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Darn it! I was hoping that Samsung would really get what it deserved and the jury decides to really punish them with triple of what Apple asked for... $6.6B would have really make Samsung cry like the little baby that they are. In my classroom, I give cheaters a very hard time. I hate cheaters and copiers and Samsung is no different.
If people can get the 16GB 5s for $99, why in the world would they get the 16GB 5c for $99???
That's too bad for you. My 5s works perfectly fine each and every time.  I have not had to retrain it once since the day I got it, which is release day.  My girlfriend's 5s, which she also received the same day, works perfectly fine, too!  In fact, I've only trained ONE of my fingers on her iPhone 5s and it's been working for me EVERY TIME I use that one finger to unlock her phone.
I was just trying to clarify what the other poster said when s/he said "throughout redesign."
thoughtful design.
Dear Apple: Please don't do that.  We need a real phone with real functionality, not a pipe dream that leaves the phone useless.  Please remember antennagate. Sincerely,zeromeus.
Why waste your time listing it on eBay.. you'll get like what... 3 cents for it?
EWW!!!  That's such an offensive suggestion.  Why would ANYONE put an Apple logo on that piece of feces???  It's like putting a Mercedes branding on a Ford.  That's just offensive!
teacher: Spell desperate student: Desperate, S-A-M-S-U-N-G, desperate! teacher: CORRECT!
I guess I won't be getting a Nest thermostat now... Who in their mind would buy something that can totally tell when you're home and when you're not home and then send that data to google... I'm not ready to have my home robbed with precision, thank you very much!
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