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In before "evidence of Apple's deteriorating QA!!" If that was the case, Apple would have let these get shipped, not scrapped them.
Amazing how much influence and leverage the Mac platform has, even from just a few years ago. Microsoft knows where the money is.
If you can't even run mountain lion, sorry, but you have ancient hardware and should not complain about not being able to run the latest software. Apple has pretty good support as far as OSX goes, but you can't expect them to have infinite backwards compatibility.
 But that kind of accuracy would only land you 1% of the pageviews, not to mention missing out on the thousands of comments gleefully mocking and bashing Apple. 
 Is he South Korean by any chance, and possible on the payroll of some other company? I can't think of a single fucking rational reason of why else he would spout the shit that he does. Clearly he has an extreme level of bias against Apple, that is the only thing that explains his lunacy, and how epically wrong he consistently enjoys being. The fantastic thing about an analyst is that you somehow keep your job, and even get others to hire you, no matter how wrong you are....
 Oh no! The price of technology that just came out is higher than what has been out there for the past decade! The horror! I guess we should just fucking stop moving forward then, cause of whiners like you that can't understand this kind of temporary premium, so "screw it".  I wonder where the hell we would be, without Apple pushing the industry forward, and making new standards mainstream, cause noone else has the guts or foresight to do so. We'll always get whiners like...
 No way in hell it will be 3 yrs. Nice in theory, but that's a fucking eternity, and you NEED new launches and product revisions to keep it in the news cycle and awareness with public. I'd say 2 yrs at the MOST, but I wouldn't be surprised if we had some kind of update in a yr. 
Because.. Wall Street.But yeah, complete non sensical horse shit. Once again Apple stock and its shareholders are punished after Apple smashes expectations. Their quarter exceed the predictions of pretty much EVERY analyst, and yet, here we are a day after with a drop in the stock. Not even a temporary boost. **** it, I give up.
4 min peak hrs is a "spike"? I just spent 40 min on hold with my ISP today and they're not launching jack shit. 10-30 min on hold is very typical in my experience with most companies. Also, take it easy guys. It will get there when it gets there. Plus or minus a few days won't kill you.
And yet again, the "professionals" fall on their fucking faces.   
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