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I'd love to see an iPhone with a 1080p screen.  Too bad that's not going to happen.  But I can always dream.   Now back to reality... I don't like the fact that the phone only got taller instead of taller and wider.  I'd prefer the original 3:2 dimension with a 4.0" screen size instead of the now 16:9 dimension which will make my apps all have black bars.  I don't mind the less dense pixel density due to screen size increase with the same resolution. On the other...
Just ordered mine....   $100.00 1 $100.00 Back to School Gift Card Available to ship in 1-2 business days Delivers Within 5 days after shipping by Standard Shipping Part number:...
13" MBA for me, then.  Base model will suffice.   I want to be able to compare the MBA and MBP side by side to see what I would miss out if I get a MBA instead of MBP...  
YES! YES! YES!  I'd still prefer that everyone who has a Safari browser sue Google in small claims court. 1 million users x 10,000 will cost them $10 billion!  That'll stop them from such malpractice!
My stomach hurts from looking at the fugly thing!   I saw a few people with those over-sized phone and I was like.. are you holding an over-sized phone or a miniature tablet?  Seriously... There's a line that needs to be drawn between having more content visible at a time and having a phone that is practical.  No more than 4" PLEASE!!!
A 15" (inch) increase is HUGE!  The iPad isn't even 15"   You meant to say 15mm increase...   I agree with you that the resolution can remain the same with a slight decrease in pixel density would be just fine.
I call this bull on two accounts.   1. a different aspect ratio 2. a metal plate that PARTIALLY covers the back   A different aspect ration would be hell for developers.  As metal plate that partially covers the back would be like the original iPhone.  That non-metal part actually falls off after a while.  I never thought that would happen until my niece gets her hands on it.  So what the mockup shows is that the center would have a rectangular metal plate with...
Whatever AT&T spent on promoting the iPhone is a total waste of money. The iPhone sells itself without any need for advertisement. Now they spend more money to advertise for this than the iPhone should not come as a surprise since they NEED to advertise this product heavily in order to sell it. Not a surprise at all!
Thank goodness for FireFox. Google Analytics and a whole bunch of other advertisement scripts are being blocked by the NO SCRIPT add on!
The Chinese whisperer meant to say 3.5-inch Retina Display but forgot to type 3. in front of the 5. In any case, I wouldn't want a phone with a 5 inch screen. 4 inch max!
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