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I seriously doubt that Apple would take the cheap route and go AMD.  They will either stick with Intel CPUs or they'll develop their own like the A series.  
Is this even English?
China doesn't have a court.  What they have is the NDE.  National Department of Extortionists.  You do business with the commies, you need to be prepared to play the commies' games.
The post about battery drain due to weak signal is the dumbest thing I've read on any forum!  Why would anyone stupid enough to post such an article, I don't know.  Anyone who had ever had a cell phone knows that when the phone has good signal, its battery life would be good and when it has weak signal, it'd drain the battery faster.  To post such an article as a weakness of ANY device is like complaining that you get wet in the shower. I've used many different phones...
By Samsung, duh!
Uh..... NO!  I prefer to swipe my finger than to type in a password.  Yes, I put a password on ALL my laptops.  It's much MORE convenient to swipe a finger than to take time typing in a password, especially in the dark and the keyboard is not lit.
The actual fingerprint sensor is pretty small, actually.  It won't fit into the little square on the home button, but it will certainly fit on the home button itself.  I'm sure if Apple really wants to do it, they will.  They can even make an optical version by using the camera to authenticate fingerprints similar to the way door locks and those fingerprint machines use by LiveScan and police departments.  If anyone could pull it off, it's Apple.
On those witnesses and those so called technology known as diamond touch and launchtile....   "LSHMSFOAIDMT Laughing so hard my sombrero falls off and I drop my taco."  
LOL!  I agree!  Sheesh!
Just like they "think" it's "ethical" and "lawful" to blatantly steal Apple's designs.   Samscum needs to get REAL people who actually are ethical and know the laws.
New Posts  All Forums: