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 When has Cook in any way even acknowledged he was gay, or brought up the issue in any personal sense? Apple has ALWAYS come out in support of these things, even under Jobs. This is nothing new. Cook has more class in his little finger than you can manage in a lifetime. "Promoting his sexual preferences"? You're so full of shit. Also, Cook is not standing on anyone's accomplishments- he has improved every single aspect of Apple and its products since he's been in charge....
 I've seen many idiotic posts from you, but this one has to be one of the worst. The extent of your ignorance and childishness is incredible. You honestly believe that Cook ran the risk of being "murdered" in Dubai? Do you realize how absolutely stupid you sound by suggesting that the fact that Cook stepped foot in Dubai is "proof" that he isn't gay?   By the way I've been to Dubai, and actually knew some gay people there. Not one was scared of being murdered, nor would...
 I will never understand bringing little kids to these parades, where there's so many lewd and depraved visuals, such as giant dildo flotillas, people wearing nothing but crotch-balls, etc. I ran into a pride parade once and was pretty disgusted at the scenes I saw. I'm fine with the purpose of the parade, but why make it so sexual? I thought that wasnt the point?
I really doubt Tim Cook gives a shit who has "outed" him as gay- it's been taken as fact for a while now, there's been magazine covers about it, and Cook hasn't bothered to give the issue a second of his time or attention. Good for him. He's treating it like the useless noise that it is. 
Frankly, these kinds of moves are one of the things I admire most about Apple. Yes, I know what you're thinking- this move is "bad". But I don't think so- I think this is what lies at the very core of Apple's philosophy. Hear me out:   Apple clearly spent alot of time in building this product, updating it, advertising it, and integrating it. It's an excellent product, and financially, it's a net positive for them. It has a ton of loyal users, including Pros (and myself)....
Wow, this is pretty shocking. iPhoto I can definitely understand, keeping both would create too much confusion, redundancy, and complications. But Aperture? Seems that serves a completely different use. It does not even come with OSX, its an optional paid download, so I dont understand the need to eliminate it. There's probably alot we don't know, lately Apple has shown renewed focus on its pro apps, and I dont see them just dropping this with no alternative. 
July 8 is in less than 2 weeks. Please explain to me how that translates into "a few more weeks"?
A "switch" to what, exactly? You do know that there won't be a single smaller premium phone offered by anyone else, right? That's why Apple can safely enlarge the sizes. People that don't like it don't have viable options for a smaller size from anyone else anyway.
I love all this concern-trolling and hang-wringing over Android "squeezing" Apple in a market it never entered in the first place. Apple is not making $100 phones, and never will. And that's perfectly fine. 
So sad that Google is relying on Samsung's software solution for security. I wouldn't trust Samsung to code their way out of a cardboard box, their UI and add-ons is well known to be un-optimized, ugly trash. 
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