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That actually looks nice and makes sense. That design has alot of advantages. 
I think $100 might be my magic # to sell. This stock is way too stressful. 
 Yes, you'd unsurprisingly argue that, because of your obsessive hatred of the beats deal, but of course it would be a completely irrational, illogical argument without a shred of fact. By "one-trick pony" I was referring to the nest thermostat, which seems like a decent product, unlike the smoke alarm.  First of all, a quick perusal of Beats webpage shows multiple product categories. They currently are selling 10 different models of heaphones, 8 models of earphones (not...
It's encouraging to see how well Nest tests its "features" especially for such a critical device like a smoke alarm. Also encouraging is how they just decided to scrap the feature and drop the price, instead of doing the hard work of solving the problem. [/s if it wasnt completely obvious. Can't believe how many people were up in arms that Apple didn't buy this 1 trick pony company. Still don't know a single person with a Nest product. Apparently, making something look...
Eh, whatever. Siri in iOS8 is amazing, so I'm pretty sure Apple has their own strong in-house solution by now. Samsung can go ahead and buy whatever the **** is wants. It's not like it will be able to execute the feature worth a damn. 
Great, now we get get thousands of useless youtube vlogs from people having drones following them on their useless days and documenting their useless existence. 
 They're not "slowing the train down". That's something you've pulled out of your ass, and then asking people to "justify". You're not stating a fact. You're stating a false, ignorant opinion, so it's not anyone's job to justify it. In the past couple years Apple has expanded its product line pretty significantly, in a way it hasnt done under SJ, providing more options and targetting more demographics. There are now FOUR SKUs of iPads instead of 1, and 2 separate lines of...
 And now consider the fact that we'll have the A8 in a couple months, which will smoke the A7 out of the water. Apple's skill with CPU architecture seems to be increasing at an exponential rate with each revision, something that should be downright terrifying for everyone else. Nevermind Touch ID, another critical component that noone else seems close to matching in terms of reliability and ease of use. 
 If someone could have watched WWDC 2014 and then concluded that Apple has been "coasting", I don't know what to say. Also, your statement of they should "get their hands on everything physical in the world and do it right" encapsulated your mind-numbing ignorance of what it takes to "get something right"- which is time, and focus.  There has been hundreds of innovations at Apple since the days of SJ, in both hardware and software, many of which Apple's competitors are not...
What a lazy, deceitful, superficial article published by a rag publication that's circling down the drain. Tim has proven the skeptics, haters, and liars wrong time and time again- and he'll continue to do so. 
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