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I'm gonna enjoy the childish venom and tears of all the haters in this thread, as if Apples's support of LGBT is anything new. You don't like it? Go ahead and boycott Apple, trust me, No one will give a shit or notice. Just stop threatening to do it over and over again like petulant children. Not like they're gonna change their social positions anytime soon, so stop fantasizing about that too.
 Thanks for solidifying my point, even though that probably was not your intention. 
Apple has done a fine job of patching relationships lately, as well as creating new ones. Better to have vocal/influential people on your side, then against you. 
 Yeah, keep moving the goalposts, there you go. You wouldn't want to give Apple any credit or concede that anything is a positive development for Apple Music, so keep changing your argument to prevent that terrifying scenario from happening. The fact is RIGHT NOW that album is streamed nowhere else. Why do all your posts have to be so intellectually dishonest? 
 Of course you are. When have you ever given Apple the benefit of the doubt? Almost all your bashing is based on negative and baseless rumors, and stuff you've concluded in your own mind with zero evidence. You really think Apple would green light a negative "open letter" eviscerating itself as part of a PR stunt? There are much less risky ways of accomplishing things. Try to use facts once in a while on which to base your opinions, not "fictional worst case scenarios"...
Don't give a shit about Taylor Swift. But this no doubt awesome for PR and a good thing for Apple Music. And no, I don't believe for a second this whole thing was a coordinated PR stunt, including the open letter. Apple would not participate in such a thing. Logically, Apple contacted her about including 1989 after the change in stance, and she agreed.
 I guess the 0.5 seconds of time saved from placing the phone on the mat outweighs ALL those other things, according to the grotesquely lazy trolls that pretend that this kind of "wireless charging" is such an incredible feature. Or, maybe it's so "incredible" only because iPhones don't have it. 
Apple has a better chance to outlast every other tech company, (or company, period) even if it changed its business model to "dump out money into the ocean" tomorrow.
 No, it hasn't been about Apple Music mostly, that was just announced a couple weeks ago. Stop lying. He said "few months", which is true. You've become quite the troll. How the hell is it a "clusterfuck" when it hasn't even launched yet, and you have not given it a chance? It seems to be a very well rounded package at a more than reasonable price, but all you've done is bitch, whine, and attack it while NEVER, EVER offering any kind of alternative or real reason. Apple...
 You live in Canada. We use the same system in Canada, so not sure what you're ranting about. 
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