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That's right! The rumor is very inaccurate! The new Kindle Fire HD isn't going to be $99! That's inaccurate, indeed! It'll be $99.99! So yeah! Get your numbers right! LOL!
They DID copy Apple's naming scheme!  They stole the 4S name and flipped the two characters to make their phone the S4!
"LOL at the "Galaxy S3S." I wonder why Samsung didn't copy Apple's naming scheme too." They DID! They took Apple's 4S and switched the letter and number for their Galaxy S4!!!
The communists are NOT to be trusted.  They'll do whatever it takes to squeeze every penny out of people any way they can.
If that's true, that's just a waste of money!  I would just change the clock face.  How many of us actually use this feature?  It sounds like Apple got caught using protected property and just want to pay a lump sum to avoid being sued...  What a waste of $21 million.  Maybe this is the reason why a certain executive is on his way out???
Apple just submitted this patent to the patten office as an April Fool's day joke!  The patent office just released it either 7 1/4 months too late for 4 3/4 months too early!
Just remember that Apple had shuffled some executives around and somewhere mentioned that products will be released when they're ready, not based on a cycle.  In other word, when the iPad mini 2 is ready, it'll be released; it won't be released just because April or March crawls around or that November 2013 is here.
It'll be the iPad "little" and the Macbook Pro with Retina Display "littler."  ^_^
It's common sense that one should not let the sun or any light source onto the lens when taking photos.  I always cover the top of my camera with my hand or something to make sure that lights don't hit or reflect off of all the sensors on my digital camera. I've NEVER had any issue with purple fringe on any of my iPhone either.  Yes, I always create a nice shadow on the lens when I take photos.  They all came out beautifully!
Drop in a bucket... I mean drop in a barrel. He deserves it and it's helping Apple, so the man is doing Apple a favor by agreeing to stay.  Nothing exorbitant here!  
New Posts  All Forums: