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"In the filing, GT Advanced noted that even the confidentiality agreement between the two companies is identified as "confidential." It has asked for permission to disclose the details of its agreement in the interest of creditors, equity holders and other stakeholders, as well as "to ensure an open, transparent and fair process." And people get all up in arms about leaked parts from China? At least Chinese companies don't bitch about confidentiality agreements.
 Uhuh. I can't remember a single Apple software redesign, OS or app, in the past 10 years that wasn't a "disaster" or a "catastrophe" according to internet whiners. No, it isn't a "disaster". I've been using the beta since it's been released.  It's a bit different, probably overall BETTER for the vast majority, and you'll get used to it. Apple software designers aren't lunatics. Try to embrace change with an open-mind, instead of having a negative kneejerk reaction. So...
 There was also ZERO leaks of a bigger iPhone 5 screen too. People were still debating whether Apple was going to even release a 5.5" phone right until the keynote. It was a shock to most people that not only were they releasing it, but they were doing so at the same time. So that means nothing. iPad parts are much easier to keep in check than iPhone parts. 
So Apple Pay won't be supported by 100% of retailers at launch? DOOMED!!   No shit, sherlock. This will be vastly different 12 months from now, when consumers start demanding they be able to pay with their iPhones. Also, sad how this site so often just copies and paste headlines from macrumors (such a trash site), and changes a couple words. 
 So Pazuzu, if this entire board agrees you're a filthy troll, that means the entire board is fucking stupid? When there's a consensus about something, especially in regards to yourself, maybe you should step back and do some self reflection, instead of just making another mind-numbingly asinine retort. Why the **** would so many people on this board see you as a filthy, disgusting troll, do you think? Wait, don't answer that. 
 No, he's suggested that you're a fucking idiot that doesn't know the definition of a good business. Your opinion that Beats makes "crappy product" is purely subjective. The data, showing that they own the mid to high end market in sales and profit- isn't. Clearly, millions upon millions of people love the product. I think Apple cares about that more than the shitty opinion of an intellectually stunted internet troll like you, who has proven time and time again that he...
 It was a typo. He makes the same consistent mistakes in every single one of his posts. There's a difference, and you know that. Stop being intellectually dishonest. 
 You told me not to buy? I doubt that, because I don't think I solicited your opinion beforehand.  Yeah, I sold at $1.40 or so. Bought @ $0.90. So yeah, I'm good. I didn't invest because I believed in the company, I did because it seemed like a good short term opportunity.  Out of curiosity, how much did you have invested? Seems like most of your life's savings, based on your never-ending posts of rage. Maybe next time, diversify, and don't let rumors affect your buying...
 Even when you go back an edit one of your posts that is only a few words long, you still can't manage to compose anything without making a mockery of grammar. It's "months" not "month's". 6 year olds know this. People correct you all the time, yet you couldn't care less about learning the difference. Maybe go and spend time improving your english/education, instead of spending all your time trolling here based on utter stupidity. 
 You're absolutely right, spamming this board with pretty much the exact same comment another thousand times is a much better use of your time, instead of complaining to a party that can actually do something.  Carry on. Your time is clearly extremely valuable, and you wouldn't want to waste any of it. 
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