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Pretty good discounts, but already picked up an Air 2 (had a $90 Apple gift card) and not in the market for any of these. 
 The iPhone6/6+ are by far the best selling smartphones in history, they are by far the best reviewed smartphones currently out, by pretty much every publication, and tens and tens of millions of people are happily using them and insanely satisfied with their purchase. It's rather pathetic how you've convinced yourself you've been "vindicated" somehow, because you live in your little bubble, where a youtube video and first reports of "scratching" almost 2 months after...
 God, you're so intellectually dishonest, it's pretty disgusting. If Apple under Tim Cook isn't "organized", then please, enlighten us as to what company on this planet is? And if Apple is so "un-organized", how can they POSSIBLY produce the metrics that they do, on all fronts. I mean, holy shit at your hypocrisy. I see you consistently bashing Tim Cook and Apple for "becoming bloated", and "moving away from Steve Jobs startup mentality", and now, you take the opportunity...
 Oh, the paywall makes it all true, obviously. Cause nothing you pay for can ever be false. You do know that people like Glenn Beck has subscription news services, right? Also, do you honestly think current Apple employees, who are doing real, current iCloud work, would actually give interviews and spout negative things about the team and the company? Why? Whats their motivation? I don't see it. 
Nice to see AppleInsider isn't above republishing this unsubstantiated bullshit, nor Macrumors (which falls over itself to do so).    "While company executives say they are making progress, interviews with nearly a dozen current and former Apple employees paint a different picture."   Yeah, sounds like complete hose-shit. As if "current employees" are going to give "interviews" and offer anything of substance. Apple is taking it's time rolling out iCloud features, and...
 You have any evidence that Google Play downloads exceed Appstore downloads, as you claim? Any at all? I somehow doubt it. 
 The only embarrassing thing are your posts. And that's being polite. Trolling has gotten more difficult for you, since your desperation to make bendgate a thing, or define the beats acquisition as a catastrophe, have lost their traction. Now, you're reaching at anything and everything, instead of derailing every single thread with those 2 trolling topics. Not sure if thats better, or worse. Probably worse. 
This is one of the many advantages, and brilliance of working WITH the banks and CC companies, not against them. They are using their own billions to advertise FOR Apple Pay, and not against it. 
 Apples and Oranges. AIDS is a disease. The example you gave is human action. How the **** is Apple supposed to help "stop" that? It's like asking them to fundraise to stop "murder". RED goes towards funding research for a cure and management of AIDS, which is not something that affects only a specific region of the world. 
Comparing sales of the 6 vs 6+ is completely meaningless at this point. Apple is selling every 6+ it can make, and they're nearly impossible to find. After trying to buy one every day since the 6+ came out, my friend DROVE TO ANOTHER CITY to finally get one. Clearly supply is a lot less than the 6, and that's all the sales indicate. Not demand or interest. 
New Posts  All Forums: