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 Oh, shut up.  1. Yeah, Apple is THE most profitable company on the planet, but somehow it might decide to shit that all away to become a "fashion company". 2. Apple took the time, interest, and resource to redesign Final Cut X fro scratch, and has since added HUNDREDS of new features and updates, based on requests and customer demands. Yeah, clearly Apple is leaving this market. 3. Apple took a shitload of resource to completely redesign their Mac Pro, into a...
 I somehow doubt Apple maps dissuades anyone from buying an iPhone, especially since Google Maps is also available as a FREE download. Should Apple keep improving its own maps? Of course. Does it have any kind of negative impact on sales? Doubt it. 
He's a pro Samsung troll, enters every thread basically to shit on Apple and proclaim how awesome Samsung is, don't even bother with him.
Awesome. I'm sure all eight Nexus 6 owners will be thrilled. Seriously, I have YET to see one in person. And I make a specific effort to notice what phones people have.
 Yes, because of all the people who somehow drop their watches while wearing them on their wrists. Truly, a real problem that everyone has.  
Are people in this thread that naive, that they can't see through Apple ]['s sudden passion on this issue? Enter literally ANY thread on this board that references a colored person, no matter what the topic, and you will see Apple ][ in there, coincidentally with anger, rage, and criticism towards Apple. It's an absolute guarantee. Doesn't matter if that individual is a civil rights activist, a musician, an artist, or celebrity. So please, stop engaging Apple ][ on this...
"Trust me"? Why would be trust you? How about you supply a shred of evidence for your confident claim, instead of asking people to take it on faith from a random internet poster? You stated that they're being paid to wear them as FACT. Supply evidence, or STFU.
Hey Mods, isn't this kind of trash bannable? You know, coming into a thread to demand why there isnt inother thread about a completely different topic? It shits things up for everyone. Brlawyer has done nothing but shit in absolutely every single thread he enters. Why does he still have posting privileges?
That.. Came out of nowhere. Wow. I mean. Wow. I've been wondering what Forstall has been doing, and if you gave me a list of every possible thing on earth, producing a Broadway music would have been dead last. Good for him though. You just expect big names in tech to stay in the same industry, but nice to see him following his passions. I'm still in shock though.
Yup. For the profits Apple makes, Tim Cook is the least-paid CEO on the planet. Not that he cares, he always turns down his bonuses. Tim is a fantastic example of fiscal responsibility and accountability when it comes to CEOs, as well as lack of greed. Yes, he still gets paid a shitload of $$, but he generates infinitely more, and does not earn as much as he otherwise could.
New Posts  All Forums: