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..and other OEMs have no even figured out how to make anything even CLOSE to Apple's current trackpads, let alone this new innovation. I tried it at the store and did not believe it was not actually clicking. Insanely convincing.
 There's a ton of things on which I don't agree with you, but this isn't one of them. There are indeed massive parallels in the philosophies of both companies. They both operate in their own world so to speak, doing things their own way, because of their own convictions, regardless of what others think. Nintendo sticks to their principles and does not "sell out" in their beliefs, as Apple tends to do.  TBH I haven't turned on my Wii U in a while, but every minute I've had...
 If Apple made exclusive games for the iPad, you REALLY don't think it would sell more iPads? No, not everyone cares about games or Nintendo, but many people do, and many appreciate the quality. The best of both worlds- Nintendo's quality software, without their weird hardware, and instead on a gorgeous and mobile iPad that can also be airplayed to an Apple TV. Most people love Nintendo games but hate buying their hardware. If the next major Mario game was exclusive to the...
 I agree that the Wii U is by far the best buy in terms of consoles, and have the highest quality games. Every single game I own is AAA+ quality. Unfortunately, it's more of a marketing problem for Nintendo, and their decision to create confusion by using the same name and a similar looking console was the height of stupidity. There's people to this day that still do not know if the Wii U is a brand new system or some kind of Add-on.  Can't wait for the new Zelda. 
 I would fucking kill for Nintendo games on the iPad, that can be controlled through the Wii U Pro controller. I love Nintendo as much as I love Apple. They're complete shit at marketing, but their 1st party games are the best in the world. 
Has anyone actually gone through, and you know, read through the site? The from employees quotes are very inspiring and layout is great.     But no, let's just constrain all discussion to the header photo. 
Tim's quotes make it clear how much wisdom the guy has, how much he understood Steve's philosophies, how much he understands Apple, and why he's the perfect person for the job.
 Stop being obtuse. You know he meant Apple officially prevents it in their OS, this isn't about jailbreaking. It's very plausible that Google will completely remove the "sideload" option from the OS by default. They've gone back on so many of their ever "core" philosophies when it benefitted them. 
 This was Google's strategy all along. They spread Android like a virus primarily because of the "free for all" philosophy. And now that they have the marketshare, they're getting around to implementing some quality, restrictions, and guidelines. A very cynical strategy, but not unexpected. The only sad this are the foaming at the mouth Android lovers that ACTUALLY believed that lack of restrictions was a core philosophy from Google, not something they did out of temporary...
 Yeah, because a PAID 3rd party companion app that has to be installed on BOTH the Mac and the iOS device is the ultimate ideal, right? That will definitely catch on in a huge way, right? You know what is redundant? Every single one of your posts. I find it insane how so many here can have you on their blocklists, and yet you still have the privilege of posting. There has to be a threshold, when being blacklisted by enough members gets you kicked out of here. 
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