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This right here is what has changed:   ""We think the industry changed with the iPad launch because the tablet is effectively a PC - it doesn't need to be connected to a network to work and runs third-party applications," Steve Brazier, chief executive of research firm Canalys, says. Windows 8 introduces a new user interface designed to be operated via a touchscreen "Once you segment the market that way, Windows share of the global PC market has fallen to 72%. Three years...
When is Apple going to stop raping costumers on the price of memory and drives? 900 for a 512 SSD? When you can get an M4 for 400? Or any one of a number of top of the line drives for 500?     The store page doesn't even have an "add memory" option for the laptops any more.
7200 rpm drive = Heat. The smaller the case, the less tolerance for heat. This new fusion drive is a smart move. Take Seagates crippled Momentus hybrid idea and make something workable with it. Why beat up over old technology when the market is moving to SSD's?
Ivy Bridge Mac Pro? Where are you? What about the proverbial X-Mac positioned between the Pro and the mini? There are LOTS of people who do not want and never will want an AIO.   The market as a whole is moving away from desktops, especially the consumer market. Apple has always been a consumer market company. The last bastion of the desktop is big business; Apples weak place.   Is this any reason for surprise or alarm? Apple is selling iphones and iPads now....
I have to wonder how many of these new in 2012 products are market demand driven but were items SJ nixed or said "no" to. How many times did he say "no" to an iPad mini? It takes fortitude and convinced you are right in spite of the polls stubborn streak a mile wide to say "no" to a product when there is a demand for it. Now they are seeing the light of day when he isn't around to say "no"
re: Retina display. There is nothing Apple can do to keep Samsung from cannibalizing technology they already have their hands on. They have a proven track record on that score. The only thing cutting ties with them will do is force them to reverse engineer on their own instead of handing it to them on a silver platter.   Apple should have cut them off long ago.
I want Sound Jam back!
*gasps* I'm just ..... shocked beyond belief.
One of a kind man. Classy tribute.
Not to mention what it puts their customers through. Myself, starting with System 6, I have gone through the transitions from Motorola 68k to PPC to Intel and from Classic to OSX. Every single one of them was a royal pain in the kazoo. I have files which are important to me that I cannot open and programs I cannot run without jumping through tons of hoops. If it can be done at all. Making the transition to ARM will do it all over again. There has to be a major technical...
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