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this is a visualization of Apple patent, one that works but better think: stacks
Don't get your hopes up too high - Apple's just cancelled three of the four booths are the messe. Nothing something they do if they want to announce something big
Not necessarily so. They could introduce Finder Classic and Finder X. The first will work like the Finder we know, and Finder X is the new revamped Finder. Applications not ready for Finder X will use the 'old' Finder's features.
Have a look at Freeway, either Pro (recommended) or Express. Works similar to Indesign/Quark. Fantastic support too!
I think this is what you need: Witch. A free preference pane that will allow you to cycle through and open/close all windows, wether minimized or not.
You're right. It was something I overlooked as I was trying to find a freeware solution. Perhaps Steermouse might be what you're looking for. It's not free unfortunately, but then, it does a few other useful things too. I use it and am quite happy with it.
This might be a solution: MouseZoom
The new Luxeed Keyboard seems interesting as well. Not as high-tech as Optimus, but almost just as functional. Great design too! We can't think of a much better way to compliment your disco-inspired mouse than, you guessed it, a psychedelic keyboard. While we've seen our fair share of colored keyboards, Luxeed's latest elevates the game by letting you program each individual key with one of 512 colors, "be it a single hue, a spectrum rainbow," or your own distinct /...
more info here
I'm not using it, no, but I'm seriously considering getting one. I find it's functionality and design very appealing. Love the usb ports on it, which would allow me to leave all my stuff connected to it, while I take my MacBook with me. Also of interest it the option to adjust the fan speed.
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