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In other news, the S6 has scored a repairability score of 3/10 from iFixit while the iPhone 6 had 7/10.    They called the phone a "nightmare" to attempt to repair, even opening it without damaging something an impossibility. What happened to the days of iPhones being the worst to repair? More evidence that Apple considers ALL aspects to some degree, even the niche ones like internal layout, while Samsung has sacrificed everything in order to get to their form factor. 
 Wow, what an original idea. I'm sure no one at Apple has even CONSIDERED a redesign. I mean, there's no possible way they could be doing so in concert with new hardware to be released. You should really email them with this incredible revelation.  You know what would have been an interesting post? If you came up with some mockups, or outlined your ideas of a redesign, instead of this usual "LOL SO FUGLY NEEDS REDESIGN" anti-intellectual drivel. 
 It's sad that in your rush to attack your post contains a multitudes of specious assumptions.  First of all, this was a letter to EMPLOYEES, not consumers, which your re-write is speaking to. Why the hell would she ask employees to "come see the watch in person!", or ask employees to ask that to customer..already in the damn store? Again, you didn't even bother to read the fundamentals before your off base retort.  Secondly, you assume that Tim Cook and others in the...
 Well-fucking-said. The veiled condescension is disgusting. "Dearie"? I'm sure Angela could rip pretty much everyone in this thread a new one. 
 No, it doesn't use an Atom. It uses a Core-M. Why make blatantly false claims?
 Of course not. 
Not only dorks, obnoxious dorks who went out of their way to evangelize the product and shove it down everyone's throat (with Google's blessing) as well as creeping everyone out, harassing business owners, and then starting smear campaigns against these businesses online after they politely ask them to take their face computers off while eating because they were making other customers uncomfortable. It's funny how quickly glass fucking disappeared, after such heavy hyping...
 What incredible, valuable insight. Quite a scholar you are. Buy yeah, you're right. The Apple Watch is a tough sell. Here are a few internet comments I read online that Illustrate this, as an example:  For those wondering about this incredible Samsung a707: http://s12.postimg.org/xgd4xos31/samsung_a707_red.jpg    Oh sorry, wrong product. Just goes to show that extreme short-sightedness, lack of imagination, knee-jerk negativity, and trolling is nothing new. In fact, it's...
 Did you think that was so witty that you had to post it twice in a row?
Looks like the 38mm version?
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