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It's a shame not more people here are aware of Freeway. It's like InDesign/Photoshop in one application, totally WYSIWYG and it generates W3C compliant code. It's a really great product and the company offers amazing support! This is my site done entirely* with Freeway: macanoid.com. (* with entirely, I really mean entirely. All image editing/cropping/manipulation, all typography etc, all done within Freeway. Freeway generates html, pngs, jpgs, gifs etc on the fly,...
Right, you do know, though, that Microsoft developed Office for the Mac-platform first. So, without the Mac there wouldn't be any Office for you PC, and neither would most other programs. As for the investment, that's only partly correct. As to which part, that's for you to find out.
I agree with Kickaha. It's very very useful when doing presentations. Not only that - it looks cool too :-D
to remove the stripes, just type this in the terminal: defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniWeb5 HideConstructionWarning -bool true As of beta 7 that is, and be sure to quit OW first. If have switched back to OW (for now) - love the speed (and all the OW features, but that goes without saying of course!!)
I suggest you have a look at Quicksilver It's like a Swiss Army Knife add-on for the Finder, a bit like Spotlight Pro. Very useful and, amazingly, free!!
These Finder ideas would suit me just fine!
Check out this plugin: SafariStand Adds Thumkbnail-tabs a la OmniWeb too.
I love this idea, another vote from me!! For those who have issues with Spotlight, I suggest you have a look at MoRu More information here: macosxhints reviews MoRu
Solar energy
an easy way of deleting all program files is using the Finder. Here a tutorial movie, it show how all files related to the SimpleChord program are deleted. delete program files using the Finder
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