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All the rumors of production and delivery problems could very well be started in Cupertino.  Why not build the hype even higher and making having a watch early an even more big deal?
Screw it and make them all monkeys. Everyone's a monkey and everyone is offended if they consider that to be offensive.
That champagne/gold model has grown on me.  Looks pretty damn nice.
 Have you seen the new Toyota Corolla commercials showing all the generations with Corolla?  The last one for today's Corolla has everyone in crazy bright colors.  I'm not saying I like it, but I'm 41 and don't have to keep up with those latest crazes.  
 Save this post for the Samsung S5 with 64-bit hardware running 32-bit OS.  Also, what makes you think they haven't been working on specializing on power-hungry tasks....  Like adding the M7?  
I was thinking the same thing on the ATV.  What could an A7 processor do to that little device?  Gaming would be brought up to par with PS3 and Xbox360 at the least.  4K TV would be achievable.....  Just need to insure they have enough A7's for the phone, and it should find it's way into ATV.     Also, nobody talks about the two color temps for the LED flashes and how it will determine the right balance when using the flash.  Everyone just thought it was two bulbs to...
"HI.  I'm away from my house now.  Please break in and steal my stuff."  "I'm returning on flight 1234 at 4:30pm tomorrow.  Better break in before then."  "Thanks for following me."
"What if Apple allows for an "home" app on the app store? How about more facebook integration (like feeds on the new notification center, or the frigging wallpaper or lockscreen? How's that going to change the experience for anyone that does not want Facebook? If you don't know how to use it or simply do not want it, that's your problem." The problem is that if they allow FaceBook to control the lock screen and the OS, then they have to let another app do the same. Apple...
Doesn't forward attachments so having to jump from this to mail is a pain.  Otherwise, great ideas with snoozing and reminders.  Had to shelf this app until it acts more like a true email client. 
iPod Touch is the ultimate universal remote and home control center.  I love my gen1 iPod touch today and all I use it for is a remote to control electronics.  Oh, and on long trips for music when I don't want to burn through battery on an iPhone or iPad.
New Posts  All Forums: