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Where would Apple and PPC be today if they had not gone Intel? I venture to guess nowhere close to where Apple is now and IBM would still be struggling with development and production costs for fabbing what amounts an exclusive high performance chip for a tiny market share. Now that Apple has deep pockets as a result of marketing successes in part because moving to Intel, do they want to go back to *how it was*? Even if there is some performance gain of the moment in...
The beat goes on. Has anyone calculated yet what percentage of the price of a phone or computer goes into paying for these endless lawsuits?
Best Buy with all their products and the range of products they carry. TV's, stereos, home theater systems, DVD's, cameras, phones, small and major appliances, etc. Not to mention computers, parts, peripherals, etc from many different brands. Closed stores because of the iPad. Wow.
But I cannot justify the pricetag as it stands.
But does it have to be this monster? The ever elusive hypothetical small form factor X-Mac mini tower would be just fine. With the processors advancing they way they are, the need for Xeon monsters and the price tag to go with it has passed the point of diminishing returns. Users and software that are capable of taking advantage of them and sales with it. GeekBench Mac Pro (Mid 2010) Intel Xeon W3530 2.8 GHz (4 cores)\t8665 Mac mini (Mid 2011) Intel Core i7-2635QM 2.0...
Steve was reputed to be an INTJ aka "Mastermind". According to the Compleat Idiots Guide to the INTJ: "Q: Can I become an INTJ? A: Unless you are born an INTJ, your only hope is to find a genie lamp while strolling on the beach, rub it, and make a wish. You can fake being one of us by burying yourself in a mound of books, nerding out on a favorite subject (like quantum mechanics, not needlepoint), wandering around by yourself, not giving a damn what others think of you,...
Same here.
It sure does. Wonder when terminators are going to appear.
So they do their market research and its tells them: "For example, the average QuickBooks for Mac user has a much smaller business size compared to a QuickBooks user on PC. Intuit revealed that 60 percent of its QuickBooks for Mac customers are sole proprietors of their business, and most of them are in service-based industries." Fancy that. Since QB Mac does not offer the features big business needs ... there is no feature parity .... why would anyone expect that...
are on the market which enable someone to actually put it to use, all TB is worth is an oo and an ahhh. Display? That doesn't take advantage of the bandwidth. It's just a connector. To what?
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