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 Complete horse-shit, and that conclusion is pure laziness on your part.  - Since Forstall left, the # of features and capabilities in Apple products has skyrocketed (iOS6-iOS8, OSX 10.8-10.10) creating many more variables and use cases where things may not work as expected - Since Forstall left, the # of people using Apple products has also exploded, creating a much larger base of potential complaints.  There isn't a SINGLE metric that shows an objective measure of...
Why not focus more on the last few years of Steve's life, instead of regurgitating the Lisa thing again and again for drama? It's clear they got zero input from people that actually knew Steve, as evidenced by his one dimensional portrayal. Looks horrific. I feel bad for Steve's family, his widow and his kids, as well as all those who worked with him at Apple and loved him, to see him redefined to the masses like this as basically the worst person that ever lived. 
Pathetic. Looks like another lazy Jobs hit-piece by people who didn't understand a fucking thing about him, the laziest kind of film making possible. Every SINGLE scene in that trailer showed Jobs in an extremely negative light, a nasty narcissist with not one redeeming factor. Really? I mean, really? This is the person that so many followed, and so many claimed to love? I find it really off putting how these film makers feel fine redefining someone who has passed so...
 Because that product does not even make a blip on Apple's balance sheet, and they (justifiably) couldn't care less about investing in it? Apple does not want people buying Nanos, they would prefer if you saved your cash and invested in an iOS device. 
Yep, I can definitely see Apple bulking up the next revisions of their machines, adding complexity and thickness, in order to allow "user replaceable" parts. Totally happening.
This just in, Apple discontinuing the Mac and iOS lines to focus on the car.    There's maybe a tiny kernel of truth to it that has been hyper-sensationalized.
Great update, everything is so well implemented. Really puts the focus of music back in iTunes. Also, I think Connect is gonna be pretty huge and a successful platform.
 But they're not guilty, and Apple truly believes they have done nothing wrong- as do many that have actually followed the facts of this case. But nice to know you believe they should "accept the fact" and "move on". I would much rather Apple stick to their principles and convictions, and demand justice.  But yeah, it's "just like Samsung". Yep, identical cases. It's sad that you couldn't care less about the facts of each case, and would prefer to pretend they're identical...
 Yep, I would also like to know this list. I have a feeling it's a BS statement. 
I'm extremely impressed by Apple Music. Very well put together app. Also, it's only "complicated" if you don't can't 5 min to figure everything out. Oh, the horror. People are so fucking entitled and lazy these days. 
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