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It's sad that Aple can't drop deprectaed/obsolete features without having the vocal backlash of an extreme minority, so everything will have to remain bloated with every feature the software has had since day 1, because people are unwilling to change.    In this day and age, why would you want local syncing between calendars? How does it not make more sense to sync through the cloud, using any number of services (iCloud, CalDav, GoogleSync, etc). Do you REALLY want to...
Why the **** not leave Jobs be? Not a single one of these actors or these movies will be able to accurately understand or portray Jobs deepest philosophies, motivations, and spirit. They will all be superficial, blunt, and ignorant attempts to do so marketed towards the mass market, portraying Jobs in a way that does a disservice to his real character, and his real legacy. What a  joke. 
 I'm not sure if you've ever stepped foot in a Starbucks, but it sells neither beer nor wine. 
Yeah, I'm always fucking dying to tip @ starbucks when paying $5-$7 for some coffee drink. What exactly am I tipping for? Last I checked, they leave the drinks at the counter for you to pick up, like any other fast-food place. The only reason I would think that someone might tip is if they were delusional enough to think it would get them a better chance to get in the pants of some cute "barrista".
More evidence that Apple is doomed. Will Apple HQ be next?
Good for Apple. I expect the trolls to get giddy as **** over this news, as it allow them to highlight the superiority of their X android phone over the meaningless bullet point.(as they've done thousands of times on this forum)
Not surprising. Which is why the capacity comparison is ALWAYS misleading when it comes to mobile phones. Companies should be legally forced to advertise how much free space the device ships with, not total space. A 16GB iPhone has almost double actual storage space for users than a 16GB S4, yet they're advertised as if they're identical. Its a disgusting and misleading practice- but of course, Samsung/Microsoft will not get bad PR for it because they're not Apple.
Gotta love people who blame their failures on Apple. You failed an exam? Your own fucking fault for negligence, not Apple's. 
Not sure if this has been posted, but excellent analysis of this (shitty) interview: So sad that almost every interview is a hit piece in disguse, with ignorance and lies sprinkled by the interviewer throughout:   http://jeffcarlson.com/2014/03/17/why-do-big-magazines-hire-hacks-for-big-tech-stories/   One thing that guy didnt point out is the blatant misdirection/lie in this part: Since Jobs died, Apple has hit a rough patch, at least by its ludicrously high...
 And if there were parts leaks, you'd be bitching how Apple can't keep anything secretive anymore, you'd be mocking Cook's "double-down on security" comment, complaining that nothing is surprising anymore, and reminiscing about the days of Steve Jobs products popped out of thin air at keynotes. Am I close? Of course I am. Apple did not "launch" the iPad 4. They just fucking replaced the iPad 2 with it, for the same price point, which I have difficult seeing how any...
New Posts  All Forums: