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I got my "ship date" text on Friday and received a tracking number today.  When I go to tracking it, though, it shows that it wasn't received by the carrier yet... When did you get your text?
All nine of the bent iPhones!
Unfortunately, cats tend to land on their feet...
NOPE!  If you buy an iPhone from the Apple store at full retail price, the phone will be unlocked upon restore.  Just go home, plug it into iTunes, and restore the phone and it's unlocked and ready to go.
PPI means NOTHING.  That's just Samsung's gimmick along with their overclocked SOC and all the halfbaked stuff they put into their phone just so they can claim they have so and so but their phone never work quite right as Apple's lower specs that JUST WORK. I got the iPhone 6 plus NOT because of the screen resolution or the PPI.  I got the 6 plus for the camera and screen size as well as true 1080P so the movies that I watch will be at its true resolution.  750 just...
Yes, it's true that all Verizon iPhones are GSM unlocked and you may use them on other networks, but NOT vice-versa.  In other word, you cannot use ANY OTHER NON VERIZON phones on their network whether or not it's unlocked.  That was my whole point. It's also true that Verizon's LTE is GSM, but their fall back is STILL CDMA, which means where there is no Verizon LTE, you must be connected to their CDMA to use your phone.
Borrow a friend's AT&T SIM and put it in.  If it works, then your phone is unlocked.  If all you're worrying about is whether it'll work with a T-mobile SIM, then there's nothing to worry about.  All T-mobile phones are compatible with T-Mobile SIM whether they're unlocked or not.
All T-mobile phones you get through Apple are factory unlocked.  T-mobile phones are only locked to T-mobile if you buy it through their payment plan.  In fact, ALL iPhones purchased from Apple at full retail price will be factory unlocked by Apple when you activate it the first time through iTunes.  You'll get a message that says, "Congratulations.... unlocked."  I don't know what the full message is but that's what happened to everyone who bought an iPhone at full price...
Yes, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc., all use the same phone.  But Verizon and Sprint use CDMA, which means the phone is tied to an account until they change the IMEI.  For AT&T and T-Mobile, the account is tied only to the SIM, not the phone.  So you can switch your phone out as much as you like if your operator is GSM as opposed to CDMA.  For example, if you have T-Mobile or AT&T, you can just get any phone you like to put your SIM in it to use as long as it's factory...
If you're on Verizon, then it matters.  If you're on Sprint, that matters, too!  But if you're on AT&T, then you're good.  Just switch the SIMs and you're good to go.
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