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The XServe is still listed for sale on the Apple Store. Together with the same banner about being discontinued Dec 31, 2010 I still think that decision was short sighted. True they might sell one XServe for every _______ thousand desktops. But .. isn't that the nature of a server? One server serving multiple desktops/laptops? When you kill that one sale of that one server in any institution using them, you are very potentially also killing off the the sale of how many...
Rumors have it that the new iPad with have a teletransporter! Who needs video conferencing when you can instantly transport yourself and talk to the person .. in person! Making telephones obsolete overnight!
You have to pay a filing fee. Then the defendant has to pay fees. Then there are hearing fees for use of the courtroom. Every time a motion is filed, there is a fee. Win lose or draw, whether its in the suit that the defendant pays the plaintiffs fees or not ... There are those fees. The vast majority of these patent cases are filed in the Eastern District of Texas. Its no coincidence. Kind of reminds me of one of those 1950's small towns in the middle of nowhere on...
wore off pretty fast on that one
They were touting how speedy the browser was .. using a dual core processor. In a tablet? More powerful processors of any given generation typically use more power. Why would anyone be surprised at battery life issues?
a great internet search engine. Does anyone have a better one? Apple?
someone is going to be suing Apple et all in the eastern District of Texas for patent infringement for building computers for gawds sake. Or for using aluminum. Maybe even the english language? I wonder just much the Eastern District of Texas makes on meaningless frivolous lawsuits. Court costs are court costs to a court. No matter who pays them. They must have quite the profitable racket going. All in the name of justice of course. This is just ridiculous.
what Spotify does than iTunes?
IBM diddled around too much and should have ported all its software and and made over its desktop line based on PPC. The CHRP platform wound up being a joke because nobody but Apple made use of it. If they had promoted their own damn hardware, it might have developed into something beyond an academic exercise going nowhere in the market.
They sure did. One of the original intents was for it to be "portable" X86 was not nearly as intrenched as the standard then. It wasn't aimed at Apple machines but IBM units and wasn't around very long. Remember that NT4 was just MS's steal job of OS/2. IBM had an interest in the early development (If I recall correctly. MS was criticized at the time for its practice of having alternate hardware vendors foot the bill for the development costs for the alternate ports) and...
New Posts  All Forums: