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 You can also power off the phone completely, that would be even safer :) 
 Yeah, companies usually decide on the software and hardware features in the products they sell. Fucking shocking concept, I know. Oh, and Apple products are more customizable than they've ever been, both in software (OS options and features) and hardware (colors, sizes, capacities, etc)  Troll more, because that's all you've done so far on this forum. 
 I wasn't even referring to features or specs. Those are almost irrelevant. The Moto X or whatever won't compete, because it is simply playing in another universe. Won't even get a fraction of a percentage of the sales that the next iPhones will get, nor the awareness, so calling it "competition" is laughable. This might compete with other Android OEMs, but iPhones will be almost completely unaffected. 
"a device that will compete head-on with Apple iPhones expected to launch this fall." Not enough lols for this statement.
 The only ones that do are the ones with an e-ink display like the pebble (which looks like complete shit), so stop trying to make a dishonest comparison. Sure, Maybe Apple can figure out how to incorporate BOTH types of display, and get the e-ink to turn on in specific circumstances, but you're never going to get an "always on" display like the Apple Watch's. 
 Sorry, what the **** did the iPhone "miss"? It completely smashed the last Q3, by almost 40%, and is the best selling phone on the planet, with a replacement to be released soon. It beat Apple's guidance, and generated record profit and revenue. So again, where was the "miss", apart from predictions a couple analysts pulled out of their asses, which is worth less than dirty toilet paper?
 Care to give us some very specific, fact-based examples of how Windows has a "fully renovated" backend compared to OSX, which has not? I have a feeling you don't have the faintest cluse of what you're talking about, beyond some superficial MS PR. Actually, as someone who has closely followed the under the hood changes with every revision of OSX and Windows, I'm pretty certain you don't have a clue.   What is this brand new file system Windows 10 uses? Or are you referring...
 There's no contradiction at all, but you'd have to do a few seconds of research to realize that, which is understandably too much effort. Easier to post a quip like you did. 
 Your consistently petty and childish partisanship is mind-numbing, to say the least. Maybe one day you'll be able to go beyond "liberals are bad" in your discussion skills and actually think critically about each issue, instead of your predictable knee-jerk quips.  
 "Lost it's way"? Oh, do shut up. Apple has cared about this stuff for a long time, and SJ made a huge point to talk about these kinds of things when unveiling new products in the last few years of his life. I love how you rightwing trolls always come up with some new mind-numbing reasons for Apple "losing it's way", when when that thing is absolutely the logical thing to do, both from a business perspective and from others. It's hilarious that people actually pretend to...
New Posts  All Forums: