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 Not once have I seen you give a straight aswer to a straight question. A straight answer would be "No, sorry, I cannot, even though I've implied as much strongly in all my previous posts". It's not that hard.  Instead, it's the never-ending "Why did you ask me that question? I prefer another question that more suits my agenda, so I won't answer, and instead make further baseless insinuations". 
Interview here: http://time.com/jonathan-ive-apple-interview/
 Wow, thanks for opening my eyes. And here all these years I thought Apple was a charity.. I really don't understand posts like yours. Do you think there's a single person on the planet that doesn't understand that Apple is a business? Yes, we realize that. But every business employs different tactics, philosophies, and methodologies in order to create their products which they'd like you to buy, and not all these philosophies are equal. Some of us understand and...
 Don't forget their blackberry ripoff back in the day, which even copied small, meaningless details. They also had the nerve to call it the "blackjack". There are thousands of other examples. The company really is shameless in this, but it's gotten them enormous success. The one thing I don't understand are the people who cheer for them and want them to sink the companies that they've ripped off.  
I always find Jonny's interviews fascinating. You really get to feel the deepness of his beliefs, passionate, and dedication. He takes this shit seriously. I'm confident we'll continue to see incredible things from him going forward. 
 I have to wonder if you realize the sheer stupidity of your post. Do you honestly think "wireless charging haters" irrationally hate the concept of wireless charging, or simply the current state of wireless charging which has major drawbacks and very few advantages (slow charging, unreliable, contact with a separate piece of hardware required, etc)? Yes, if Apple comes out with a solution that is more useable and superior to everything else out there (like they've done...
 What an ironic post, considering this outage was Google's fault. Just "goes to show" you should check facts before posting. 
 iCloud will never be multiplatform. It would in no way benefit's Apple's model, which is to increase the value of hardware through software features and ecosystem. iCloud is deeply integrated into all iOS devices (and OSX), the point of which is to make syncing of data seamless and configuration free. There's no way they can just "add" iCloud to Android, as an app, as it's a core part of iOS. And even if they could, it would be pointless. Apple doesn't make money through...
 It sounds just fine, and simple enough. Ever heard of passbook? It makes as much sense as most of their other app names. 
The killer feature of the new iWork suite is it's 100% file compatibility with all iOS devices- and more features are constantly being added. Office runs like a dog on a Mac. Sure, it's good to have, but for most people I think iWork is now much more useable, especially with cross compatibility. Oh, and the fact that it's FREE. 
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