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Nope, I have the latest version of both Launchbar and Quicksilver. Switched back to LB as of the latest version because of speed but will still follow QS. It's a known fact, even on the QS forums, that QS is not all that speed optimized. I'm not saying it's bad, because it's not, just slow unfortunately....
While Quicksilver has a few more features due to its plugin architecture, Launchbar is way way faster. So much, it's like comparing a bicycle (QS) to a Ferrari (LB)
In this order: Launchbar Newsfire Devonthink Pro Freeway 4 Pro Omniweb 5
btw, in Safari command-click also works for websites
Let's hope PathFinder 4, which is to be released any-day-now™ will address the things you didn't like about it
Another cool, but very useful (IMHO) Finder add-on has just been released: MacGadget A short sample movie of what it does here
Both PathFinder 4 and FileRun will allow you to swich features on and off, thus making the interface as simple or cluttered as you want. I love the elegance of the current Finder as well but I find it too simple at times, giving not as much feedback or information as I want, that's where PF4 and Filerun will come in. (not that I use the Finder all that much anymore thanks to Launchbar /Quicksilver!)
You're only seeing one screenshot, a bit hard to judge a program on just that. Currently two developers are trying to build a better Finder and both projects (Pathfinder and FileRun) look exciting, I for one am going to give both a fair try. Please don't knock it until you've tried it.
wow - that looks great as well. Cocoatech won't like this at all
I know - but tabs just 'feel' better to me.
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