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on this board. If you are going to make comment, keep it to the subject. You do not know shit about me or the basis of my comment any more than I know you. I've been using Apple computers for professional design work since 1994. I'm one of those fanatics who kept them afloat when everyone else bailed and was cheering on their demise. I have seen the developer community grow then collapse then grow again. And I am nobody's fool when it comes to what goes on in the...
is not about promoting a thriving developer community. It's about channeling more profits into Apple's own coffers.
Quite possible there will be close to that number in a year given the history of the other stores. What has been called into question and rightfully so in my view is: What kind of apps? Those that qualify under the current guidelines can only be of the simplistic variety. In addition, there is no longer a referral process for anything outside the App store. That entire pool of developers together with their products has been locked out overnight. Example: Do a search for...
"Sometimes I sets and I thinks. Sometimes I jus' sets! A computer is just a thing to play games on after all .. right?
I think that like many of the dev's have expressed it will have the effect of *dumbing down* the overall software pool with all the limitations and restrictions of what they will permit and won't. Nothing which requires an admin password to install? Look at you own software collection. How many installers have you run that required an admin password? None of them will be in that "store" System utilities, major apps that install resources in the library ... none of that...
Many small pellets ... with the intent that one or more might hit.
that if they announced XServe would not be available past Dec 31, it would be gone from the Apple Store by 6pm Pacific time on January 3. Unless of course someone is waffling about it. Or being lazy. Who buys orphaned hardware unless it's at a steep discount? Time for the clearance page isn't it?
I have it ... it works. Rephrases my question then: At this present time, they have two related apps. FC & FCE. FCE is marketed as their pro-sumer app, FC as their pro app. Why would they deprecate their pro app to a pro-sumer app when they already have two lines? Wouldn't it make sense to update them both and keep both?
Final Cut Express was the pro-sumer line. Why do they need another?
needs to be more multi-processor capable/aware. What the hell good is a 12 core computer when your own top of the line video editing software doesn't make use of it?
New Posts  All Forums: