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4" iPhone with 1024 by 768 pixel would be great. If Apple makes this move, App developers won't need to make updates to their apps as the 4" iPhone can use iPad apps natively. Eventually, the current iPhone aspect ratio will be phased out and developers will only need to worry about one aspect ratio with 2X graphic for iPad and 1X graphic for iPhone. Imagine how happy app developers would be if their apps can be 1024x768 for iPhone and 2048x1536 for iPad. The app...
Yes, the user deserved a replacement and a replacement she got. However, she wasn't satisfied with just getting a replacement because she wanted an upgraded version. When she didn't, she went to the media... Suspicious much? She doesn't deserve ANYTHING since her actions are highly suspicious... well, I take that back! She deserves prison time for fraud.
She might have used an Apple branded charger, but everything else she used might have come from the 99 cent store... like the cable or a case or even an extended battery that she might have plugged into the phone. Any of those variables could have caused her phone to do what it did. Also... there are a lot of fake "Apple branded" products out there. China should be renamed as "PPP" for People's Pirate Paradise instead of of "PRC" for People's Republic of China.
Every time I'm not on wifi, I feel very reluctant to go online because I can't wait for the data to load. I've never seen a speed test that would show me any number that is close to 1MB/s. If I'm lucky, I'd get .5 MB/s download. When the LTE iPhone comes to Sprint, they better let me upgrade at a reasonable price or they'll lose me as soon as my contract ends. At the highest level of data usage, my monthly data is well under 1GB... normally, it's around the 200MB...
It's VERY unlikely that charging the phone would cause it to heat up and sizzle like she claimed. I've had my phone under my sweater while it charges once and for only about 10 minutes because I wasn't in the car. I came back into the car with the phone displaying that it stopped charging due to the heat level. I then unplugged it, wait for 2 minutes and plugged it in. It charge to full by the time I arrive home. No overheat, no combustion or sizzle. Just an awesome...
True! But Proview is already in trouble with creditors as some of them aren't willing to wait... only way is for SOME of the creditors to pay off other creditors to drag this on and on.... and that's a risk they can't take because it's likely Proview will lose.
Just drag this court battle long enough and proview would just die before anything can be done. Chinese court is and has been corrupted. From the moment I heard about China having a court, I laughed so hard my stomach hurts. There is no justice in China. Just money!
Nothing to see here! It's just a place holder like they always have.
With the money they have to spend in court, Proview is now officially be out of cash period... they're as good as dead. Their last source of air is extinguished! Good riddance!
would have been a better title for this article. When I read the headline, I thought Samsung denied that they tried to ban the iPhone in Italy... misleading title!
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