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In the new build the 3D dock can rotate vertically with a cube-effect, similar that what we've seen in Keynote. This allows you to bring up a new dock, filled with new icons. Effectively creating workspaces for docks. Really useful. I would definitely call that top secret. (just kidding of course )
nope, there's iridium and chromium as well. I agree there are few other, but there are more than these three. A couple more coming up shortly, just check the macthemes2 forums
Not entirely true. Not all themes need ShapeShifter. There are themes out there which use an installer and have no side effects on the stability or speed of the machine. Uno is one of those themes. I'm using it now - absolutely brilliant.
I'm very organised myself as well, but when it comes to more lesser used or more obscure programs, forgetting a document name is not all that uncommon. And like I said, sometimes it easy having a complete overview of all filetype related documents. I happen to use Logic Pro and often do versions of a song, like mix 1, mix 2 etc. Being able to open a particular mix almost instantly is a godsend. I'm surprised really tat something like that isn't built into Quicksilver...
Well, that's easy. Say you're looking for an Excel, Logic, Quartz Composer document, but you can't remember the name. Or you're looking for the OpenType version of a font. LaunchBar can automatically show me a list of filetype related documents of every kind of filetype on my hard drive. Even when you do remember the document name - it's still a handy feature, and one I use often.
Not sure 'smart' is the right word - QuickSilver still can't automatically create smart folders for every filetype on your hard drive like LaunchBar can. That & the fact it's stil slower than LaunchBar keep me from switching
hmmmm, free internet and april first...... What am I to make of this
Go to: Finder --> Preferences --> General --> Show These Items On The Desktop.
I agree with Sport73 as well, although I do think the Piles idea could be integrated into a metadata-Finder. There are quite a few very interesting projects which try to solve the problem of dealing with a lot of data. The ones I like best are: Punakea, a tags based Finder replacement. Yep. Unfortunately this only deals with pdf, but it does so very elegantly. LiquiFile which is about 'Liquid Browsing'. To fully understand what these guys are trying to build,...
New Posts  All Forums: