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 What the **** is a limited edition that isn't even available to the public supposed to prove, exactly? You're really, really reaching. Also Beats' "Game before the Game" ad was absolutely excellent, and very much like Apple current ads- and a step beyond. It's pretty sad that you have to resort to a gift that the German team is receiving to continue bashing Beats, as if its relevant. Yes, Beats has good marketing and a strong brand. Thats extremely valuable these days....
**** these criminal analysts. "Apple releasing 5.5" phone for this fall" Apple has no plans to release 5.5" phone this fall, and never did. "Apple 5.5" phone pushed back because of "production issues". Assholes. Also, I'm sure the new iPhone went through THOUSANDS of production issues- just like every iPhone. Thats what happens when you're pushing the envelope and building a much more complex phone than anyone else using new manufacturing techniques. As always, when...
 That's what I said to myself a second after they revealed the logo. Design is nice, but orientation seems wrong. 
These ads are horrendous, on so many levels. Not because of Samsung- some of their earlier "Next big thing" ads have been witty/funny, even if not accurate. But there ads are just...bad. Theyre trying so, so hard to invent scenarios where split screen is actually desirable, and failing miserably.    Ad 1:   - So, the dad chooses to watch a soccer match that spans 1/8 of a tablets display? Really, is that actually enjoyable? - In what fucking world would someone CHOOSE...
Awesome. Moves like this will encourage even more developer support. This is the right approach to take. It's pretty incredible where Apple was a few years ago, compared to where they are now, when it comes to developers. 
If A8 is dual core, good. Glad Apple isn't jumping on the "more cores for the hell of it" bandwagon. They know what theyre doing when it comes to chip design, which is why the A7 still blows everything else out of the water in most respects, even Samsung's 8 core mobile chips. 
In my opinion Apple should launch this Q1 or Q2 2015. They have enough to keep themselves and consumers busy this fall, no point biting off more than they can chew, or blowing their whole load within a couple months. Leave the iWatch till later to give it room in the spotlight and make sure people didn't just spend all their money on other Apple products.
 Because most people don't place their phones facedown. 
Disgusting, despicable, lazy, dishonest, self-serving, and destructive reporting, which does not meet the core requirement of "journalism"- educating people. The research done for articles like this is utterly pathetic and reprehensible, not even going so far as to attain basic facts that have been around for years- instead, the goal of the piece is to "score points" or something against Apple, through dishonesty. When it comes to accessibility, Apple is in another Galaxy...
 Really? Its been very smooth for me. My friend is a programmer and he's using it as his main OS now. 
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