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Indeed!! Those audio apps (or lack of them) keep me from swicthing to OS X full time. Ah well, at least logic Audio will be out january 7th! And Deck will be released this year. Can't wait!!!!
Just wondering: has anyone here ever tried Freeway?? It's an amazing WYSIWYG html editor that produces unbelievably clean code. It just won the 2001 MacUser award for Web design/production software, beating out BBEdit 6.1.2 and WebObjects (both worthy contenders)!! and....wait for it......Out for OS X next december, and totally MAC ONLY!! (ps: I'm just a user and big fan of it!!)
[quote]Originally posted by dr. zoidberg: cool... i´ll check it out. as for golive: i hope someday the app will render a cleaner scripting code. right now it´s TERRIBLE!!! pages of ugly script-bloatware for simple rollovers? yuk. that´s why i made my own script templates, and now everytime i need some neato cleano javascript i´ll do copy+paste it into the golive doc.
The cool thing about Freeway is that you can write a javascript in...
For those interested, Freeway 3.5 will be out for OS X next month. It's a truely beautiful webdesign program that produces some of the cleanest code around, and it's Mac only!! Check out: http://www.softpress.com
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