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have yall seen www.myspace.com/islate ? its registered to a steve jobs, and the last login was all the way back in april.... i wonder.
its pretty much showing us all how cheap, and low down PC's are... everyone will now start to save for a Mac! =]
i cant wait to hear what apples response is.
is there gonna be a new way to add people to the sms list thing they used to have... like u would have to find the person. click them. go back to sms. find another person. click them, go back to sms. find another person. click them.. blah blah.. ya know? i might not be making sense, but will there b a way to just check mark the ppl we wanna text, instead of having to go back and forth on the messaging app?
the iphone is kinda growing at the rate of a child.... like, idk. its getting older. and smarter. like, idk.
Well. From past events... iPhone 1.0 = First gen iPhone. iPhone 2.0 = iPhone 3G. iPhone 3.0 = ??????
New Posts  All Forums: