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 Looks like BB sales tripled in the 1st 3 years after the iPhone launch, and look where they are now? I say just like every low-end Android sale, every Pebble sale is a net POSITIVE for Apple. The more people that own a pebble, the more potential Apple Watch customers, as they will see the potential of a smartwatch and there's a good chance they will eventually want to upgrade. 
 So you post an average of twice a year, and you use one of those posts to come into a thread, shit on an Apple product, and announce that you will buy something else. Then you use the "I've had an X since Y" crap. And you say you're not a troll?
 Sorry, what kind of battery life is "acceptable" to you? What did you expect it to do, with the screen tech, size, and technology packed inside? Why is 1-2 days not acceptable? Guess what- the next version isn't going to have a week's worth of battery life either. 
 Just emojis!  Oh, as well as.. 
 Well, they're definitely trying their best to clone iOS. Marshmallow basically copies the iOS privacy/permissions methodology (fine control over every app's permissions), implicitly admitting that Apple had it right all along, but without anyone from Google having the balls to come out and say it. 
 It's nice that you use Amex, but you're in the tiny, tiny minority. My dad recently had a customer pay by Amex, and it was literally the first one in 3 years, and he gets CC payments every day.  They had to contact him to refresh the banking information. My point is a Canadian launch only with Amex cards, is not a launch at all. Almost everyone uses Mastercard or VISA. 
So what CC will be supported in Canada? Only Amex? In all my years here I've seen maybe ONE person use that card. Pretty pathetic if that is the extent of the Canadian launch. 
Awesome. I'm excited to see Apple TV grow and evolve, with software updates and better apps. Just downloaded Plex today, and loving it. 
Wow, that final words section was glowing. Let me guess, 95% of those 250 comments are hateful rants.
 Oh, do shut up. The boring "Apple has gone downhill" meme got boring 5 min after Steve left, and not a SINGLE metric supports your trollish, trashy statement. How original of you. If you recall, under Steve the first Apple TV also had a remote, albeit an ugly plastic white one. Nothing is "unfolding". Any rational person can predict that the app will get updated in short order. This Apple TV is a MASSIVE improvement from the previous version, from the appstore, to the...
New Posts  All Forums: