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Just drag this court battle long enough and proview would just die before anything can be done. Chinese court is and has been corrupted. From the moment I heard about China having a court, I laughed so hard my stomach hurts. There is no justice in China. Just money!
Nothing to see here! It's just a place holder like they always have.
With the money they have to spend in court, Proview is now officially be out of cash period... they're as good as dead. Their last source of air is extinguished! Good riddance!
would have been a better title for this article. When I read the headline, I thought Samsung denied that they tried to ban the iPhone in Italy... misleading title!
Maybe Apple should just BUY Argentina and.... name it Steve Jobs! "Designed by Apple in Steve Jobs. Assembled in Steve Jobs." Or Apple should buy Argentina and name it APPLE. "Designed by Apple in Apple. Assembled in Apple." The entire business can take place in that country and EVERY Apple job will belong to its citizen.
Actually, AT&T didn't buy Cingular. It was singular who bought AT&T, which in turn, turned into SBC Global. SBC Global then bought AT&T and rename themselves AT&T. It's really confusing, but the PARENT AT&T (Ma Bell) company died many years ago and one of its little ones (Baby Bells) took over the parent company and took over the name as well. AT&T today is a result of many complicated purchases of many different companies.
If Apple's there to pay 25% tax, that's 25% of money going into the state. If Apple isn't there, the state gets NOTHING from Tax. The state doesn't PAY Apple taxes. Therefore, your argument that it comes at government services is wrong as the supposed services doesn't lose any money simply from Apple being there.
If all the unemployed people are qualified for the jobs required at the data center, then I'm SURE Apple would have hired more of them. Like the article says, "Those jobs aren't for us. All we know is furniture." I'm sure those furniture people benefited in that Apple needs to furnish their data center. After that, the benefit is gone until new furniture is needed. So for the town to really benefit, the people need to learn how to work those jobs. That's their job,...
This commercial just proves that Samsung is junk. Nobody's buying them, that's why you can get them whenever you want without standing in line for it. So in making fun of people in line for the iPhone, SamSUNK just proved to the consumer that their SamJUNK devices are plentiful on the shelves collecting dust.
If the iPhone remains the same size with a bigger screen, of course people will like it more. If the iPhone increase in size with a bigger screen, people will not really care for it. Look at all the android junk with their 4-5 inch screens. Who want to lug a brick around? Of course, Apple would never come out with two identical products with only different screen sizes. There will always be differences to distinguish the different products. Look at the 3 lines of...
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