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I have to say, logitech does truly make excellent accessories.
Oh it's saved in the cloud, all good then. I was under the impression it was stored in a man-purse, hence my opposition to this system.    Carry on. 
Fantastic, where do I sign up?? No seriously, this is the payment solution of my dreams, and clearly going to be a massive success. Taking photos of QR codes? Cumbersome payment process? Direct access to banking info? Transmitting tons of personal data? Hacked before its even released? Why didn't Apple think of this? You know the best part about this? Seeing all the vehemtn anti-Apple trolls acros the internet cheer on CurrentC, and the disabling of NFC options, simply...
 To clarify, are you asking Joswiak to die? No really, elaborate.  What a filthy coward you are. 
"Transgender politics"? You think Cook's politics have anything to do with Walmarts decision regarding this issue? No, of course you don't, but you couldnt help putting forth that vile comment. What a filthy, hateful, disgusting person you are. 
 They have something called the iPod nano, the iPod shuffle, the iPod touch, the iPhone, and the iPad- all of which can play music.
 He was asked the cause of the issue, and he fucking stated what that was. What the hell is it you want, exactly? How is he passing blame? I'm pretty damn sure he knows that Apple is also responsible for the distribution. Yet people are pretending as he's blaming another company. Jesus Christ. 
 No, it doesn't. I've never had a single iPhone replaced, they've all served their full lifespans. I'm guessing most others have the same experience. You're an extreme outlier if you got a single iPhone replaced 4 times, and you must know that- so you must also know that making encompassing generalizations about Apple's lack of quality based on your rare experience is pretty idiotic, and trollish. Amazing how this product that has "lack of quality" was not only the best...
 Apple's execs are petty and small? You're the one coming off as insanely petty, especially with your whining, entitled attitude. Also, interesting how anyone who disagrees with you is automatically an "Apple fanboy", intellectual laziness at its finest, straight from the troll book. Well done. Also, you're the only one who brought up bodily excretions, but whatever floats your boat I guess. Some of us are level-headed enough to realize that an iPad that has already been...
GTAT needs to shut the **** up. Talk about a lack of class. Apple has not said one negative thing about them in public. Also, I very much doubt Apple "breached contract" as it has a fucking army of lawyers that would make damn sure that it hadn't. This comes off as trashy whining. It's so fucking easy to say you "would win" if you sued, yet don't plan to.
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