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Damn, it's not like they don't have enough cash on hand to leave it available after switching to 256, 512GB and 1TB SSDs.. I'd still use my classic if they didn't stop playing whenever I walk more than a minute. And if they didn't have the stupid volume limit which means using an amp with big headphones.
That's not true, Amazon have awful terms and conditions that allow them to price your product as they wish and decrease your return relatively, not to mention the terms they're going for now which would allow them to print our books on demand in low quality undercutting the value of quality print books. My family is in publishing and they've switched completely to iBooks even though it's pricier as amazon make up the majority of sales with their monopoly and are abusing...
Please buy your books and ebooks anywhere but amazon. They are killing publishers and reducing the income of authors.
I haven't even tried to get my Bitcoin mining app (MacMiner) on the app store. Still, this is good news!
I've been developing MacMiner for about a year, and with the constantly changing field of Bitcoin mining I'm always looking for people willing to test features out - would anyone be willing to help out? I'm specifically interested in the MobileMiner functionality at the moment. If it doesn't work for you, please download this debug version and message me what shows up in the debug output window after you start mining/monitoring...
They've already started trials of US production haven't they? Remember those iMacs assembled in USA? http://************/2012/12/05/assembled-in-usa-imacs-are-originating-in-fremont-ca/    edit: ugh, URL blocking, really? that's from 9to5mac dot com
I thought AI had been hacked or something. Oh well, I suppose I'll get used to it...
Oh, so I get another year between '11 and the next version, which will inevitably break compatibility with our third party 'exchange' mail server, and possibly add another new PITA file format to support? Great!   Please Apple, add support for password protected .doc files so I don't have to use OpenOffice for those when I'm working at home.
As much as it pains my amateur-professional developer side, I think Apple really should release a smaller, cheaper iPad. I've heard a lot of people say that the iPad is too heavy/big/expensive for their needs and would rather have a Kindle because they're so cheap and light. They're primarily people who read books more than anything else, and if you look at the market size - I'm guessing, but I see a lot of big-grey-calculator generation Kindles, certainly a lot more...
I wish other retailers would do this. I hate all the old tudor-style pubs and historically relevant and well designed buildings that have been turned in to gaudy fast food outlets in the UK, especially since the smoking ban. 
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