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The incredible thing is that 90% of phones I see are smartphones. I send and receive messages to many people (ie. clients) and 90% are iMessages. It's clear that the vast majority of these Android #s are coming from prepaid low-end garbage in developing countries, so who gives a ****? This marketshare does not translate into usage, developer support, ecosystem, or revenue. 
Awesome. Always wanted to see Venice in flyover mode. Incredible place, visited a couple yrs ago. Smells like fish and its kind of a tourist trap, but worth experiencing.
 Yeah, Apple owning enterprise is huge. Android has gotten near zero penetration in the enterprise, and never will, which is one of the reasons why the dynamics of this mobile war is different. Android also has near zero penetration in education.
That chart is hilarious and so misleading.    Apple works hard for every iOS device sold. When people buy one, they are consciously deciding to buy an Apple iPhone, running iOS. Apple greatly benefits from every single iOS device sold. When 99% of people buy Android devices, they are not buying a "Google" phone, or even an "Android" phone. They are buying a "Samsung", or any other OEM, or "whatever cheap piece of shit I can afford or has a carrier deal". That's the main...
 True. I never had any clue when SJ's bday was, even when he was alive. I don't eve know the b-days of most of my close friends. His date of death is much more meaningful. 
 Apple will eventually make a search engine. It just makes too much sense. Especially when literally overnight, they will grab MASSIVE marketshare from Google simply by making it the default in iOS. That's the power of having such an influential platform. Sure, many might switch back manually to Google. But most won't bother. And just like that, they completely **** Google over. All they need to do is make sure it doesn't look TOO different, and users won't care. And there...
 You predicted a 1T market cap- while simultaneous mocking and bashing the company to no end, constantly deriding the quality of its new hardware and software, calling their acquisitions foolish, proclaiming their CEO to be unfit for the job, and predicting massive failure for their next product category? Makes perfect fucking sense. So either you truly don't believe anything you say and are constantly trolling, or you believe your opinions are so off the mark and...
 I'm pretty sure you are guaranteed the promised item if funding reaches it's goal.  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/597507018/pebble-time-awesome-smartwatch-no-compromises Yeah..I think we're good in that respect.  Honestly, it was genius of Pebble to do this. The $$ they will raise will be insane. 
 My thoughts EXACTLY. I feel like Apple can take a year off this year, I wouldn't be upset one bit, but clearly they would be skewered by the shareholders/media. And obviously, revenues would take a massive hit. But as a product? There's really nothing they "need" to do, the 6/6+ should serve everyone's needs for a very long time. Every aspect is fantastic and almost perfected, and they have the sizes covered. They could instead direct all that R&D time towards other...
I have the 1st pebble. If I couldn't get the Apple Watch, this would be the ONLY smart watch I would even consider getting. Nothing else even remotely interests me. At least these guys are doing something different, with e-ink screens. and were actual trailblazers with the pebble.
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