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 What design "mistakes"? Please, give us a list and suggest improvements. Or is that too much work?
 Almost every single service from every company has a twitter help account. And, every SINGLE product, service, app, or software has help documentation or a guide. So, what is your point?
 What the hell are you talking about? The iMac starts @ $1099. Can you not do 1 second of research before trolling?
Oh, do shut up. What a non-sensical, ludicrous, useless rant. I love that you demand that they do exactly what Steve told them not to do- which is try to guess what he would do. A single page highlighting the incredible progress of a product warrants such hatred? Jobs did stuff like this all the time. ALL THE TIME.What a small, petty, childish post. Gotta love people who think they're in a position to smear Apple's "C-list" employees, who are no doubt infinitely more...
 1) Have to disagree with you. Apple Pay IS a perfect fit for a country where almost everything is chip and pin/NFC, regardless of bank support. That's the point. Everything else is in place EXCEPT the banks.  2) Again, disagreed. The UK has it, China is getting it, yet nothing from Canada yet- even though everything from the language, to the payment infrastructure, to the banking system, is MOST similar to the US. So yes, it is frustrating, and logically speaking, Canada...
 Thanks for that video, clearly it means Apple has no fucking clue what it's doing, and has thrown out all of Jobs philosophies, right? Or, a rational person would realize that the mouse lasts a month on a 2 hr charge, so God forbid that one day a month you can take 2 SECONDS to plug the mouse before sleeping/going out/while not using the computer, instead of needing to use it during that infinitesimally tiny amount of time that it needs to be charged.  You think Apple...
No shit. It's infuriating that more than a year after release, there's not a SHRED of news of Apple Pay coming to Canada, even though our infrastructure is even more ready for it than the US (chip and pin everywhere).
 What "problems" is Apple "throwing money" at? 
 What the **** are you even talking about? Apple has burned away "hundreds of billions"? 
I have 100% conviction that Apple is developing their own branding search engine, and it could very well be in a mature development state. It makes absolute sense, and they can advertise its privacy and integration benefits. Setting it as the default would be a massive blow to Google, as most mobile usage is done through iOS. But I'm sure they won't release it until its something at least somewhat comparable to Google, to avoid the Maps garbage. As long as it looks and...
New Posts  All Forums: