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 Yep- clearly "nanometers" of tolerance in that photo. I mean hey, that shit looks off only by a few mm, or a few billion nanometers. Clearly they don't give a ****. But hey, the screen is curved on one side. Why? Who gives a ****, just because. 
Pathetic, and sad. Depressing, almost. The sad part is you can instantly TELL that this is nothing but desperate, duplication, with no soul of it's own. The details are all wrong. The voice, the editing, the shitty lines ("for a screen shape that looks like the future.."- WTF does that even mean?)- there's just no real depth, class, honesty, or uniqueness about this ad. The worst part is how they keep repeating "we do.." as if they're describing a philosophy, or something...
You're also a terrible troll, and a terrible liar, by all accounts. Yep- there's no way in hell the Apple watch can be a success, cause you said so- the only POSSIBLE reason for this is almost non-existent supply and "terrible" supply chain management by the best supply chain managers on the planet. Because clearly, lying trolls like you know a lot about the supply chain. Keep twisting logic into knots in order to deny the obvious.
Clearly, no one wants these watches. Looks like trolls like BF were right- sadly, a catastrophic failure that nobody will buy. 
 No, your posts are all risible. You're one of the nastiest trolls on this forum. Usually you shill for Samsung, but I guess in this case you decided to change things up and state that you hope Apple does not purchase something you like, and that Microsoft does instead. Par the course for a frothing at the mouth Apple hater, who backs the competition each and every time, and who decides to spend his time posting on an Apple-centric site spewing nothing but bile and...
..and the stock continues to take a dive on the back of an insane quarter, and an incredible future outlook, for God-knows-what fucking reason. Would have thought that $130 would be a baseline going forward, but nope. Best Q2 of any company in history is not enough to even keep the needle where it is, let alone move it forward, when it comes to Apple. Maybe Apple should stop actually making money and products that sell absurdly well, but instead discontinue everything,...
Oh Matt from drudge. Right. What's on that site is a very loose definition of the word "news". If you're pretending that it's in anyway objective, sorry, that's laughable, no matter what your political ideologies. Drudge is tabloid trash, and it only has legitimacy by some because republicans like his political leanings and what he attacks.
 Was responding to Rogifan, not the author. He exhibits the same pattern over and over of pretending as if Tim Cook is harming Apple by not being ultra right wing, by concern trolling these kinds of stories. 
 Noone gives a shit. As if Apple can control what trash Drudge decides to post. Yes, millions of people visit Drudge, but anyone with sense knows it's basically toilet paper as far as integrity goes, one step below trashy tabloids. Stop pretending to be so concerned- something you always seem to do ONLY when it suits your agenda of pretending that Apple's liberal ideology is harming the company somehow. Drudge never held back the sensational anti-Apple headlines in SJ's...
 Sounds cool in magical unicorn land. Unfortunately, Apple cannot just do whatever they want in this space, otherwise they would have done so a long time ago. I'm sure whatever Apple comes out with, they would have fought tooth and nail for it, and it's the best they could negotiate or the providers would agree to. Obviously, everyone would like to pick and choose channels, but that's not realistic. Your comment sounds pretty naive and childish. 
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