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There's no story on Apple's liveblog? First time they do something like this- they're being really chatty. I love it.    http://www.apple.com/live/2014-sept-event/
 These days, it's especially difficult for a company like Apple (especially Apple) to come out with any kind of significant product announcement from left field without anyone having any inkling about it, and without even a rumor being created or published.  Odds are whatever they are going to announce, we've at least heard vague rumors about them already (payment system, home automation, iWatch, etc). Which won't make them any less significant or historic. 
     There's been a new "The 5.5 iPhone may or may not be coming" story almost every DAY for the past year. Maybe that has not bothered some of you, but I find it pretty damn ridiculous to publish yet ANOTHER one, that has no more merit than the rest, on the day before all this is going to be confirmed for good. So yeah, I think my annoyance is warranted. 
 Apology accepted. Thank you.  Although I'm not buying the "jesting" bit, that's a lie.  The comment was made with a large degree of hatred.  To clarify, here's an example of a jest: Just make sure if you shoot yourself, you give me your Apple products first ;)Non-jest: Please just shoot yourself now, and do us all a favor.  The 1st is from a place of hatred and vitriol. The 2nd is from a place of humor.  See the difference? 
Slashing the price by $200 a month after launch. Talk about success. It should have launched at $0 to begin with. It's the only way it could have ever gotten any traction, and its about what its worth. Amazon was insane to launch at $200 under contract.
 I can never be fully "fixed", as long as password are involved. The user has to take some accountability and responsibility. If you have security questions for which the answers are publically available, thats your own damn fault. Also, the ore obstacles you create for logging in, and for resetting a password, the more inconvenience that causes users- its not as simple as adding as much security as possible, you have to look at how it affects scenarios where users have...
If I hear another rumor about the fucking 5.5" model I'm gonna fucking shoot myself. We've ran the gamut of every single permutation of launch possibilities for that model, AI, have some damn class and wait for the damn keynote before publishing more shit like this. 
 The A7 is a fucking power-sipping beast of a chip, there's still nothing in the mobile space that is superior overall. It demolished the S5 in most benchmarks, a phone that is 8 months newer and "specced" much higher. The A8 is going to pull even further ahead, decimating everything in sight, and anything coming out probably in the next 15 months. Apple is getting exponentially better at customizing their SoC, it's almost scary. I've still seen nothing that comes close to...
 These criminals fucking disgust me. They also have so little shame that they have no problem showing their faces. I find it very filthy how some are so willing to compromise and deflate the joy and surprise of so many, as well as lessen the impact of unveiling of a product the world has been waiting for, thats less than 2 days away, so that they can get their 15 shitty seconds of fame. Seriously, **** that guy. Let Apple demo it properly first, instead of your ugly-ass...
 I'm glad there are those that appreciate and agree with them. Lets me keep my sanity. It's a shitty job, but someone has to take out the trash. Thanks for your comment. 
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