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 Amazing how you manage to troll every thread you enter in such a shitty, mindless way. 
 Tim is not Steve- News at 11. I think it's asinine that 5 years after Steve's death, people like you are still comparing their behavior as if Tim is attempting to be a clone. It's also amazing that people think that Apple can and should be run in the exact same way and structure that it was, before Steve's death, and that it would succeed. 
 Because nerds who do nothing but troll message boards all day, and have no social life, have no "time" to connect it to a charger before they sleep. Or something like that. The fact that this is the biggest "complaint" against the Apple Watch just proves how solid of a product it is. 
 That's nice. You should let Apple know, so they can scrap all their potential plans.  You have absolutely no idea what an "Apple car" will entail, nor how useful or functional it will be. It seems meaningless to make these proclamations at this point of what you won't buy. I remember all the "LOL ILL NEVER BUY A COMPUTER WITH NO OPTICAL DRIVE" proclamations, and a million others. They're as irrelevant today as your concern might be sometime in the future. 
Good, they should saturate the airwaves with this so that it's obvious to everyone that this is the real deal and the original, before Samsung Pay comes out. 
Sweet. Hopefully Chrome version 7813 won't be a piece of garbage on Mac.
 Wow. You've really spent a long time thinking about this. 
This is probably the most pathetic "gate" yet. You mean a surface that rubs your skin every second of every day, and that nobody can even see, experiences wear? OMFG!
 One of the most asinine comments and analogies I've ever read, especially considering the ridiculous "point" you're trying to make. 
I demand that Apple now issue a recall for all iPhone 6's, (all 100 million of them) since this is evidence that Apple has admitted to this serious design flaw. /s
New Posts  All Forums: