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"Typo will continue to make and sell innovative products that busy people can't live without," the company said.   Amazing. I wonder if they were able to restrain themselves from bursting into laughter after making that statement. 
All reviews indicate that it's a piece of shit anyways. No loss.
 Yep. But you wouldn't really know that from the "Apple is going downhill" tone of all tech blogs, comments, online and offline media outlets, etc. Apple has NEVER been in as strong a position as they are today, in any respect. Yet, as usual, up is down. 
..And why the **** shouldn't they? Office on iPad opens up Microsoft to potentially millions of new customers. iOS devices users are the most lucrative users to have, and the platform is the healthiest of any. Thats the cost of doing business on the most successful appstore in the world.
 I don't care if they do, as long as they keep the current 4.5" as an option. Although, it's not Apple's style to have too many SKUs, not to mention they have 5S and 5C lines now. Will be interesting to see how they tackle this. Whatever they do, I'm sure they would have put a shitload of thought into it. 
Just watched the livestream, good presentation. Nadella is such a massive step up from Ballmer. I like the new approach they're taking. I probably won't subscribe to it, but office on the iPad looks very powerful, well thought out, and user friendly. Kudos to them. This pretty much eliminates the #1 bullet point against the iPad, and for Windows Tablets- No Office. Even if noone here wants to admit it, this is pretty major. Notice they didnt reveal an Android version, and...
Microsoft has more to benefit by having office on iPad than Apple does. 
What a petty and vindictive action by BB. No wonder they're going out of business, when they waste their energy doing shit like this. The guy obviously doesn't even want to be there- they should have just let it go. Instead, they sue and force him to stay several more months, when he clearly cares little about the company and has minimal incentive to contribute to its success? This move was made more to punish the employee (and Apple) and has nothing to do with the...
 When every other major technology company vastly outspends Apple in lobbyists, unfortunately Apple has no choice. Ideally, they wouldn't need any. But in this situation, NOT having lobbyists (or enough lobbyists) would be negligent and stupid. Obviously Apple is not crazy about the idea, looking at how much money they have and how much they spend on them, but clearly they see that they need to get in the game. Otherwise, Amazon and Google wil continue getting preferred...
 And in the same breath, people like you will attack and vilify Apple for employing "slave workers", etc, in China. I remember the solution that all these people proposed to get rid of "slavery" is "automation" They can't fucking win, can they? Apple's purpose isn't to "help the world's economies". They DO do that, based solely on the success of their products, stores, and number of employees they employ directly or indirectly- but that's not going to be Apple's core...
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