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that all the detailed engineering that Apple goes through they'd overlook something so simple. They have pulled off design boners before, but this one deserves a merit badge.
but ...where is the 4 core mini?
Mac Mini be a trip? Now that would be the ticket.
They may be able to get away without it on the iphone. Not this thing. Its not a phone, you cant make phone calls with it. Its a mini computer and Flash is too much part of the web to do without. Whatever they do, they better do something.
Someone at Apple has their head up their a**. The phone is registered to the woman, she reported it stolen. The police calls Apple to verify her story. What more do they want? A bill of sale from the thief?
Chuckles .... the ultimate slap in the face insult to the PPC is the current Mini now Geek bench's higher than the last quad G5.If IBM had only followed through in developing the high performance desktop chips. Where would we be now? Certainly the switch to Intel has changed the landscape in all manner of ways.Lets just hope this new device whatever it is has a smoother start than the ill fated Newton.
doesn't Job's simply buy a different property and build what he wants to? He bought the property with the house on it. Its not exactly as though the house was surprise. And his offer of giving it away if someone will take it is simply ludicrous. You don't just ... pick up and move sprawling 17,000 sq ft masonry structures. The historic importance or value of the house has already been a court issue. Every single building of historic importance goes through a period of...
Tried? Or played at it? Big difference. IBM never took its own chip technology seriously on the desktop. Not only the half baked and never used CHRP, but all along, IBM had that opportunity. It was demonstrated repeatedly that Apple's own market share in consumer space was not enough to provide incentive for or to cover the development cost of PPC on the desktop. IBM had the customers and the infrastructure to do it, but not the competitive OS to run its Office suite on...
History aside, I never understood why Apple & IBM didn't partner up during the PPC era with IBM licensing the OS and Apple licensing the Lotus suite. IBM could have been Apple's foot in the door to IT and the Enterprise full blown, and a ready market for IBM's own chips that would have made the development cost worthwhile. Such a collaboration would have given IBM a first class desktop OS, Apple a first class network ready business suite and an expanded market for both...
New Posts  All Forums: