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If it's as you have described, standard format 2.5 or 3.5 disk, operating via firmware, then you have described a OS independent commodity part. There is a place for custom parts and place for commodity parts.   Apple's obsession with reinventing the wheel with commodity parts times past when the commodity parts worked just fine contributed to making them into a niche market player in the first place.   I have been a dedicated Apple computer user a long time, back in the...
That's too bad. I'd rather see a commodity part that could be used in something else.
"Engineering"? Depends on what you are doing. There are all kinds of engineering disciplines. They call software development "engineering." Trash collection is "sanitation engineering" What "engineering"? Are you calculating mathematical models or drawing or what? "Engineers" were using bleeding edge computers two decades ago that are less pocket calculators now. Your iPhone is a more powerful computer than the mainframe my uncle had back in the 50's.    If you are trying...
Sounds like  a Seagate Momentus XT with more flash.
Take a gander at these comments. Pavlov's dog IT job protection racket MS sycophants same as always.   http://www.zdnet.com/debate/business-dilemma-windows-rt-tablet-or-ipad/10107426/   This product hasn't even hit the market yet, all its limitations are blithely ignored, has no software to speak of and its already their darling iPad killer.    
Unless I made a data entry error by resolution. 1366x768 is what is given.   Yes, there was a data entry error. Fixed. Thanks for catching that!
LOL   Nope ..that was precision drawn with a CAD program.
Yep. Apples are "toys". If you want a "real" computer you get DOS!
Kindles added. Now it really gets busy. There are three different Kindles. Two nominal 7" with slightly different resolution aspect ratio's straddling the Nexus (in green) plus the 8.9 size.               These are in accurate proportion according to manufacturers specs. (apologies for an initial data entry error on the MS Surface) Draw your own conclusions as to effective screen size.
New Posts  All Forums: