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You can always tell those people who have zero character (probably extends to real life as well), by the fact that they will never, ever admit to being wrong, even when their statements have been shredded to bits from every conceivable angle.    I will never hesitate for a second to admit I was wrong, when I am confronted with undeniable, factual evidence to that effect. Sadly, trolls like hillstones, who have zero integrity and honesty, conveniently disappear when this...
 As soon as I saw your name, I knew your post would be completely full of shit, and of course you never disappoint.  That link you posted has been completely discredited. Not only were they clueless about the "metal parts to add weight" trash (these are at the stress points and would snap if plastic), these weren't even real Beats headphones, but Chinese...
 Uh, you know you can get a million hits when you lazily throw in "X sucks" or "X is mediocre" in Google, including every single Apple product ever made- right? It's absolutely laughable and embarrassing for you that you would use that as empirical "evidence" of anything, and pretend you've won the debate. Beats, like every other extremely popular and successful product, is going to get a shitload of hate. Just like every Apple product. 
YES! Loving how this has predictably gotten the trolls in a tizzy, and all the salty tears in this thread. Especially people who state they'd prefer a $10 gift card, cause it's not like they call SELL the headphones for &150+, right? Tell you what, anyone who doesn't want their Beats can send them to me and I'll send you $10, we both win. Hell, I'll even make it $20.
 That was..wow, my head hurts from the stupid. 
 Please elaborate how exactly this is related to " How to enable Home Sharing in iOS 9 beta" which is the topic of this thread?I know you were super excited to post that link, but it's pretty shamelessly off topic. Jim has always been a sensationalist, and I'm sorry, but he's a moron for not making a backup of his music, then bitches and whines when he connects it to a cloud matching service and stuff happens. 
 What a moronic post. On all levels.  - The Apple Watch starts @ $349. I know all you trolls constantly seem confused and unable to find this hidden, obscure information. -  believe it or not, most people tend to have their phones with them. Your Macbook Air analogy is, to put it mildly, beyond moronic, and embarrassing to you. - So Apple decided to "hide" it's unfavorable Apple Watch numbers 8 months ago? Wow, impressive powers of prediction they have. You're aware that...
 We're at a point where you can program a spambot to vomit out the predictions of "insiders". 
 Because Cook sticks to his guns. He already stated they will not reveal numbers, changing his mind because of pressure would be weak, and probably only beneficial to the very short term, not long term. And Tim is a long term kind of guy. 
 Enough of your trollish horse-shit. We've known for 6 months that Apple was not going to reveal #s, so stop pretending they just decided to do this because they didn't like the #s.  Also, your last point is utterly moronic. So Apple products sell based on their price? In that case, I guess the Apple TV should be absolutely destroying sales of all iOS devices, going by your absurd logic. That's the best you can do, in order to shit on the positive fact that the Apple watch...
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