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 What the **** are you talking about, since this feature isn't even implemented yet, so obviously Apple didn't "allow" anything. 
 Canada. And income tax is around 40%. Thank God I put my Apple stock in a TFSA, so all the gains have been tax-free. 
 How? The trailer made the movie look like complete trash, which is pretty tough for a 2 min trailer to do. Making genetically engineered dinosaurs, made to be even more intelligent and murderous, in a theme park? What a brilliant idea! Trailer looked like utter shit. 
Man, that's a fuckload of sexy images and content. Probably 50x more already than any other smartwatch OEM has on their sites, and this isn't launching for months. The amt of effort they're putting into this, from every angle, is extremely promising. Whether trolls like it or not (ie. Benjamin button, Pazuzu, etc) this thing is gonna be huge.
 Oh, spare us the bullshit. You can get a 5, a 5C, or a 5S for cheap, all of which would be a huge upgrade over your 4S (yes, even the 5). Stop pretending you're either stuck with suffering with an ancient device, or spending a grand. And how the hell is it $500 subsidized? Oh yeah, cause you picked the most expensive model in order to make your silly "point". No one forced you to upgrade a 4 yr old device to the newest OS. And you should feel lucky about your tax rate....
 Sorry, but your friend sounds disgusting, and lacking in all integrity. And I'm not being extreme in saying that. In my business, I make dozens of decisions a day that result in me making less money from customers, but preserves my honesty and my integrity. I just can't sleep at night if I overcharge someone, upsell them to something they don't need, or am not completely honest about a service, even if I know they'd have no clue if I wasn't. If you're friend knows better,...
Can't stand Portman. She over-acts in every movie she's in. 
 Not really sure if this is a joke post or not, but if not...that's a pretty mind-numbingly moronic statement. 
Pretty good discounts, but already picked up an Air 2 (had a $90 Apple gift card) and not in the market for any of these. 
 The iPhone6/6+ are by far the best selling smartphones in history, they are by far the best reviewed smartphones currently out, by pretty much every publication, and tens and tens of millions of people are happily using them and insanely satisfied with their purchase. It's rather pathetic how you've convinced yourself you've been "vindicated" somehow, because you live in your little bubble, where a youtube video and first reports of "scratching" almost 2 months after...
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