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Apple can't even sell the Watch at their own stores, so now they're giving it to BB out of sheer desperation.    /s
 How sad is it that Apple has innovated more on watch bands in their first try in this market than the watch industry has done in the last 100 years? I mean, ALL THESE COMPANIES MAKE is watches, and yet they couldn't be bothered to come up with a link bracelet that doesn't need tools to adjust. The magnetic milanese loop is brilliant. The Sport band is insanely comfortable. Utterly pathetic, and shows that Apple NEEDS and SHOULD disrupt industries, for the sake of...
 Because, product differentiation. If stylus support and pressure sensitivity is the main differentiator of the iPad Pro, they're not gonna bring that to the Air, at least not right away. 
Not a big deal if no iPad Airs this fall. It's massively over powered for what it's used for, and can't think of significant upgrades for that form factor. They should focus on the mini and the Pro. A price drop to $399 would be pretty awesome though.
 I recently downgraded to a 5S from a 6 (decided to gift mine to a family member in need of a replacement), and I have to say I definitely wouldn't mind a 4.2" iPhone with the 6 design. Switching back to a smaller phone made me realize how much I appreciate reachability, and if it was just a TAD larger that's probably the phone I would choose. 
 You honestly believe this movie will provide another "side"? What this movie will focus on are the same old aspects that have been beaten to death a million times. It's not attempting to enlighten anyone with ANY new insight, but simply repackaging the most negative memes in a sexier way to make $$$. 
 I listened to it. It's sensational drivel, with very few real, specific complaints or suggestions as to how things can be improved. It's basically all "OMG MY WIFE WHO WAS IN TECH SUPPORT IS SO FUCKING CONFUSED, SO ARE ALL MY RELATIVES!  THE SEARCH HAS LIKE 2 OPTIONS OMG WHAT IS GOING ON". Seriously, took me all of 5 min to figure out everything there is to know about the app, and how things work. There's very good reasons for the decisions that have been made, the...
 Actually, it's pretty logical to navigate. I've had zero issues, but maybe I have the special "non-nightmarish" version. Also, why does the average person need to an in their face indication of what is being played from the device or online? The entire point of Apple music is that this shouldn't matter. And if for some reason you want to only play local music (ie. you're roaming, no internet), you just tap "music" and turn on "only songs available offline" option, which...
Just like the upcoming "Jobs" movie, this looks to be a nasty, hateful view of the person, which ignores massive aspects of his personality in order to drive the nasty narrative. How many more of these do we need? They bring NOTHING new to the table, other than recycling anecdotes and stories we heard decades ago. Nothing at all about the last 10 yrs of his short life. 
Uh, this was obvious from the trailers, and "mean-spirited" came to my mind as well. Every single scene in the trailer shows Jobs in a nasty light, and the intent of this movie is clearly to demonize and perform character assassination of the worst kind in order to attract viewers. It's clear this movie is nasty, one-sided, and unobjective. What a superficial and lazy portrayal, of course ignoring the later parts of Jobs life because it doesn't fit the nasty agenda and...
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