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 Because most people don't place their phones facedown. 
Disgusting, despicable, lazy, dishonest, self-serving, and destructive reporting, which does not meet the core requirement of "journalism"- educating people. The research done for articles like this is utterly pathetic and reprehensible, not even going so far as to attain basic facts that have been around for years- instead, the goal of the piece is to "score points" or something against Apple, through dishonesty. When it comes to accessibility, Apple is in another Galaxy...
 Really? Its been very smooth for me. My friend is a programmer and he's using it as his main OS now. 
 Yeah, Tim signed off on yearly OSX updates just like iOS, and the last WWDC showed that they're putting a shitload of effort into OSX improvements and new features, which clearly means that they're on the way to completely dropping the platform, right? If anything, the Mac has gotten much MORE attention lately, not less.  Also, do you know WHY iOS devices are so popular? Apps. Do you know what platform the vast majority of these apps are developed on (especially the high...
 Thats my point. "Marketshare" is almost irrelevant in the PC space, because Macs are not even competing in the price bracket of 80% of PCs out there. The VAST majority of PC sales are sub $1000 machines, which Apple does not play in- so making the marketshare comparison is brain-dead. Also, Apple is shipping SO many more iOS devices per year, which obviously are cannibalizing Mac sales, especially iPads. 
Who cares? The Mac has never been in a marketshare war and never will be. In terms of bottom line, it's almost irrelevant. I expect Macs will get a boost once hardware and software is updated this fall, not to mention the increased halo effect from the better synergy between iOS8 and Yosemite. 
 Excellent post. 
Uh, what a crock of shit. I'm vehemently against any kind of discrimination, especially in the hiring process and the workforce, but this is fucking ridiculous. What are these "diversity" numbers supposed to show? Should Apple have an even break-down of all minority groups represented in their total workforce #s, as well as ethnicities, ages, sexes, reglious backgrounds, etc to prove that they support "diversity"? How mind-numbing. Does a single person on the planet...
 Physical books are nowhere near a "dying market". There will be a big market for a long time to come. 
Queue all the knee-jerk conclusions based on this move.    More realistically, the guy was just ready for something different. 
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