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OBVIOUSLY you can't sync cached music to a non-Internet enabled device- that's by design, it's not some kind of issue. How does it authenticate the device under your account? You people want all the benefits of streaming, while retaining all the previous conventions and advantages of purchased tracks? Seriously, try to understand why things work the way they do.
 Based on what? 15 million still seems very possible to me. We have no clue how much its sold so far, but I'd say in the ballpark 6-9 million, and we still have 5 months to go, including a christmas season, the launch of WatchOS 2 with accompanying hype, etc. We'll see, but I'm bullish. 
 Thanks for the incredible insight. How long did it take you to come up with that statement? I swear I've never heard it before. You should be proud of your originality.  Oh, and I'm curious how you "talk to these people"- sounds like you go up to them and shove your opinion down their throats, at which point they just agree to get you to move along. That, or you hang around with real life trolls. 
 Apple can't win, eh? 
Samsung peaked a long time ago, and the media helped them with the whole "Samsung is the next Apple" narrative. Now that that didn't pan out, and don't have large screens to shill out, Samsung has nowhere to go. 
 Are you that petty, that you actually believe this Iran nuclear deal, which literally has been in the work for years and is pretty monumental, is "pure politics" and meant to "divert attention" from Hillary? I mean, are you for real? I get that your right-wingers need to come up with an ulterior motive for every single thing that Obama is a part of, as well as to make sure you don't give him a shred of credit for anything, and twisting everything into a negative light-...
 That isn't an equivalent to an iPhone, in any way, shape, or form. Sounds like a massive hassle. 
 What's your point, really? Or did you just realize you never had one in the first place so now just spouting random verbiage? Don't worry, the world won't end if the average Iranian gets easier access to buying iPhones. The sun will still rise in the morning, and you won't be any less safe. 
 And this is what this thread is about, the average Iranian being able to officially purchase Apple products. But of course it turned into a "bomb Iran" thread.
 You just advocated for the death of 78 million people, specifically stated that they are guilty and deserved death, and the destruction of an entire country, not the "Mullahs of Iran", you lying coward. If you think you are less evil than the "Mullah of Iran", then you're insanely deluded. And don't talk to me about "understanding" - I've visited Iran and have more knowledge about the country, it's people, it's politics, and it's society than you could attain in a million...
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