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I suggest you also have a look at this one: zalman
Look like the just released DevonThink Office might be what your looking for!
Have a look at this: Ragtime Solo. It's like InDesign and Office in one program.
Be sure to also have a look at this: Fan Control Fan Control is a prefpane than goes into your System Preferences and requires a restart after installation whereas smcFanControl is a standalone application. Instead of only setting a fan RPM speed (like with smcFanControl) Fan Control 1.1 allows you to set an upper and lower fan threshold in degrees for your MacBook Pro. The software then dynamically adjusts the fans speeds to keep your MBP the temperature that you...
could this be what you're looking for: Yep?
This shows a lot of promise: Tables
That's why I wrote: 'Quite often'
Omniweb here as well, Omniweb 5.5 that is. Quite often, when sites don't work, all you have to do is switch the user agent to, say, firefox or windows IE6, and it all works fine. OW 5.5 allows you to change and store that preference per site. You can do this in Safari as well, btw, either manually when you have the 'debug' menu enabled, or automatically when you have Safaristand installed.
Actually, Freeway allows you to set the output to either 'more readable' or 'more efficient'. In my case it was set to 'more readable', which result in some extra code. (code that still validates btw!) With todays internet speeds a few extra lines of code don't have any effect on the speed of page-rendering, but it does take care of preventing rendering problems across browsers/platforms. The latter is more important to me. Coming from a design-background, I think...
Not any crappier than the code I see generated by Dreamweaver, GoLive or iWeb I can't disagree that hand coding is much cleaner, but the code Freeway generates makes that it's pages look good in most (if not all) browser on most platforms. That means a lot to me too. But he, if you prefer hand coding, that I suppose it's not for you.
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