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"oppressive and burdensome." Oh, shut the **** up. Yeah, you want to play with Apple, you better be on your A game, cause obviously the standards are extremely high. Either you can meet those terms, or you can't. And when you can't, don't start whining and bitching like a little child. For many companies, An Apple contract is the best thing that can possibly happen to them. But obviously there will be strings attached, and wont be an easy ride.
 Would love to see you on stage in front of tens of thousands of people, knowing there are millions more watching live, and presenting for the most watched technology event, for the most scrutinized company on the planet, and filling the most impossible shoes you can fill. You'd be a fucking slobbering, stuttering, pathetic mess, doubtful you would last a minute. Most of us rational people who are not doing our best to tear him down realize that Tim is just fine at...
 Where the **** is the shred of evidence that Apple is anywhere near "regretting" this deal? Oh wait, you predicted that, so feel free to twist reality to match that moronic prediction, like the shitty little troll you are.  I notice after your drive-by trolling n the Ive thread, you never bothered to acknowledge the dozens of posters who wasted their time meticulously explained the meaning of the quote to you.  Disgusting. You're like a bot that can't make an honest or...
 Pazuzu, it's amazing how mind-numbingly predictable you are. It wouldn't take much for Jony to explain that, but it would be completely lost on someone like you. Do you think Picasso was a thief, or that he copied others? Maybe you should make an effort to go understand the meaning and jist behind the original quote-which is widely available- but you won't, because you're incredibly lazy, have a blatant agenda, and intellectually dishonest. That's why you never...
 Jony is mesmerizing when he speaks and always so insightful and thoughtful, as I always feel like I benefit from hearing what he says, its always meaningful. I enjoyed the **** out of that very short clip, especially the last part. 
 yeah, you tell em. Clearly no developer at Apple knows what the **** they're doing, you should send them an email telling them what they should and shouldnt do. OSX isn't iOS. Ive been running it for months almost flawlessly.
So, is this good or bad for the stock? Bought @ $.90, not sure if I should dump it all or wait for some sort of miracle spike. Is there ANY scenario where the stock would recover?
Every single player should wear Beats headphones in public. What are they going to do, fine everyone? That would be a PR nightmare for Bose, and the NFL, and massively positive PR for Apple/Beats.
     Sog, you really don't have a fucking clue what happened behind the scenes, besides the almost non-existant public information we have. How-bout you tone down your hatred, whining, attacks, and slander until we actually find out what went down? You act as if you have it all figured out- have a bit of humility and aknowledge that you don't. You've spammed the board with countless of these nasty comments already. Chill the **** out until there's actually answers, your...
 There's not enough lols for this statement. You're extremely, insanely disconnected if you believe the "market" is waiting for a "mid-tower". Or, you just arrived here in a time machine from a decade ago. Vast majority of people don't buy towers anymore, they're a niche product. 
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