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 Oh, shutup. You were calling for Tim Cook's ouster for like a year when the stock was low- even thought you admit that Wallstreet is clueless- so what makes you any better? You've always been a sycophant with no backbone when it comes to stock price and your opinion of Apple, which is always perfectly in tune with Wallstreet's opinion. You're only cheerleading Apple now because the stock has risen, and when it drops you will be screaming bloody murder and blaming Apple-...
This might get ugly. Hopefully has no negative effect on the stock.
The only thing more ridiculous than these ethnically diverse emoji, is the fact that some people are actually OUTRAGED at it. Yeah, they're not needed. But how the **** will the new emoji affect you negatively? The hate and anger is hilarious. Worst case scenario, you have more emoji options. OH NO!! Post after post of hate is just hilarious. Don't worry people, you don't have to pay for these or anything. 
 "Nobody cares"? Really? Is that why literally every article about the annoucement I've read on major sites has THOUSANDS of comments, even Apple fan sites? You don't care. I don't care. Many others don't also. But to pretend "nobody" cares, and that it's a complete non-issue to everyone, is simply empirically false.  As for why he chose now to come out, there's probably hundreds of factors, but as I see it here are the 2 main ones: 1. He believed the threshold has been...
 No, instead, Apple chooses to make excellent laptops, that are designed to support the way they are actually used. It's not all about 'pushing boundaries"- thats not the goal. The goal is to make an excellent product, pushing boundaries is merely a means to an end. Unfortunately, this goal is beyond the ability of most of these OEMs, so instead, they focus on the gimmicks and pretend thats the goal. 
http://www.extremetech.com/computing/192893-the-first-core-m-laptop-paints-a-depressing-mediocre-picture-for-intels-broadwell      Wow, sounds like a fucking winner. Where do I sign up?? What's farcical is comparing this poorly designed, poorly performing, mess of a machine with the impeccably balanced Macook Air- regardless of some individual, superior spec figures. But hey, it folds into weird positions and shit, so carry on!
The avalanche of Apple Pay support continues (with Banks/CC companies advertising Apple Pay for free), Apple's stock price is just about to hit $110 ($770 pre-split), and Apple's position in the marketplace has never been stronger. Apple is right now the strongest it has ever been in its entire history, with barely any weak points, and those that exist being filled up quickly (ie. cloud features, OS extensibility, device options, etc)   With Christmas sales coming up,...
 Talk about ignorance..especially for someone with 5,000 posts. 
 Nope. The only "fundamental value" that Apple has is to make excellent products. Everything else more specific for that is dynamic, and subject to change if that's called for. You also stated that Apple would never produce a "phablet" phone that doesnt fit in the hand, because that was also a "fundamental value". No, it wasn't.  If they can get OSX to work reasonably well with touch input, then it will happen. The UI in Yosemite is already alot more touch friendly, as are...
 Uh, yeah, noone assumed he was talking about Steve the whole time. This article was about that specific portion of the interview, so obviously the relevant quote will be highlighted. Regardless of what else he says about other topics, it's fair to comment on that quote. 
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