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 Oh, please STFU. Apple SHOULD'T answer to this- because it's nothing more than manufactured horse-shit, and you know it. I thought drop tests were idiotic, but this is infinitely worse.  The amazing thing is after that anonymous blog post about that guy that for some reason kept his iPhone6+ in his tight pocket for 18 straight hrs (while driving, too) and it allegedly "bent" I rolled my eyes knowing that this was to become the next "fiasco" or "gate" based on this one...
 Sorry, I call bullshit. I think it's extremely unreasonable to believe Apple would have stuck with the same screen size forever if Samsung did not exist, especially since EVERY other OEM also sells larger phones. It has nothing to do with competition. Samsung didn't make anything "possible", nor have they really contributed anything to the smartphone space, at least that Apple has incorporated into its own products. Expanding the iPhone lineup as it matured was...
 There are some bugs, but it's definitely a million times better than iOS7, bug wise. iOS7.0 was absolutely horrendous, especially on an iPad. 
 You're absolutely right, releasing a different style of ads (you know, like they do every few months)  means Apple is "a whole different company". Can you be anymore dramatic? We just witnessed 2 of the best events in Apple's history the past few months, they just sold 10+ million phones in a weekend, and already we've got the concern-trolling Apple-is-doomed drama bullshit because you don't like an ad. Try to keep some perspective. 
 So Apple should keep the same campaign style forever? Really? Yeah, thats what happens with ad campaigns. They get "abandoned" because everyone will get sick an tired of the same style, no matter how good the ad is. I'm sure they'll go back to something similar in the future, but you have to break things up to keep things interesting. Although I personally loved the Powerful ads, I think this style will resonate more strongly with the average person. Most people probably...
Glad Apple focused so much on power efficiency for the A8. There's barely anything that even taxes the A7 yet. Battery life, for most people, will be much more valuable than horse-power they'll probably never use. 
 Wow, couldn't disagree more. I laughed multiple times during both of them. They are hilarious, tongue in cheek, and awesome. Do a good job describing features while not taking themselves too seriously. A nice break form the "iProducts are changing the world" ultra self-important ads. The closest thing, tone wise, to the "Get a Mac" ads I've seen yet.  If this is the in-house team, then bravo. 
 Funny how I've never managed to damage of fray a single lightning cable. I guess because I put a shred of effort into not treating them carelessly, and yanking them in extreme ways. It's not that hard to not fray them. 
 No, it didn't take "ages". They waited until the USB3.0 controller was integrated into intel's chipset, without needing a separate one. Which was the rational thing to do, for a variety of reasons from power efficiency to reliability. 
10,000,000+ million sales in a weekend, while being supply constrained, and before launching in the largest market in the world (China).    Eat your fucking heart out, Samsung. 
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