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 6 Weeks is more than enough time to go from a strong outlook to bankruptcy, if the biggest contract in your company's history suddenly fell through, on which you were depending for cash flow and for continued funding of operations and expenses. A shitload of things can happen in 6 whole weeks. You're flinging words around and making conclusive comments when specific facts are simply not available yet to prove those assertions. 
 Stop being an ass. And stop capitalizing every second word in your posts. Believe it or not, it doesn't enhance your arguments. Just makes you look childish, impetuous, and lacking rationality and reason. 
 What the hell happened to her ear? Clearly it got photoshopped out, because that tiny size would not even cover it. 
 Holy ****. I mean..I don't even..wow. 
So this definitely puts to bed all the "Apple has become soft under Cook" hand-wringing horse-shit.    Clearly Apple is still shrewd as **** and insanely demanding when it comes to supplier deals, which is a good thing and exactly how it needs to be. There may be some negative PR here, but anyone who isn't involved in this stuff cannot possibly understand the context of how these deals are done. Apple has no choice but to play hardball to achieve its goals, and it has...
Awesome. Can't wait until this is rolled out fully with the Mac app. Finally will move all my photos to that system.
Just more evidence that Apple is pretty much the only tech company that can push and standardize a new standard to the mainstream. The same thing could be available tens years prior, but itf Apple isn't using it, adoption is usually shit. This is no doubt what annoys the Android neckbeards. BUT BUT WE HAD IT FIRST APPLE IS JUST PLAYING CATCH UP11!!!
 $49.99? That's breaking the bank a bit, isn't it?
Or howbout, you know, we don't make another fucking Jobs movie? It's not like it's going to come anywhere near capturing the essence of the guy. It will be a superficial performance, emphasizing his negatives in order to create the needed drama. The guy hasn't been dead that long. 
 You know, in my experience, when someone buys something they don't really give a shit when it's going to be "outdated". It's not something on most people's minds. They buy based on desire at the time. It's only the tech geeks and are always obsessed about when something will become "obsolete" and resale value. 
New Posts  All Forums: