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$100B? I'd wager alot more.. considering Apple pulled in $60B in revenue just last quarter.
 Yep. I was rolling my eyes throughout the entire video at how desperately it was trying to channel Apple product videos- in every single respect. So, so sad. 
 I'm going to ask you 2 Qs before I block you: 1. I noticed you conveniently left out the S5 fingerprint sensor out of your list of "features". Why? Also, what do you have to say to the fact that while every single hands-on has stated that the finger print sensor is unreliable, awkward to use, poorly thought out, and almost impossible to use with one hand, TouchID pretty much perfected the solution- 5 months ago? Are you proud of these shitty implementations of features?...
 Wow. I find those quotes of hers particularly despicable, and a punch in the gut to the memory of Jobs. She's actually stating that Steve Jobs WANTED Apple to fail after his death, instead of to flourish? Apple, the company that SJ founded, brought back from the dead, dedicated his life to, and loved more than words can do justice? In her mind, he would believe that Apple falling would have a more positive effect on his legacy than becoming even more successful? This goes...
I like how these useless companies need to wait for someone else to announce software, before they can shit out a hardware product. Clearly, a shitload of thought went into these..
 I was gonna quote stuff, but as I read more and more, every paragraph making the book look worse and worse, I didn't know what to quote anymore. That review makes it clear that the book is complete trash.  Anyway, here's a couple for the heck of it:       Yeah I'll stop. The link is worth a read. Confirms what I suspected about the book- it's an empty, agenda-driven pile of drivel that insults readers.
A chilidsh, petty, and trollish response by the author, as expected. It's the equivalent of trolls who come in and vomit out non-sensical horse-shit about Apple, and when people respond that what they're saying is untrue, their retort is "LOL LOOKS LIKE A GOT A BIG REACTION, PROVES FANBOYS CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH".    Person A: The sky is green Person B: That's nonsense, it's blue Person A: So, looks like I struck a nerve. Just goes to show how right I am.    It's the...
I love how these people, who haven't worked a day in their fucking lives at Apple nor have a damn clue about any aspect of how the company is run, feel entitled enough to write a book making such ridiculous agenda-driven conclusions. The sad thing is because this book is about Apple, and has such a negative title, it will probably make a shitload of money, even though it is filled with nothing but superficialities and near-lies.
 You're right, absolutely nobody on Apple's highly skilled executive teams understands the market. But you do, right? How the **** is replacing an iPad 2 with an iPad4 at the same pricepoint "missing the mark"? Why is the iPad4 "brain-dead"? What else would you suggest at that price-point? Apparently you seem to think you know what consumers "want" more than Apple, which is a pretty hubristic statement, considering Apple's sales. You sound like a troll yourself, as you...
Every other full-sizes tablet manufacturer: Checkmate. Absolutely Brilliant move. The fact that the iPad 2 was still being sold (for $399 no less) left a bad taste in my mouth. This, I have no problem with. It's a pretty decent value. Hell, I'm even considering it.
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