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ANY wifi network. I used a windows phone to make wifi calls using a Tmo phone on a cox internet connection. Right now, this feature is not yet available on the iPhone. Also, iPhone 5s is capable of VoLTE but it hasn't been enabled since the carriers don't support this yet. You'll get it via software update when the carriers support it.
I see the motivation perfectly well. All those who hate big screens will have only ONE choice, APPLE.  So they definitely have a motivation.  Make big screen ones to compete with big screen android and windows handsets while keeping a monopoly on small screen phones.  The ONLY reason why shamesung and others decide to make BIG screen phones is because they cannot compete with Apple on the small screen playing field.  Now that Apple is entering their territory, they're...
Apple won't do away with their 4" iPhones.  They wouldn't make the mistakes that Shamesung and others made by making only HUGE phablets and then backpedaled by making "mini" versions of their phablets.  I'm sure Apple can learn a lot from others' mistakes.
The problem here is that the people attack ALL businesses with Chinese characters on any factory, shop, store, whatever exists in Vietnam with Chinese characters in their business name.  This protest basically is a huge cry from the Vietnamese to tell China that they no longer need to put up with this greed. Unfortunately, Taiwan uses Chinese, therefore, they become an unfortunate target.  The other issue is that Taiwan also tried to claim the same area...
Please help the people of this small country protect its territory...  https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/put-sanctions-china-invading-vietnam-territory-deployment-oil-rig-haiyang-981/p2b7Rnnv
China needs to get the h*ll out of Vietnam! How dare they invade Vietnam's waters and steal Vietnam's property. I don't support violence, but what's happening in the past decade where China decides to steal the paracel islands from Vietnam had prompted many Vietnamese from both the homeland and overseas to protest. I'm glad the citizens are finally doing something about it. It's time the Chinese get their greedy rear end out of Vietnam and leave its people alone.
Yep!  It won't be called the iPhone Pro, it'll be called the iPhone Fat Finger... The one that Homer Simpson needed when he fatten himself up to get disability benefits and work at home.
Only the likes of YOU would think that Apple is litigating instead of innovating.  Apple needs to stand for what's right and that's to stop the copycats. It's plain and simple.  Don't make Apple out to be a bad guy here.
In a few days, a new headline will pop up... "Samsung Paid Jury From Second Apple v Samsung Case Millions In Incentive for Significantly Reduced Payout.  Retrial On the Way."   Then the REAL jury that wasn't paid off by Samsung will award Apple $2.2B with willful infringement and a recommendation for an injunction.  That's $6.6B after the damages are tripled for willful infringement.   Samscum needs to get off the face of the earth!
Walmart, local grocery store, 7-11 carrying products from samsung only devalues the product, not labeling it as better product.  In fact, Costco had a fall-out with Apple, which is why they're no longer allowed to carry Apple products.  Sam's club is like samsung, they try really hard to copy Costco.  I've been a Costco member for 14 years and a Sam's club member for half a year and I can tell you that even though Costco is 10 miles away from where I live while Sam's club...
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