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This partnership with IBM was genius. This and the iPad Pro will allow iOS to make great headway in enterprise.
Samsung solidifying their status as an iPhone cloner confirms their slide into irrelevancy. 
And morons were proclaiming that this would not motivate people to tune in to Beats1..
What a moronic, useless chart. Why should I or anyone care how many low end phones Samsung sells, which make up the majority of its sales, and which are at price points that Apple has no interest competing with?
She should change her name to Joanna McWrong.    Yes, I know where the exit is. 
We wouldn't want to stifle HP's innovative spirit now, would we.
 ..average # of missteps. Your definition of "misstep" is pretty mind-numbing. Noone cares what music you listen to, nor if you like Beats, personally. Beats is insanely popular. It was a fantastic purchase and now Apple owns almost the entire mainstream headphone market. "Overhyped" is such a meaningless word- Apple marketed the Apple Watch to the best of its abilities, and the product is exactly as advertised- or better in some cases. When it comes to Apple products,...
 Sorry, but anyone who sold at $120 is an absolute fucking moron and deserved to lose money. If you're gonna buy Apple stock, maybe study history and understand how this stock works. You always buy when it drops, not sell, because it will always come back up stronger than ever.  When it slipped back to $120, that was an incredible buying opportunity, and although I pounced, I'm kicking myself for not picking up even more. 
 Apple TVApple PayApple MusicApple Watch Yep, they'll definitely be calling it "iCar". 
More evidence that the Internet is seriously deluded, and the trolls are more pathetic and wrong they ever have ever been. What happened to "record high returns" and "people are disappointed with their Apple Watches" claim that some have been shitting out?
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