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cdma/umts GREAT. But to make it a Truely world phone, you need to have a Satellite chip so the phone will work in the South pole and in mountains with no cellphone coverage.
You know the 3g gsm/umts cell site towers that provide cellphone coverage, well how many simultaneous connections can they handle? My wireless carrier said that sometimes dropped calls are caused by the cell site tower overloading because too many people are using it and they also said the more data that cellphone apps use, the less the cell site tower can handle. So how many simultaneous calls can a 3g cell site tower handle? 100? 1000? 10000?
Does anyone know when Apple will be making tv shows available to purchase in the iTunes New Zealand store? We have had iTunes movie downloads for a few years now but not tv shows. Why is Apple taking so long?
to turn something on from mobileme you would need to have it enabled in the iPhone. if this wasn't the case, i could over-hear you tell your friend your cellphone number, i could then go home and type in your cellphone number into my mobileme account and track you without you knowing. you would always need authorization from the iPhone dude.
really? so you believe in slavery? it's not like school only lasts for 1 day, it goes on for years dude. would you like it if there was a law that said when your 18 or over you have to serve in the army for 10 years? you'd be a minority if you supported something like that dude.lol.
who fills out the yearly personal income tax return in the usa? most high school people i've spoken to don't fill out any tax forms at all even though they work part time at mcdonalds etc. if u don't fill out a tax return does the irs just do it for you?
you would have to have access to your daughter's iPhone to turn on the service and enter your mobileme account info. so your daughter would just be able to turn off the service. why would you want to track your daugher to see if she's at school or not anyway? if my daughter doesn't want to go to school, it's fine with me. it's her life. i would never let my daughter force me to attend something for years and years because that would be slavery, so there's no way i'd do...
New Posts  All Forums: