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 Considering it's their most important, influential product and the hub of their entire ecosystem-  yes, it is fantastic news. You would never give Apple a shred of fucking credit even if your pathetic, miserable life depended on it. 
61M in a March quarter? Fucking insane.
My portfolio is like 60% Apple. Is it a huge risk? Yes. Has it served me well? Yes. 
 I've got pretty much the exact same thing. Best investment I've ever made. Rest of my portfolio is trash. 
 So you make a statement that is blatantly untrue statement (5 seconds of research would confirm that), then the typical "no thanks". Why use this tired troll tactic?
 Is there a single post from you that isn't an asinine, vile, mocking jab at Apple, it's employees, or its products?
Sure, if you say so.
Wow, so slick. Nice to see all these little touches. Everything about this product screams attention to detail.
 Oh, shut up. The packaging is simple, classy, and elegant- and very Apple like. What the **** do you want, diamonds in the packaging or glitzy garbage? Also, the watch only popped out of its groove because he pulled apart the box at an angle- the same thing happens with iPhones/iPads.  Stop pretending it's a coincidence that you just happen not to like the packaging. You, and all others like you, have decided they hate the Watch the moment it was unveiled, and so decided...
 I'm pretty sure you'll get much less than that on 1st day, considering how much you'll be playing with it :)
New Posts  All Forums: