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 So because your iPad does not support a software feature that came out with an OS released three years later, it's a "lawsuit waiting to happen". What horse-shit. Stop being so whiny and entitled. Also, how does Apple "let itself get into these situations"? Cause there was a graphics hardware fault on a small number of a device they sold 4 years ago? You do understand that this stuff happens, right?
About fucking time. The worst thing about switching people to Mac, is how embarrassing Office is. Slow, ugly, ancient, ugly. Its the first thing they complain about, and assume it's an "Apple" thing, and it reflects badly on the company.
 I find these posts mind-numbing, and honestly, assinine. When the hell does 5/5 mean "perfect"? If I rate an app/restaurant/hotel/product 5/5 stars, does that mean I consider them absolute perfection? Of course not. It just means they're that damn good, and closer to 100% than 80%.  Oh, and the removal of the switch is a "flaw" only in your opinion. It's by no means a factual, empirical flaw. For example, I see it as absolutely the right move. I barely touched that...
So Tallest Ski, you ready to take back your ultra-confident assertion that 6+ sales would only be a tiny fraction of 6 sales? You mocked me for suggesting that they would't be that far off. 
 Not really. I'm on a Nexus 5, and know Android inside and out. I've had alot of weird, random issues with the software since I got it, and the phone is stock. I'm also on ART. It's not slow, but Android DOES start doing odd things after a while, requiring a reboot. Never experienced this with iOS. 
Bought a chromecast, then returned it. Wasn't even worth the $39 or whatever that I paid. Can't even stream photos from your damn device.
What a fucking perfect example of a disconnected, ass-backwards, consumer hating decision. I mean, you REALLY need to have your head stuck up so far u your ass to make an executive decision like this. Let's take a look at this payment process (coming in the future!) 1. Unlock your phone 2. Find the app 3. Launch the app 4. Point your QR code at a scanner, in a very specific position 5. Wait Oh, and it needs access to your checking account. Yeah, this is gonna take off....
 I think the fact that you're equating the importance of a mute switch on a phone, and a tablet, shows the utter extent of your stupidity, and non-existent powers of analysis. Unreal. Re calls, does the Mac have a mute switch? Should they add it cause of handoff? Muting is one tap on an iPad. I have an iPad Air, use it everyday, and I touch that switch maybe once a week. It's always been in Apple's DNA to refine and streamline physical aspects that are not critical to the...
 Stop claiming for a fact what you believe others will do, you filthy, filthy troll.   You're something else. "Fiasco"? Tell me, at what point does something become a "fiasco"? If you simply define it as such?  Words have meaning. So does a word like "mistake". It's not a fucking fact that it's a "mistake", you simply define it as such, pretty baselessly.  I haven't read a single review where the removal of the mute switch was considered a "fiasco" or even an "issue". Much...
 Of course it's on their side. I've downloaded Yosemite in multiple locations, times, and on multiple networks and providers. It has been insanely fast each and every time, usually saturating the connection. I very much doubt these niche cases are having an effect on adoption. 
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