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The app color is nowhere close to "pink".  The source is extremely prominent Thanks for coming out though. If these are the best complaints you can muster (which are invalid), I guess Apple did a pretty damn good job. 
 What's a "tent pile"?  Oh, and please point us to the press release where Apple announced these emojis as a tent-pole feature. I'll be waiting. 
 I've seen quite a few Macbooks on trains, planes, busses, etc. The girl beside me on the plane was using one last week, I asked her how she liked it, and she kept gushing about it and thats its her favorite computer ever. Not a fair comparison to MBPs, as those have been out for many years and have maintained the same design since 2012, compared to a product that's been on the market for a few months, is still priced at a premium level, and available in 1 size. 
 Oh, quit it with this whole bullshit suicide meme. The suicide rate at these factories is LOWER than US college campuses. Maybe, just MAYBE these people WANT to work, because thats the reason they're so far away from their families? There have been protests in the past by factory workers, whenever the hours were DECREASED, because these workers want to save up as much $$ as they can while they have those temporary positions, before going back home. Yes, factory work is...
 All the time. With the other party's explicit permission, of course. But it's super useful sometimes, especially with notifications of when someone is leaving work, on their way home, ETA, etc. 
 Really? I mean...really? What's up with Rand (and Ron before him) Paul supporters shoving him down people's throats randomly, everywhere? It's awkward. Sorry, he doesn't have a shred of a chance at the whitehouse, so do yourself a favor and invest your time in something more worthwhile. 
 So Apple should support 4K in the Apple TV because of.. a show on netflix? Apple will not support 4K until their own ecosystem does. 4K content is still extremely rare, and adoption is not yet at the point where it makes sense for Apple to support. Also, I'm sure the Apple TV will look fine on your LG TV, since 99% of content is not broadcast in 4K anyway. 
  Why is every single one of your posts a depressing rant or whine? There are a million reasons why the Apple TV does not support 4K, some of which are: 1) Price point2) Much more powerful hardware needed to smoothly run a 4K interface3) Tiny percentage of 4K TV owners Really, it's not that flabbergasting. 4K adoption- either through hardware or content- is not wide enough to warrant making pricing and performance tradeoffs to support it. Why can't you ever be positive or...
 Uh, Apple Music works perfectly for me, and I have difficulty imagining a more intuitive interface. I mean really, how long does it take to figure it out? A few min? I really don't get all the bitching. I also don't get why literally all your posts consist of you quoting people on podcasts or blogs, as if these opinions are somehow some kind of definitive evidence towards something, instead of the noise it's always been. 
 What design "mistakes"? Please, give us a list and suggest improvements. Or is that too much work?
New Posts  All Forums: