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Finally, some fucking sanity.    Also, I'm kicking around the idea of getting more stock. I'm thinking there's some big gains to be had between now and whenever they announce their christmas results. 
 ..which is far more than any other tablet on the planet.  It's clear that the update patterns for iPads are not the same as iPhones, for obvious reasons. They're between notebooks and phones. People are not compelled to updated every 1-2 yrs, as they are almost guaranteed to do with a phone. iPad sales are still fantastic, when compared to everything else out there. My iPad Air 2 is my favorite device out of everything I own. An absolute pleasure to use. 
 Can't wait to drop my POS Nexus 5.  These are only in the past couple days. Reboot it several times a wk, and get these on a constant basis.Camera fails at the worst times.      
Yup. Count my financial advisor as one of them. Kept "advising" me to dump all the stock @ $400. Fucking idiot.
As Canadian- **** my government. Not only because of this, but because they're complete shit all around.
 Wow. The only thing worse than being racist filth, is being flattered when compared to racist filth.  You really never stop managing to surprise, even when it seems you've hit rock bottom. You always find somewhere lower to go. 
 And there's a fuckload of evidence in the reports that go against this one, unsubstantiated soundbite from Brennan -namely that pretty much ALL intelligence for this raid was achieved outside of this program.  But of course, specific facts mean less than nothing to you. You will distort reality by twisting them as you see fit, emphasizing and de-emphasizing whatever suits your agenda, in the most intellectually dishonest way possible. I've never seen you once on this...
 You don't have to buy any fucking liberal "myth", as you define it. The CIA themselves admitted that they didn't work, in incredible detail, and these techniques provided near zilch intelligence. Of course, you won't accept that basic fact, as it goes against your love of torture and world view. You would favor it no matter what, regardless of any kind of effectiveness. Because that's the kind of person you are, wishing death and suffering to minorities, arabs, muslims,...
 I'm not the biggest fan of Google, but a statement such as yours defies any kind of belief. Tell me, what mapping service did you use on your desktop/laptop the past few years? You haven't used a single service from here the past few years?  Yeah. 
Very well deserved. As for the comments, the 1st 3 are good, and the remaining are utter shit.   
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