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I like the iPhone 4 design and would love to see it retain the same form factor for the fact that I have accessories that I can use on it. It would be great, though, if the back isn't made of glass like the current iPhone 4. Aside from that, Apple will upgrade the internals to A5, better camera, more RAM and storage, more features, etc... That's all I expect. I'd love to be able to use my old accessories on it.
Maybe with Apple running the country, the $14.5 trillion U.S. national debt will be paid off. By the year... 5,000!
In fact, when I play facebook games, opening 4 browsers at once, the iMac becomes so sluggish that I had to close two of the browsers to get it to work the way I need it to. No such problem with my HP. Please don't bash PCs unless you actually own one. Here's at you for your comment.
It's not as easy as you think. I for one would NOT want a cell tower anywhere near my backyard... I'm sure millions of other people feel the same way. Because of this, phone companies must use what they already have. What I'd like to see is EACH cell tower that is in existence should be required to accommodate ALL phone companies. For example: The tower along the freeway should have antennas from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile on them. Why the heck do we have...
You said that their plans are now matched with AT&T, which isn't true at all. As for unlimited data, it still is unlimited data if you don't mind the slow speed. The fine print says, "Unlimited data: 2 GB of high-speed data, then reduced speeds after that. If you use up your high-speed data, we will automatically reduce your speeds for the rest of your billing cycle. That means you are always connected and will never have to worry about overages."
The last time I checked... just 2 seconds ago... T-mobile's plan is still $79.99 for unlimited voice, data, and text... Unless you're not in the U.S.
The mock up is using the iPad's icon layout. That's why the icons are farther apart AND have 5 rows of icons instead of 4.
Apple is a GAY company that just came out 3 years ago when everyone else "came out." That is why they are so secretive. Look at their products... they're so.... "happy"
The reason for the lines is that people are smuggling the ipad 2's to take to other countries to sell them for big bucks. I have a friend who's doing that. His Chinese connection is willing to pay him $150/ipad... I'd imagine that the "connection" is selling these ipads for $1000 or so....
Perhaps it's time Apple start making the antenna system diversity. This means that there will be TWO antennas serving the same purpose and the phone simply pick the antenna with the better reception to use at any given time. What is diversity? Go here: http://proaudiosuperstore.com/faq.ht...versity%20mean In the example of a microphone system, the microphone is the transmitter and the antenna, box, and all that stuff, would be the receiver. In the cellular phone...
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