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    There has been some flack about Schiller stating the 7.9 screen is really 8. Visually, you cannot realistically tell apart 7.9 from 8. But you sure can from 7.9 to 7.    
His point is that they rather go after those 300 M yearly PC buyers than cannibalize Apple's own sales. 300 M units is the target audience. According to the earlier AI post, Apples current sales are: 26.9 M phones, 14 M iPads and 4.9 M Macs. Of which desktop sales are 20%, which means just under a million desktop Macs. Split between the Mac mini, the Pro and the iMac.   Sales of portables in the PC market account for roughly 60%.- 180 M portables, 120 M desktop...
Prediction: A total flop just like the Windows phone.
Count how many times in a year when you actually use the ODD. Unless you are in the habit of burning video to disk, it's more become one of those "when you need it, you really need it" deals. The promise of the optical disk is that its a more or less permanent archive of data not subject to the vulnerabilities of hard disk storage. But that is not really the case or the reality. Optical disks get scratched and become unreadable even in ordinary use. I have even had disks...
Now that the mini isn't crippled like it was and now a decently competitive desktop computer, they really need an aggressive marketing campaign to grab those sub-1000 PC buyers who are going to balk at Windoze 8.
  Exactly. F*ck Wall Street and its whacko reasoning. It's the coming year which will tell.
Windows 8 is the biggest market opportunity they have had since Vista. Lots of people, including OEM manufacturers, are going to be looking at and for alternatives. They already are.   Apple will come out a winner, Linux will come out a winner. The timing of these product launches is not a coincidence.
I suggest you broaden your scope of view instead of slinging insults. You did not read the whole statement. "And I think a great number of those people would be much better off buying an iPad or a Mac. And so I think that's a much bigger opportunity for Apple. And so instead of being focused on cannibalizing ourselves, I look at it much more that it's an enormous incremental opportunity for us."    "buying an iPad or Mac"     300 million PC buyers are not converting to...
That was my point. "Or continue the trend of eroding the desktop PC market as a whole with pocket commodity devices and live with the limitations of a small market share of desktop computers."   The iPad and the iPhone are eroding the PC market as a whole. Slowly. But if they want to go after those customers directly, and those who will never adopt an iPad, they have to get serious about competing in that space.
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