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 No, you didn't "sleep on it" since your response was 1 min after his, which means its doubtful you thought about it for 5 seconds. Also, how can you have any clue of what profit margins the Apple watch has, let alone that ridiculous conclusion you just made? Oh, and this story is complete horse-shit. I doubt even Apple has a damn clue of what the next edition of the watch will bring, since no doubt there's a shit-ton they need to figure out about the first one before it...
  People said the SAME thing about the iPad. WHY does it need to exist? We have smartphones and laptops/netbooks. This thing is a massive phone cant even make calls, and doesnt even have the fraction of the functionality of a laptop. It doesnt deserve to exist, and will crash and burn. There doesn't need to be one WHY, there can be a million, as long as its enough to cover everyone's use cases. The iPad: 1. Was a joy to use2. Got a ton of 3rd party support That's all the...
 Yes, so do I. I think 4, 4.7, 5.5, all in the same style and roughly same specs (minus small differences), is the right way to go for the forseeable future. Those sizes should cover 98% of the market. It would also be extremely economical for Apple to use the same SoC on all 3 models, from an economy of scale. 
 Wait, so you're saying that even if it was in a vacuum, the iPhone would have stayed at 4" FOREVER? Even while the original iPhone wasn't even conceived with 3rd party apps in mind? Come on. It was always a matter of "when", in terms of multiple iPhone sizes, not "if". Any sane human being realizes that. It made perfect sense to keep the size consistent for as long as they did, for a myriad of reasons, including development and consistency. But just like EVERY SINGLE...
 Obviously Apple is extremely embarrassed and upset about the livestream. Especially since it was the first stream I can EVER recall where they heavily advertised beforehand and WANTED people to watch- with a countdown timer and everything. And you can be sure heads rolled. But you know what? Shit happens, especially when something is live. It's impossible to plan for everything, and when a **** up happens, there's not much time to diagnose and fix. But there's no...
 If you truly need more than 8MP, that means you need to develop at least full page magazine prints, in which case you shouldn't be shooting those with a phone to begin with. 8MP is more than enough for 95% of use case scenarios. 
What I find infinitely more trashier than these ads is digging up old quotes from the dead Steve Jobs (who obviously hasn't been making any decisions at Apple for almost 5 years) for their official twitter marketing campaign. I mean, can you get any more classless and cheap?  
 ..and I'm sure he would respond with a detailed Apple roadmap. 
 At the very least. 
Who the **** added a link in my post?
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