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YES! YES! YES!  I'd still prefer that everyone who has a Safari browser sue Google in small claims court. 1 million users x 10,000 will cost them $10 billion!  That'll stop them from such malpractice!
My stomach hurts from looking at the fugly thing!   I saw a few people with those over-sized phone and I was like.. are you holding an over-sized phone or a miniature tablet?  Seriously... There's a line that needs to be drawn between having more content visible at a time and having a phone that is practical.  No more than 4" PLEASE!!!
A 15" (inch) increase is HUGE!  The iPad isn't even 15"   You meant to say 15mm increase...   I agree with you that the resolution can remain the same with a slight decrease in pixel density would be just fine.
I call this bull on two accounts.   1. a different aspect ratio 2. a metal plate that PARTIALLY covers the back   A different aspect ration would be hell for developers.  As metal plate that partially covers the back would be like the original iPhone.  That non-metal part actually falls off after a while.  I never thought that would happen until my niece gets her hands on it.  So what the mockup shows is that the center would have a rectangular metal plate with...
Whatever AT&T spent on promoting the iPhone is a total waste of money. The iPhone sells itself without any need for advertisement. Now they spend more money to advertise for this than the iPhone should not come as a surprise since they NEED to advertise this product heavily in order to sell it. Not a surprise at all!
Thank goodness for FireFox. Google Analytics and a whole bunch of other advertisement scripts are being blocked by the NO SCRIPT add on!
The Chinese whisperer meant to say 3.5-inch Retina Display but forgot to type 3. in front of the 5. In any case, I wouldn't want a phone with a 5 inch screen. 4 inch max!
Good point! I wasn't thinking very hard when I said that!
4" iPhone with 1024 by 768 pixel would be great. If Apple makes this move, App developers won't need to make updates to their apps as the 4" iPhone can use iPad apps natively. Eventually, the current iPhone aspect ratio will be phased out and developers will only need to worry about one aspect ratio with 2X graphic for iPad and 1X graphic for iPhone. Imagine how happy app developers would be if their apps can be 1024x768 for iPhone and 2048x1536 for iPad. The app...
Yes, the user deserved a replacement and a replacement she got. However, she wasn't satisfied with just getting a replacement because she wanted an upgraded version. When she didn't, she went to the media... Suspicious much? She doesn't deserve ANYTHING since her actions are highly suspicious... well, I take that back! She deserves prison time for fraud.
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