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What a fucking feat of engineering these phones (and all Apple products) are. Gonna head in a bit and lineup (already ordered my phone but will be fun to chat with some Apple fans)
 Seriously, I wonder what would happen if Apple converted their entire bank account to pennies and dumped it somewhere? Would probably sink a country. 
 No, noone has iOS8 yet, on an Apple focused website, especially since it was released to everyone in the world more than a day ago. And no, it sucks. I recommend iOS5, that was my favorite. 
You know, I think Woz is an attention-whore and hate linking to anything he says, but looks like he's finally "back on board" with Apple based on the iPhone 6:   http://bgr.com/2014/09/18/woz-explains-why-hes-dumping-all-his-android-phones-for-the-iphone-6/
 There's bound to be some initial bugs. iOS8 introduces a ton of massive under the hood changes, features, APIS, and services (3rd extensions, family sharing, iCloud Drive, healthkit, etc) . I'm not sure if Apple bit off more than it can chew at once, but I hope not. 
 Uh, chill the hell out. I'm sure he was implying "consumer" platform, ie. a platform a normal person would conceivably use. You know, compared to Android/Windows phone devices? If you disagree with his statement, then please, enlighten us as to more secure platforms, instead of mocking him. The point is, if you care about security/privacy, choosing an iPhone as a smartphone is probably a better bet than anything else. 
Just read it awesome. There's also a bunch of subpages. This one is great, as it clearly educates people on what they should be doing to protect themselves, which is the real problem: http://www.apple.com/privacy/manage-your-privacy/   Amazing how Apple has the time and motivation to publish all this stuff now with all the other updates they're pushing out. Truly a company that can walk and chew gum at the same time, so to speak. The sheer intensity of their execution is...
Can someone link to the actual letter? I dont see it.
 Yup. All of the author's asides and specious assumptions/conclusions sounded like bullshit, as well as his attempts to "fill in the gaps".  Oh, and I loved this line: "Apple doesn’t have a stellar track record when it comes to making easy-to-use services." Apple? Easy to use? Yeah, horrible track record there. Just horrible. 
 Your sense of entitlement is off the charts. Apple's servers today are being hammered from every single direction, by millions of users downloading iOS8 and a million other updates. God forbid there are some minor, temporary connection problems for some services during that time. As good as Apple is, they're not made of fucking fairy dust. Apple products have never "just worked" all the time, every time, in the entire history of Apple. Nor has anything else man-made in...
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