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 Couldn't disagree more. I love the new format. Also, why the heck would you go explicitly click on spotlight with your mouse? Never heard of the command-space shortcut? A million times faster. 
Yeah, becayse people will just LOVE setting up sync settings in 10 different programs, instead of 1.
 Bullshit. It has become LESS bloated in the latest version. The UI is much, much simplified, cleaned-up, and many functions (such as ebooks) have been offloaded to other apps. "Um-mitigated diasaster"? Wow, talk about sensationalism. Do you have any specific complaints, besides baseless comparisons to Microsoft software? Or ideas of how it needs to be "re-imagined"?  iTunes works perfectly for me, and hundreds of millions of others. 
 Because software shouldn't be designed around extreme outliers like you. Software is designed for common use-cases, everything has a breaking point. 80,000 tracks is ridiculous, and you sound pretty damn entitled to expect iTunes to just "manage it". And who said it doesnt?
 I'd like to see one post from you where you're not completely full of shit. I've had every non-S variation of the iPhone, and they all served their full lifespan with no major issues. There's not a shred of evidence that S models are any more reliable. 60 fucking responses in a support forum is not evidence that a product that has sold tens of millions has been sold to "guinea pigs". And if someone who buys an iPhone (historically the most reliable, most well supported,...
A whole SIXTY replies? 60?? OMG, this is an OUTRAGE! I demand a full recall! This is an unacceptable #, given that Apple has already sold tens of MILLIONS of phones, and this # represents a blade of grass in a football field. But nevertheless, I will sensationalize and blow this out of proportions, making sweeping claims about Apple's lack of any kind of quality control, how Steve Jobs wouldn't have allowed this, how Tim Cook should be fired, and how this is evidence of...
 You just compared the fucking Kindle OS, which is well known to be horrible, to iOS8, and claimed it to be superior? My, you're a special kind of troll, especially since every review I've read has claimed the software and hardware to be mediocre. And what, pray tell, are the tasks your son can do on his "$99 kindle" that you can't on your iPad? We're all dying to know about these wonderful applications. I have yet to see a Kindle Fire in the wild, thats how obviously...
 You ever read Engadget comments? It's an Apple-hating cesspool. They're just playing to their base. The slobbering trolls will latch on any "complaint", even if their favorite Android tablet gets 1/2 the battery life.  Oh, and Nilay from theVerge said the battery lasted the entire weekend, and still had  34% when he decided to charge is. Does anyone really have an issue with iPad battery life? I think it gets to a point where battery life is more than good enough. There...
 Foxconn has a lower suicide rate than US college campuses. Foxconn employs hundreds of thousands of people. How often do you hear about a suicide? Once every few months? Oh, and please list your phone model, as well as every single product you own, including all electronic devices and clothes. You know, to make sure nothing you use is made in China. Prove us wrong, maybe in fact everything you own IS made by magical, happy unicorns in magic land.
The Macrumors headline is that this is an "Apple Pay Glitch", and the article has like a thousand commentators "outraged" over Apple's "botched" roll-out, and having a blast crucifying Apple. What a troll cespool that entire shitty site is. Articles are even written specifically for trolls and Apple-haters, with almost all of it negatively tinged. Filthy, disgusting website masquerading as an Apple "rumor" site. 
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