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Just curious, what software are you using? It's difficult to believe next to none of the software you use is OSX ready.
Quicksilver It's free, it's amazing and you don't want to use your Mac without it any more once you've used it. Btw, did I mention it's free
I suggest you have a look at MoRu then: MoRu - the right interface to Spotlight
Oops, not tomorrow apparantly. Just read there's some delay due to implementing new features. Looks good though!
Well, we'll know tomorrow. Whatever the result, I applaud the effort someone's taking to try and build a 'better' FInder. I, for one, look forward to trying it out.
Have a look at Shiira, does what you're looking for! More Info Here
I'm currently using MoRu as a Finder add-on. It makes the whole Finder experiences much more tolerable. Well worth checking out, the only shame is that it's not intergrated IN the Finder, otherwise, just perfect.
I suggest you have a look at this, Batch Apply Spotlight Keywords Does what you suggest, but easier
Apple also has a patent where the whole screen functions as a camera. Now wouldn't it be cool if the new iPod is also capable of doing photo's/video through this screen? That and a cell-phone and I'm a happy camper.
could this be of interest: FileRun
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