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This is what the "testers" did to the iphone. They put the hollow iphone onto a concrete floor. They then took a hammer drill, the ones construction workers use, to do their test. They took the hammer drill up about three feet and then dropped it onto the iphone, thus making their claim of SOMETHING dropped 3 feet the truth.
For heaven's sake, the guy used HER computer. I'm SURE they can trace it back to her and she's smart to contact the authority to clear herself from being classified as an accomplish.
They aired it for months before Christmas. It's the ANTI iPhone campaign. Too late to be leaking that, ain't it? So yeah... the misfit toy is coming... the misfit toy is coming!
For the following reason, I might use the iBook store. I spend $45 at Costco during their Thanksgiving sale to get $60 worth of iTunes card. I then go to the iBook store to buy books. If the price of the kindle store and the iBook store are the same, I'd just saved $15.
That's enemy of NINTENDO's future. Not the future of mankind as you stated above.
because they are 88s... read it aloud...
If Apple would like to use AMD to lower their price points, good for them. If Apple uses solely AMD, I'm dropping Apple.
Let's look at the "gadget" and think about it.... putting an iphone into the slot would cover up half the glass.. according to that picture. This means you'll be using TWO iphones to use up the entire glass there. Who in their right mind would wear TWO iphones on their head? Have you try holding your iphone up to your eyes? Can you SEE anything that close? Try it now... ok.. now have fun with the rest of the April Fool's day jokes.
So to get a book for my students, I pay $1 per book. Comes Christmas time or end of the school year, I spend a total of $60 on books, 1 for Christmas and 1 for end of the year for each student. My cost for a PHYSICAL BOOK: $60 for 60 books. Am I going to pay $13-$15 for ONE book? NO!!!
Seriously now... Who with a Ph.D. would spend their time doing this so called "scientific" comparison???
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