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Cue non-sensical shrieks of outrage. 
 The shield is going to start at $199, compared to the Apple TV's $69 pricepoint.  Also, I'm sure those that own an Apple TV are well aware of other options, but want access to the iCloud ecosystem, their purchases, and ability to Airplay/mirror content easily from their iOS devices/Macs. The Apple TV DOES provide exclusive functionality that is available nowhere else, if you use other Apple devices. 
 Sure. But the device also runs an a4 chip, probably weaker than that of the iPhone 4 also, so it's not out of the question to think that iw wouldn't handle the new APIs well anyway. Even the AppleTV 3 can be sluggish, and that's running an A5. 
 Oh, quit your irrational and sensational bitching and whining. Apple is creating "landfill fodder" because ONE APP on a device that was released 5 YEARS AGO is now non-functional, and because of reasons outside their own control?  And yeah, no doubt Apple was rubbing its hands in malicious delight when they released the latest Apple TV in 2012, because of their evil plan of "planned obsolescence" sometime in the future- which I guess is your definition of a new version...
 No, not entirely accurate either.  "YouTube today announced changes to its YouTube Data API, causing many older apps on various devices to stop functioning. On the second-generation Apple TV or older, the YouTube channel will no longer be accessible, and on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, iOS 7 or later is required for the YouTube app to function. "
 Something tells me that Eddie is a million times smarter than you are. I like you used the word stupid TWICE, as well as "idiot", then questioned why he hasn't learned anything, and called for his firing, all on some assumtion you just pulled out of your ass based on anonymous reporting with zero details. Well done!
 Apple should just move their HQ to another country that appreciates them, since the US gvt is always trying to take Apple down and would prefer to promote companies like Samsung. 
"All the way up to Tim Cook, these guys are cutthroat," one of the sources was quoted as saying.   This anonymous source sounds legit!   Thanks Verge. I was scared we would not have an Apple hit-piece today. 
I've always wondered about this. Fascinating numbers.
 It's amazing how you persistent anti Apple Watch trolls are always the first to jump in and comment in these threads, with a blatantly predictable and useless comment. You've been shitting on the Apple watch since day 1, and everyone already knows exactly what you're gonna say, about every single aspect of the device. Yeah, swiping from the bottom of the screen is insanely "complex". And Apple included options to customize these- the horror. cause you know, it's not like...
New Posts  All Forums: