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Sad, since HTC phones are infinitely better than Samsung ones.
So six people will get déjà vu? Not the end of the world. Not people have probably never even arena. Windows phone, let alone used one.
This is one of the best tweaks in iOS9 for me. Saves SO MUCH clicking and tapping, and the implementation is pretty genius.
Never mind how trashy this movie looks, it's unforgivable that they got an actor that looks absolutely nothing like the globally well known figure that died only a few years ago, that he's supposed to embody. From the trailer, it's obvious Kutcher did an infinitely better and more convincing job, even beyond his looks.
It's beyond weird that you're always obsessesivy hoping and fantasizing for every system to collapse, and seem to find joy in the idea.
Tim Cook needs to go, right guys? He's destroying the company, right guys? I disagree with his social views and his tweets enrage me, so clearly he isn't fit to lead Apple.    /s
 "Likely"? Sorry, bullshit. Apple was extremely profitable before the iPhone- Macs and iPods did very well for them. They also had extremely high brand equity. It's not "likely" at all that they would have filed for bankruptcy. 
Oh yeah? It isn't? You have some research to back up that 95% statement? Please, enlighten us.
 I searched for a single shred of empirical evidence in your non-sensical rant, and couldn't find a damn thing. It's easy to throw around words like "rot", "tarnished", etc, but eventually you'll have to back that up with some REAL indicators in the REAL world, not just the little talking voices in your head. More slowly? Anyone with a shred of context and history can see otherwise, and the host of new foundational, software, and hardware technologies Apple has released in...
 You don't like something Apple has done, with zero real justification. News at 11. You've become quite the troll. Oh, and here's a tip: Apple has always been about "selling product", so I'm not sure where your confusion lies.  I don't see any real negatives to this updates. It removes redundant pages, creates a global shopping cart, prevents the need to jump back and forth between different domains, and makes the buying experience more intuitive and efficient. A solid...
New Posts  All Forums: