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"Surprised"? How the **** could GT not inform Apple that it had planned to do this? I mean, really? Seems insane, unless this strategy of surprise was part of the plan. But to not warn your partner that invested a shitload into you, just seems absurd.
Gotta love that bimbo, that has destroyed "many iPhones", and claims that iPhones are not waterproof because Apple would prefer you buy "phone after phone after phone". I guess we've found the secret to Apple's success.
 Are you one of those "anyone should be able to say anything at anytime, with no consequences" people? This has nothing to do with "free speech". It has to do with an analyst manipulating the market, then lying his ass off. 
 You can always tell the full-of-shit trolls, they tend to have "truth", "wakeup", and other such sanctimious trash in their usernames. It's telling that Apple-bashers are quickly running out of things to bash the iPhone with, which is why "waterproof" is suddenly so critical, when I've never heard such a complaint before. Not once in my life had I wished my phone was waterproof, but hey. I did drop my iPhone 4 in a lake years ago, while it was on, and it stayed underwater...
Picked up a shitload of GT stock yesterday. Blows my mind that noone was recommending that. I could have sold today and made a few thousand profit (it hit $2). But I'm gonna hold.
 No, you're not the only one. But those among us that actually sat down, and spent a few seconds thinking through that design, are not part of your group, because we realize that what may work in people's imagination and fantasy may not be feasible for the real world and today's market. That mockup "looked cool". Thats literally all it had going for it. It also looked insanely unuseable, technically and physically unfeasible,  very uncomfortable, not to mention un...
The thing is, all you doubters and naysayers who just KNOW that this going to "end up in landfills" don't have the cajones, character, or integrity to came back and acknowledge that you were wrong when you're proven to be so. There's no accountability on the internet, so all of you can be as smug as you fucking want about how this product is doomed- because when it isn't, you'll just shrug, move on, and won't bother to call yourselves out on your inane, short-sighted,...
 As expected, making his victory lap, because of a random, historically meaningless online survey of a product months before it's launch- and here's the kicker- which was done even before the product was unveiled. The product has already failed, in your mind, months before launch.  Will he re-assess his conclusion a few months after the actual product goes on sale, at which point we will have real, verifiable sales data? Of course not, because people like him prefer to...
 New iOS releases have always been more buggy than new OSX releases. I've had zero issues with Mavericks since day 1. 
DOOMED!   I'm pretty sure I read the same reports about "tepid" demand for the 1st iPad, right before it went on sale. 
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