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"Mr. Bromwich bills at $1,100 an hour. " Jesus. Money well spent, eh guys? What the **** is this guy contributing to humanity for $1,100/hr?
 Yeah, but when? Seems like it will be appealed to eternity and back. 
BB must be giddy, seems Seacrest is their Golden Goose these days. BTW what the hell happened to the Samsung ruling? Do they ever have to fucking pay?
I don't see them doing this at all. Would make much more sense to just use the Touch ID from an iOS device in order to authenticate, with bluetooth or wifi. More reason for a Mac owner to buy an iOS device, and vice versa, continuing the tradition of creating benefits to owning multiple Apple products. 
 I think Apple knows one or two things about secrecy. 
I have no problem with this. Glad Apple was ultra-ambitious, then basically culled what wasn't possible or feasible for the time being. Even a feature that only works 90% of the time would a disaster with the scale of Apple sales. The fact that they at least explored every possibility is a reassuring sign. This certainly happens with every single Apple product (or any other product) being developed. When it comes to health stuff, if sensors are giving unreliable/false...
 Yep. An article every day was published to the effect that Apple was "finished" or "doomed", and that Samsung was the "next Apple". Pretty much every analyst was drooling over and heaping praise on Samsung, while throwing Apple under the bus. $500 targets? I remember $200 targets. It's revisionist history horse-shit to pretend that Wall Street didn't turn on Apple in a major way, and had zero optimism in the company. The Samsung worship was frankly nauseating, as was the...
Not a fan of these paparazzi assholes stalking these vehicles. Let people do their jobs in peace without shoving a video camera up their asses. Anything for clicks I guess. 
 Your post is mostly drivel, but you could at least start with getting the name of the product right. Really, it's not that hard.  Also, I'm pretty sure noone at Apple "expects" or even hopes, that the Apple Watch will approach the iPhone in sales, but nor does it need to, nor will anything else they could ever produce in the near future. But well done for setting a standard for "disappointment" that Apple does not even expect to achieve. I guess Apple should just give up...
A seating area makes sense, as Apple's products are mostly mobile and better experienced while seating. The issue is the tight spaces of most Apple Stores. There's barely enough room to show off the current product line.
New Posts  All Forums: