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Wow, going all-in with this. 
 Engadget, probably the biggest anti-Apple cesspool on the internet, with comment sections inhabited exclusively by 12 yr olds and virgins who spend their entire day bashing Apple? TheVerge, with non-stop anti-Apple clickbait stories? Glad we finally got confirmation about what you consider the "average person" and where you base your opinions. Hilarious. 
 Not sure if you're aware, but Apple is not centering all their decisions and their strategies around YOU. From all your posts, that's what you seem to assume, as if billions of other human beings don't exist. 
 No, it isn't a standard anymore, and yes, it will die. A fuckload of websites have moved away from Flash the last few years, at least the competent ones. Any website that still requires flash will never get my business of my support, and makes me look at the people behind it in an extremely negative light. Yes, of course it costs to move away, but with the current environment of hundreds of millions of phones and tablets that do not support flash, which are often the...
I was in Toronto for several days, and saw a bunch of Apple Watches in the wild. 
 It's amazing how much effort you constantly put to exaggerate perceived negatives, and in this case, twist a clear positive into a negative.  Yeah, not exclusivity is a bad thing. But only when it applies to Apple, right? If anyone else was getting this exclusive we know you'd be bitching and whining about how Apple should have snagged it, and how Cue should be fired. I wonder why people like you, who pretend to like Apple but constantly bet against them at every...
You're also one of the biggest trolls on this forum, as well as a constant Samsung cheerleader, so I don't think a single person takes a damn thing you say seriously.
There's a shitload of under the hood changes, and it's pretty hilarious that you're attempting to claim its more "buggy" by comparing a just released developer beta1 product to a product publically released 8 months ago. Very trollish of you.
 Sounds pretty awesome, actually. 
 So why don't you give us a DETAILED explanation of what this solution would look like, and how it is better than what Apple has come up with? In your solution, be sure to explain also how it is a viable business model for Apple, for labels, and for artists, as well as how it will be better than everything else and lucrative for consumers. I notice you always throw out the "Apple could have done better" garbage, but I have yet to see you take a shred of effort to propose...
New Posts  All Forums: