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watching all these guys scramble to play catch up. People have been kicking around how to do a successful tablet for how many years now? And like .. they are going to cook something competitive up in a few months? Yeah. Right.
that's has not yet been introduced or offered for sale yet is "way ahead" is akin to advertising a product for sale at next to nothing ..when you don't have any in stock to actually sell. What baloney
unbreakable/bulletproof type glass is impossible to come by. Ask your local bank
A telephone. Something you use to make calls with for crying out loud Why are you people trolling arguing and jeering who sells more phones than the next guy? Are you in grade school or something?
for every man, woman and child in the USA in less than two years? One smart phone for every man, woman and child in the USA and EU combined in 4 years? A phone is for making calls. I don't own a smart phone. I don't want to own a smart phone. I want my phone to make calls with, not wash dishes or walk the dog. Most of the folks I know don't have or want smart phones for more less the same reason. One smart phone for every man, woman and child in the USA in less than...
OLED until the technology out performs the existing technology at the right price. Gloss screens? Suck lemons no matter what they are on. Manufacturers have used anti-glare for a long time for good reason. errr ... Reducing glare? That hasn't changed one bit no matter what Jobs thinks.
Yeppers ... a bleeding edge technology still in the process of working the kinks out that everyone is having trouble with! rolls eyes
and how many changes in technology between then and now between this letter offering to license and the lawsuit? 40 billion in cash in the bank being a lawsuit magnet is more to the point. Ten years ago, Apple was on the ropes. There is no profit in suing a company on principle when they have no cash. But there sure is a possible profit in suing a company rich in cash 10 years later motivated by pure greed.
Why the XServe came into existence. The XServe and the PowerMac/Mac Pro in their current configuration were actually designed to support Stevie's other hobby .. and the one which was making him money at the time .. Pixar. (Along with XSan & all the other video oriented networking products) How unusual is this? A man with a manufacturing company uses his company's resources to build special equipment for another company of his? Not unusual at all. Custom hardware...
New Posts  All Forums: