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I love slack, but what a moronic statement. He can run his mouth when he actually has a superior product. Siri can't do everything, and doesn't get it right 100% of the time, but it does everything I ask her to do pretty damn well.
 The failure of the Wii U had NOTHING to do with the power of the hardware (it actually can output beautiful visuals in the right hands, more than good enough for 90% of gamers) but everything to do with Nintendo's shitty marketing (people didn't even know if it was a new console or some kind of add-on) both with the look and the naming. I'm extremely happy with my Wii U, as every game I have bought is AAA quality, and I've loved. But it's sad that they didn't know how to...
 Not gonna happen. Console makers LOSE money on hardware (as its ridiculously over powered at launch) so that they can make it up on software. Apple is not going to sell something it loses money on. 
 Yep. Nintendo is genius at actual game development (I buy Nintendo consoles only for Nintendo games), but they're absolutely horrendous at marketing and everything else. Just seems like they market everything in the worst way possible, and TRY to shoot themselves in the foot. Nintendo+Apple would be a pretty brilliant partnership. 
 Yeah, God forbid you have to take 2 seconds to plug in a cable once every FEW MONTHS in order to charge it. Really, Apple should compensate you for this wasted time.  Unbelievable how entitled, lazy, and spoiled we've become as a human species. 
The app looks hideous.
 There was no anger in my post. Just trying to wrap my head around the absurdity of thinking Apple shouldn't bother with a car anymore (or any other new project or product) because it missed some magical, impossible launch window you just concocted out of thin air.  It's great that you're an "Apple based professional". Doesn't mean I can't call you out on absurd statements. Oh, and that's for your advice on medication. Have never taken any, and don't plan to. You won't...
 Hey, I'll join him on the 15,000,000 Apple Watches in 12 months bet. I'm down to be perma-banned if that does not happen. That's how much confidence I have that they will easily reach that target. 
What I find pretty disgusting is how Damsung went though 6 generations of smart watches in a single year, seemingly attempting to shut out as many models and variations as possible before Apple released their version. I find that strategy shows a lot of contempt for the consumer.
 I assumed you were being sarcastic, then checked your post history and found a ton of other childish "too little too late" bullshit, so I guess not. What a sad troll you are.   etc etc. So Apple should just shit out a car for the hell of it, just to "get into the market", or buy out everyone else? Wow, what a sure road to success. You should ask Apple for an apology letter, for not releasing a car when you want them to. 
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