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Apple's definition of SHIPPED means SOLD.  Apple SOLD 28 million copies of Mountain Lion because in order for Mountain Lion to be SHIPPED, it has to be purchased through the Mac App store.  Physical copies of Mountain Lion wasn't available to anyone except maybe institutions who needed the physical media to upgrade their systems through volume licensing.  In any case, Apple didn't ship 28 million copies to sit on shelves.  They actually "shipped" their Mountain Lion...
Those are reasons for loyalty.  You can't have loyalty without the above reasons.
I bet the writers and the infringers are the same group of people.   The writers wrote the content, then asked the "app developer" to put the content on Apple's ibook store for the sole purpose of picking Apple's pockets.  These writers and developers are the same people in the "court."  Apple should stop allowing Chinese book apps or books in their store.  They also need to put a clause on their app store policy that any person submitting content that infringes on...
You really should stop talking now...   Samsung's lack of conscience and ethics is not a reflection of the Korean people.  Your racist comment really ticks me off and I'm not even Chinese or Korean.  One can only generalize the truth, that is, communism has no conscience as its members are atheist and have no sense of higher power we call God.  This cause them to do things that are threats to mankind.  This, however, doesn't make the entire race bad, just those who...
When is a phone too big? I guess this is Samsung's plan.... Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Super-Mammoth-XXL-Mega-Monstrous-Astronomical-Enormous S
This means the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile is only $499! WOW! That's a $150 discount!!!
That's right! The rumor is very inaccurate! The new Kindle Fire HD isn't going to be $99! That's inaccurate, indeed! It'll be $99.99! So yeah! Get your numbers right! LOL!
They DID copy Apple's naming scheme!  They stole the 4S name and flipped the two characters to make their phone the S4!
"LOL at the "Galaxy S3S." I wonder why Samsung didn't copy Apple's naming scheme too." They DID! They took Apple's 4S and switched the letter and number for their Galaxy S4!!!
The communists are NOT to be trusted.  They'll do whatever it takes to squeeze every penny out of people any way they can.
New Posts  All Forums: