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 "Floodgates"? When did I even use that term? I'm a "bright one"? What the **** is up with the ad hominem attack? It was a question, since most people that I've seen post that they got their pre-order in I have never seen post previously. It was a very valid inquiry. What exactly is it that offended you about my question?
Serious question.. Where were all of you people in the previous Apple Watch threads in the last few months? You know, since every Apple watch thread had like 90% haters, and then the rare exceptions who statedthey MIGHT consider purchase after taking a wait and see approach? Now everyone has pre-ordered? I don't get it. Why didn't any of you who we're planning to buy post in earlier discussion threads, to offset the bashers and naysayers?
 Airtight logic there, sir. It's not like they named the iPhone, the iPhone, right?
 There's worse things, like the fact that we massacre each other on a daily basis and are raping the planet. Oh, and some of us spend all our days on internet forums hating on gadgets from a certain comapny. 
Apple Store employees are going to be touching a lot of wrists..
 So, what exactly makes that review "unbiased"? What the **** does that even mean? Every review by definition is subjective. Or are you saying it's unbiased because it just so happens to be one of the most negative reviews out there? How convenient.  Oh, nevermind. Just checked your shitty, one-note Apple Watch bashing posting history. Too damned predictable.     What a gem you are. You should tell us again how much you hate the (unreleased) Apple Watch. You know, just in...
 For a second there, I thought BF was unbanned.  To hum and people like him, anything that Apple does or doesn't do relating to the Watch is a sign of desperation and the fact that they already know it will be an epic failure- whether it's spending money, or not spending money. 
Does anyone else find Joanna Stern insanely obnoxious? I just feel insulted whenever I watch her stuff. The "day with Apple Watch" video was particularly stupid, where she uses it the "wrong" way (ie. smearing toothpaste all over it, taking it in the shower, keep all notifications enabled, etc) then bitches about it. 
 Love it, the cliched "The only reason that websites give Apple products good reviews is so that they don't get blacklisted" horse-shit. Do you have a shred of evidence that Apple has EVER blacklisted a SINGLE publication for a negative review? The only incident I recall is when Gizmodo peddled unreleased, stolen property (the iPhone 4). But yeah, go that route, proves to everyone how anti-intellectual and trollish you are, because then you can pretty much write-off every...
 What an obtuse, false, and troll-like statement. This machine runs a desktop class OS, and am sure can easily cut through the needs of 90% of consumers out there. For the rest (like you know, tech reviewers that bitch and whine), Apple hasn't stopped selling its other models. Most people I know don't use their Macs for anything beyond web browsing, emails, watching video, and word processing.  "Over-priced iPad"? What horse-shit. There are a million things this machine...
New Posts  All Forums: