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Obviously design is subjective, but I truly thing Apple absolutely nailed the fundamentals of the Watch, especially in terms of build quality and how they put such a focus on customizability- testing it like a piece of jewelry, which is exactly the way you're supposed to treat something you want people to wear. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether it was worth making 2 separate sizes, and all the manufacturing inefficiencies, extra skus, and double the straps...
Seriously your posts are getting tiresome. All you do is bitch and whine with so much damn negativity.
 I know eh? What a useless company. Maybe someday Apple will get something right. Amazing they're still in business, eh?  /s Seriously, your line of "never gotten livestreams right" is bullshit. The past few years streams have been generally fine, except this time. In terms of pre-orders, point me to another company on the planet that successfully processes millions of online pre-orders within minutes? Oh wait, noone else on the planet gets those kinds of numbers so its an...
So the app is up but not the website? **** it. They're gone anyway in that case. What a waste of fucking time and sleep. 
**** it. I'm out. What a shitty experience for early adopters. Apple, you've disappointed me. 
Cdn store still down. If I stayed up for nothing and theyre already sold out Im gonna be pissed. 
So to kill time I visited Samsung's site. Amazing how with so much $$ they can't get non-broken english on their US product pages. How fucking amateurish.    http://www.samsung.com/global/microsite/gears/gears_features.html   What a piece of shit product page. 
T+15 min and still nil. 
Does anyone live close to Apple HQ? If so can you go check up on them? I'm getting concerned. Seriously it's not like they didn't have ample time to plan for this. 
**** this shit. Have an early meeting tomorrow. And I'm losing valuable sleep time refreshing a webpage like an idiot. 
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