noone is currently dominating the set top box market. It's a device in which compelling content requires extremely complex and numerous deals with the providers. This is not something Apple can just program or design.   Oh, instead of dropping the ball "for a reason"? Maybe try to think of a more original expression- or maybe a more relevant one? Seriously, enough with the fucking self-righteous "I want my...
 Incredible you would bring up Apple's "whining", when whining is literally all you do on this forum. Every single one of your posts is a tiresome, mind-numbing rant, almost a carbon -copy of the one before, and you have the gall to mention "whining"? Unreal.  Apple has never played in the profit-less junk-market, which you're shrieking for them to do,  and in spite of that have become the most successful company in the world.  Oh, and what "game" is already over? Is it...
"I'll prove to you that is a gross, gross exaggeration, and an insult to your intelligence," Quinn said. "It's an attack on Android," Quinn said. "It is trying to gain with you in this courtroom what it has lost in the marketplace."   This guy seems like such a fuckface. I recall numerous idiotic statements from him from the 1st trial. 
Awesome updates. Those people who incessantly bitched about Apple "neutering" iWork should humbly eat their words, considering the pace that Apple is improving the suite- which is already more powerful than the version it replaced.
 Excellent post. This mind-numbing analysis is insanely idiotic in more ways than one, not to mention that it excludes the fundamental premise that the smartphone market is still rapidly growing, while the PC market (that macs are included in) is shrinking- anyone with 2 braincells can understand why Macs would be increasing in share, while iPhone decreasing when you lump all "smartphones" together (nevermind the stupidity of making no distinction from a $700 iPhone and a...
The fact that Apple always acquires companies I've never heard of means they do their fucking research and are acquiring technology they truly believe will enhance and help them in the long term, not over-spending countless billions on the latest fad.    Also, Apple should just go ahead and buy ARM. Yes, it would be a massively expensive purchase, but I have a feeling they can afford it (probably the only tech company who could), and it would truly **** everyone else...
 Most Android phones being sold are actually dirt cheap feature phones, but of course everyone counts these in their "marketshare" analysis vs iPhones in order to make Apple look bad. It's a ridiculous comparisons, and usage #s just prove just how small of a percentage of these phones are being used for anything approaching "smart" capability. But hey, 82,024,017,322 are being activated per day (or whatever the figure is) so it's all good and Apple is doomed. 
 And the products that actually generate Google profit are not open-source (ie. search). The only things that are is the stuff that they don't really give a shit about, but only acts as a trojan horse for their other revenue generating products. It's hilarious that people think that Google is pro-open source based on principle. They are not, and never have been. They use it for convenience when it suits their ends. 
 What a ridiculous statement. The fundamental design of the iPhone hasn't really changed since 2007. It simply goes through major enhancements every revision, but the overall iconic shape remains. I see no reason this will change, they're not gonna come up with a significantly different shape simply for the hell of it. They will refine and enhance what they have, which is what they should do. Same thing that's done with Macbooks, iMacs, iPads, etc. 
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