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re: The questions raised "Why did people wait so long?" I have one of these models and it worked without a hitch. Until yesterday 1-27-2015. Then "bang" All the cited systems. Fortunately, I have a little backup computer or I'd be s.o.l.
Only thing Windoze 8 is going to accomplish is create more Apple customers.
Now they'll get somewhere productive instead of that cutsey faux leather and wood nonsense.
For all your noise and bru-ha--ha, it is essentially like a Momentus XT. Which uses an algorithm to  save commonly used files on flash. The only real difference is the capacity of the flash. What distinguishes a proprietary item from a commondity item in context is whether or not the part is available on the open market from a variety of vendors and/or interchangeable with other units.     Apple apologists are just as fanatically unrealistic and tunnel visioned as MS...
If you are referring to me, I build my own thanks.
As an FYI ... I already have a 512 SSD in my MBP. Which I bought and put in myself without paying Apples highway robbery prices. (Oh ..did I mention I got my A+ and MCSE Cert both back in the dinosaur age?) It works great thanks.
Thank you! Now we are getting somewhere. So its two separate physical parts joined as a single volume via software. A proprietary non commodity item. All I wanted to know.
You're making me laugh now. LOL Get a grip. I am a parts person. A builder. An upgrader. I shop for parts all over the place. You want to see my parts bill for the last year?   Reinventing the wheel = Taking a commodity connector or part which in reality does nothing more or less than a standard form factor and remaking it so it can only be used in the model it was delivered in or connecting to the Apple specific device it was designed for. ie: The ADC    Now YOU...
Because if its an OS independent hybrid drive that comes in a standard form factor, a commodity item, it could be used to upgrade other machines.
Just so, it was just announced. Calm down. You are making the statement of what it is. I don't know what it is and what it isn't yet. I'm waiting to find out.   I said "sounds like a Momentus XT" It does.     Have you used it? Had you hands on it? Read the reviews of the testers? Its strengths and limitations? Form factor? What if anything else it can be adapted to?     Bare Feats doesn't appear to know what it is or what it isn't yet. iFixit has no tear...
New Posts  All Forums: