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I was just trying to clarify what the other poster said when s/he said "throughout redesign."
thoughtful design.
Dear Apple: Please don't do that.  We need a real phone with real functionality, not a pipe dream that leaves the phone useless.  Please remember antennagate. Sincerely,zeromeus.
Why waste your time listing it on eBay.. you'll get like what... 3 cents for it?
EWW!!!  That's such an offensive suggestion.  Why would ANYONE put an Apple logo on that piece of feces???  It's like putting a Mercedes branding on a Ford.  That's just offensive!
teacher: Spell desperate student: Desperate, S-A-M-S-U-N-G, desperate! teacher: CORRECT!
I guess I won't be getting a Nest thermostat now... Who in their mind would buy something that can totally tell when you're home and when you're not home and then send that data to google... I'm not ready to have my home robbed with precision, thank you very much!
Samsung innovate?  That's a joke!  Samsung and "innovate" don't belong together.  There is a chasm between the two which could only be filled by words/phrases like "failed to" and "doesn't," etc...
It has been said many times before that the reason why iPhone 5s is short on stock is because they weren't able to keep up with the production of the touch ID components...
DON'T DO IT!  Unlimited dial up is not worth the money.  AVOID SPRINT AT ALL COST.  I was suckered into using their service when the iPhone was released and let's just say that I had the two most horrible years of my cell phone service life!  Their data speed is crawling dial-up speed.  You'll get like... 0.05 Mbps the same speed as a 56K modem...
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