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After I had done a backup and rebooted the following folders appeared: var, tmp, etc. All aliases, all at the root level of my hd. Can I delete these files? And if not, any idea how to set them to 'invisible' again? I've tried various things but nothing has worked so far. I'm running Leopard btw Thanks very much!
I have 8 applications in my dock, for all my other stuff I use Launchbar.
nope - the latest beta actually. I have also tried the various nightlies, but they have the same problem, it's ridiculous! I did try the latest camino for a while, and noticed it uses way less ram, but I prefer safari's interface and thing too much, so I switched back
i'm only interested in one thing, and that's memory use! right now safari uses an insane amount of ram, considering it's just a web browser. as much as I like safari, having to quit it on a very regular basis because its ram use creeps up to anything between 200 and 300 mb ram is just plain silly!!!
I don't have a problems with the current dock, I do, however, use an alternative, called Workstrip. This is a fairly unknown application that does a lot of really useful things. Think of it as a pro version of the dock, combined with popup folder we used to have in OS9. A summary of some of my favourite features here below. Pictures can be seen here: Workstrip 1] In Workstrip each icon has a drawer. When it's an application, I can drag folders into it, so those folders...
not a solution as such, but may I suggest you have a look at Knox. I used to use regular sparse disk images myself, but have switched to Know. It's basically a gui-program with a few extra's, but well worth it if you use several different disk images.
care to name your top-5? I'm just curious.
you're welcome. be sure to also check out the MailActOn, MailFollowUp and MailTypeSelect (the latter does find-as-you-type! back on topic now
sorry, should have posted a link, it's a mail plugin: MailTags Use it all the time - absolutely wonderful!
Have a look at MailTags - simply wonderful!!
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