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 Sorry, but what the hell is wrong with you? You can't do 2 seconds of research before ranting? The wireless trackpad has a "wire" only for charging, which you might need to plugin maybe once a month to the computer half a foot away. This is a deal breaker? You're probably the only person on the planet that prefers to stick with AA batteries instead of something that can be continually recharged. Every SINGLE review claims that this trackpad is a massive improvement, so...
The only universe where a Google car with no user inputs would be even feasible is in environments designed specifically around such a vehicle. This concept is utterly IMPOSSIBLE on real roads for at least the next couple of decades. Just like most things that Google does, that gets endlessly hyped out in blogs and in the media (Google Glass anyone?) these cars are nothing but a tech demo. Unless Google is planning to build their own Google Roads for these vehicles alone,...
Let's not forget that the surfacebook is being compared to laptops that have not been redesigned in almost 4 yrs (rMBP). The MBPs will be redesigned very soon (maybe in Nov with Skylake) and will again change the game. 
Oh, **** these greedy, dimwitted, lazy douchebags. You have a CONSTANT indicator on the phone that shows if it's using LTE or WIFI. If someone notices that it is NOT connecting to WIFI in places where it would, doing of Google search will get them the answer in 2 seconds. And if one is too fucking stupid NOT to notice this, it's not Apple's fault. This is beyond frivolous and insane. This is why we can't have nice things, because every new feature needs to be wrapped in a...
Wait, but not long ago all these fuckwad analysts were saying that Apple peaked with the 6 and there's no way the 6 could outsell it, and now they're "expecting" 10M+ more sales in a single quarter? Assholes. 
Ballmer? I thought we were rid of him? "Maybe Apple gets there, I don't know," he concluded." Brilliant insight there. Glad we have his take on the whole thing. But to be fair, I don't disagree with the 1st point- Microsoft does seem to be the only serious one recently, when it comes to competing with Apple's legendary build quality, and look and feel of its products.
 Noone is forcing you to buy any products that use those OSes, nor is anyone forcing developers to develop for them (the TV isn't even out yet) so not sure what your issue is. That's not the definition of "fragmentation". 
The fucking dangling shit people hang from their rearview mirror in front of the windshield is more distracting than voice control, but noone gives a shit about that. Let's also ignore the fact that almost EVERYONE texts while driving. 
 Your statement is irrelevant. We're taking about Siri being activated while holding down the home button, which is silent. The notification still activates with "Hey Siri", which makes sense since you might not be looking at your phone. 
 I like the change. Makes things more subtle and natural, and one less sounds to bother people around you. 
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