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This Einhorn guy probably believes that by calling it 'iPrefs' he's being just as creative as Steve Jobs used to be. Looking at the design of the presentation, however, it's obvious what it's all about: Greed, greed, greed. And the name 'Einhorn' creeps me out as much as Goldman Sachs' Blankfein does as well. Are there any hedge funds that don't behave like swarm of locusts?    (*corrected spelling of Blankfein)
  Why should I re-define it when, according to the English dictionary, it means this:    1: "a thing made to be similar or identical to another". 2: "Imitate the style or behaviour of".   Here another two examples to make you smile. Must be bliss to live in denial.       Btw, should you be visually impaired, don't feel ashamed to say so. We're here for you!
            Looky here - not copying eh? I thought so.  Just making a point.
  To see how much Samsung copies Apple, have a look here: http://samsungcopiesapple.tumblr.com Shameless
A MasterChef hasn't 'invented' all his ingredients either, nor does he always grown them himself, yet his recipes are unique!   
in that case, Houdahspot should work for you, but it's not free!
get the free 'easyfind' from devontechnologies. if its on your harddrive, easyfind will find it
You can do this via the terminal, just search google. Try this: google search
Personally I think 20" is way too big, and not very innovative either. I would much rather prefer this: Source: hrmpf.com
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